High-End Cat Furniture is a Real Thing and Just As Ridiculous as You’d Imagine

Updated: Oct. 15, 2023

Ready to let your inner crazy cat lady out? Check out these absurdly entertaining and expensive pieces of cat furniture.

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Cat Furniture: Nothing’s Too Good for Miss Mittens

Cat lovers will go above and beyond to please their furry companions. You go out of your way to give them entertaining toys, delicious treats, the most nutritious food and lots of cuddles! But have you considered splurging on cream-of-the-crop of cat furniture to spoil them even more?

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Cat Furniture: Cat Mod Garden Complex

For a whopping $662, you can purchase this garden complex for your feline companion. It’s the perfect sleek structure for your sophisticated, acrobatic cat. Add a little touch of the wild with cat-friendly plants too! If you have a cat, you likely know the struggle to keep him or her off the kitchen countertop. Check out this hack.

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Cat Furniture: Cat Bridge with Fabric Lounger

This $238 piece of cat furniture is great for the active cat who likes to climb to new heights. The hidden brackets create a floating look, offering a fun bridge that’s sure to captivate your cat! Looking for more ideas? Build a DIY cat hammock.

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Cat Furniture: Royal Cat Boutique Luxury Cat Condo

Have $981 you’d like to use to pamper your cat? Then check out these luxurious digs. This handmade cat condo is made of eco-friendly, wipeable materials and it has a removable roof for easy cleaning. The post is covered with sisal carpet which is ideal for instinctive behavior. You may also be interested in these 17 best tips for pet care and safety.

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Cat Furniture: Royal Cat Boutique Bed

Do you already treat your cat like absolute royalty? Then it’s time to kick things up a notch and give them the royal bed of their dreams. This cat bed is sturdy, yet soft and comfortable. It even has orthopedic support for reducing joint pressure! It’ll cost you $354. Here are 40 perfect pet projects to show your pet some love.

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Cat Furniture: Cat Cottage

What would a cat’s dream house look like? This cat cottage is sure to entice with its exciting new options for sleep, play and protection. It features a lounging porch and perch, a hinged roof and windows. Dogs and cats still haven’t figured out how to open doors, but that’s never stopped them from trying. Check out these easy repairs for pet claw marks.

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Cat Furniture: Cat Solarium

The Cat Solarium gives your indoor cat a place to bask in the sun. It’s a stylish open-air solarium with a panoramic view. You’ll get a mesh screen attachment, custom pillow, cat perch/landing and weather enclosure for the high-end price of $379. Need to know how to get rid of ants fast without harming your cat? We’ve got you covered.

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Cat Furniture: Cat Teepee

Plywood, soft lapin fur and linen come together to create a cozy, boho spot for your feline friend to curl up. For $200, you can add it to your space to match your eclectic decor.

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Cat Furniture: Mid-Century Modern Cat Bed

Is it a chic side table for your living room or a swanky cat bed? Actually, it’s both! This particular model is designed with an open back, but you can get a full back panel as an upgrade. Priced at $349, this attractive piece of cat furniture allows your cat to lounge below on a soft cushion or perch on the top. If you have a cat, you’re well aware of the cleaning involved. Check out these 14 tips to make upkeep easier.

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Cat Furniture: Dream Catcher Cat Tree

Does your frisky feline love to climb? Give them plenty to explore with this whimsical dream catcher cat tree. For $699, this custom cat tree, made of twine, wood glue, dowels, manila rope and tree limbs, is all yours! Here are a few tips to help you build your own cat tree.

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Cat Furniture: Modern Litter Box Cabinet

If you live in a space where there’s just no good place to put the litter box, you might want to consider investing in an over-the-top piece of cat furniture that doubles as a mid-century modern side table. Expect to cough up $269 for this litter box made of spruce wood. Feeling inspired, or perhaps just entertained? Check out these 11 awesome DIY cat furniture ideas.