11 Pickup Truck Bed Hacks

Updated: Mar. 19, 2024

Give the bed of your pickup truck a little TLC for easier storage, loading, unloading and overall fun with these useful hacks.

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Truck Bed Drawers

If you want a sleek look to complement your desire for organization, make some drawer slides for the bed of your pickup truck. This DIY truck bed storage project makes two big drawers and then adds a number of compartments to keep things tidy within each. The drawers look great while hiding your precious cargo.

Photo: Courtesy of Pask Makes

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Pickup Pool

Whether you just want to have some fun while on a road trip, or your kids are begging you to do it at home, why not create this pickup pool? You can purchase one from Pick-up Pools, which as the name claims, specializes in transforming a pickup truck bed into a chill zone, or you can DIY it. Just grab a couple tarps and a garden hose.

Photo: Courtesy of Pick-up Pools

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DIY Truck Bed Caddy

Pickup truck beds are ideal for bulky items, but what about the smaller things that roll all over the place? Here’s an answer for the question of the things you do with things you don’t want to move in a pickup truck bed: make a super simple caddy that you can fasten with deck screws.

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Family Handyman

Handy Cargo Hook

Another option for grabbing items from the pickup truck bed with ease is an old broom handle with a utility hook on the end. You can use the handle to push things in, and pull things out using the hook.

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Family Handyman

DIY Roll-On Bed Liner

If you like to keep your pickup truck bed super clean, or you’re trying to avoid dents and scratches, you’ll want to either invest in a bed liner or make a DIY roll-on option yourself.

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secure storage
Family Handyman

Secure DIY Truck Bed Storage Solution

If you want easy access to the section of the pickup truck bed right behind the cab of your truck, consider creating a secure DIY truck bed storage unit that keeps things intact while remaining in reach. The resulting dividers can be easily pulled out and stored flat in the back of the bed.

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DIY Pickup Truck Bed Camper Cabinet

When you’re not hauling around groceries or carpentry items in the back of your truck, perhaps you’re taking off on a camping trip. In that case, consider turning your pickup truck bed into a DIY truck bed camper cabinet to enjoy a mini-camper van experience.

Photo: Courtesy of Crafted Workshop

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truck bed reach stick

Truck Bed Reach Stick

Whether you’re loading or unloading, you might find some items are difficult to reach. If you want to save time crawling around, bending and reaching, make a truck bed reach stick! You simply need an extension pole with a paint roller attachment.

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Truck Bed Hammock

Long day on the road? No trees in sight? Use the bed of your truck to post up for a few hours without the need for posts or trees. You could even place some faux grass beneath the hammock.

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

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Slide-Out Truck Kitchen

Want full kitchen convenience anywhere you go? Be it camping or tailgating, this slide-out truck kitchen, made by California-based Scout Equipment Co., is a must. You can prep, cook, serve and wash up with ease, thanks to the various surfaces, compartments and appliances this incredible product comes with. Slide everything out from the bed of your truck when you need it, and then put it out of sight just as easily.

Photo: Courtesy of Scout Equipment Co.

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Truck Bed Lights with LED Strips

This super cool truck bed hack makes tailgating at night a little more enjoyable with LED strip lights. It’s also great for when you’re unloading your camping gear in the dark! You should also consider LED Lights for your workshop.

Photo: Courtesy of way22good1