Book Your Stay In the Real-Life Barbie Dreamhouse

Updated: Jan. 19, 2024

Two nights are up for grabs for an eye-poppingly affordable $60 per night at the Barbie Dreamhouse. Will you be the one to live the Malibu Barbie lifestyle for a couple of nights? (Or maybe just take a peek inside.)

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Birthday Bash

Barbie’s in the mood to celebrate her 60th birthday—by allowing one fast-fingered person to book the Barbie Dreamhouse through Airbnb for a two-night stay in the heart of Malibu, California, for just $60 a night. (Booking opens October 23 at 11 a.m. PDT.) Not surprisingly, the décor will involve a lot of pink—just take a look at this stunning oceanside view. Build your own extraordinary deck space to overlook your view.

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Get Whisked Away

Take a cue from the Barbie Dreamhouse kitchen if you’re a little risk-averse to color in your own home: A pop of pink upholstery on the island chairs brightens an otherwise neutral room. The lucky Airbnb guests will be able to take a class on California cuisine—held in the Barbie Dreamhouse kitchen—from famed local chef Gina Clarke-Helm.

Capture your own California–style light and airiness with these kitchen remodel tips.

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Sweet Dreamhouse Dreams

The Barbie Dreamhouse interior design brings together all the eras that put Malibu on the map: Hollywood Regency, mid-century modern and an easy, beachy, surfy glam. The bold pink pattern on the accent wall adds major wow factor. Love the pale pink door and bold accent-color choices—used sparingly, they make a big impression. Add texture to your walls with easy-to-install wall panels.

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Meditation Station

For generations, people have escaped to the West Coast for a new perspective. Take a break from the hustle-bustle in the indoor-outdoor meditation space. Making your own space at home? The symmetry of this setup is innately soothing, with lots of comfortable places to lounge. Don’t forget greenery. (And don’t miss that scenery!) Bring the indoors out in your own patio decorating.

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Take a Dip

What would a Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse be without a pool? After all, that’s where she got her deep tan and bleached highlights. You might want to take a dip after your free one-on-one fencing lesson, provided by Ibtihaj Muhammad, a world-class fencing champion and role model who has her own Barbie shero doll.

Make your own Barbie Dreamhouse-worthy backyard pool setting.

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Hold Your Calls

You’re on vacation, after all. But maybe take home a few tips for your own office from the Barbie Dreamhouse HQ. Those rounded, pink-and-gold chairs would look as good in your own office as they would flanking a funky sofa in your living room. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with the art and artifacts—or even vision boards—that resonate most with you.

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California Crafty

This open, airy space is perfect for creativity. Easily paint your own pegboard in a color that puts you in the zone and hang all your craft and wrapping supplies to keep them organized and within easy reach. This room has a lovely amount of natural light, but you can keep any space feeling airy with Lucite furniture. Check out this IKEA hack to make your own craft-room storage.

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Play Dress Up

Barbie: Fashion icon. Enough said.

Accordingly, behold the Barbie Dreamhouse dressing room. Treat yourself to a new look. Twirl. Sashay. Then go home and reorganize your own closet so you can make the most of what you’ve got. Corral your clutter with these 30 closet organization ideas.

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Soak It In

Sink into a tubful of bubbles, while overlooking the ocean. Only at the Barbie Dreamhouse, right? At your house, stocking your cabinet and bath-side tray with a few spa-worthy products can turn a to-do into a ta-da.  Make over your own bathroom in a weekend with these seven ideas.

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Be a Lookout

But, it’s not just all about play. Barbie has always said we can be anything, but the science shows that girls start developing self-limiting behaviors by the age of five. Barbie established the Dream Gap Project Fund with $250,000 in March 2019 to fuel efforts to close this Dream Gap. This fall, Barbie is distributing the $250,000 to three organizations working to change the lives of girls worldwide. Airbnb will also be making a contribution. Build your own perfect patio chairs.