10 Truck Accessories That Make Work Easier

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Keep your stuff secure in your pickup truck bed with some of these truck accessories.

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ShockStrap Pros

ShockStrap solves the problem presented by regular ratchet straps when they’re used to haul ATVs and other equipment that tends to bounce up and down along the road.

Another great thing about ShockStrap is because they absorb the bumps along the road, they won’t cause dings and dents on your truck like a regular ratchet strap might.

You can pick up a 7-foot, 1-1/2-inch black Polyester webbing Shock Strap for $35.99, a 15-foot, 1-1/2-inch black Polyester webbing ShockStrap for $39.99.

The 9-foot, 2-inch black Polyester webbing Shock Strap is listed at $39.99 and the 18-foot variety costs $44.99.

Find the ShockStrap ratchet straps online at Amazon.

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RainEater windshield wiper blades

Why are these the best wiper blades? The RainEater wiper blades clean the windshield every time, no matter the clime. The glass-infused plastic, synthetic rubber-blend blades even feature a spoiler that will keep them close to your windshield as you drive down the road. Their performance has garnered the attention of storm chasers even, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s probably worth checking out. Pick up a pair here.

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Weather Guard No. 117-0-02 Extra-Wide Aluminum Saddle Box
Family Handyman

Weather Guard No. 117-0-02 Extra-Wide Aluminum Saddle Box

This is a great box in every way. We loved the solid feel of the lid and latching hardware. The push-button has a smooth 'machined' feel and depresses easily. The lid seals with a triple-ribbed formed rubber gasket. The gas lifts are heavy duty and protected by aluminum shields. The anchor rings on the front of the box are a great feature. The mounting brackets are much easier to use than standard J-hooks.

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well prepared truck
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Easy Bed Liner

Know about Bagster bags? You can buy one for about $30 at a home center or Amazon. Fill it with demolition or other debris, then schedule a pickup by Waste Management, which costs about $135. Buy the bag, skip the pickup and use it over and over as a truck bed liner for hauling demo and lawn and garden debris. It makes unloading at the dump or compost site super easy, and the pickup bed stays immaculate. Refolded carefully, it fits under the seat. These are awesome ideas for stuff you should keep in your vehicle, but here are some things you should never, ever do to your car.

Check out this amazing product on Amazon here.

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Roll it out!

A few years ago, I bought this giant rollout drawer. I absolutely love this thing. It fully extends over the tailgate, so I can access everything in the bed without crawling up there or reaching over the sides of the truck. The one I bought isn’t available anymore, but many other models can be found online; search for “truck bed drawer system.” There are versions with multiple drawers, simple trays like mine and ones with higher sides. Prices start at about $800. Most have a load capacity of 750 to 1,000 lbs.

If you have a pickup, I urge you to get one. —RUNE ERIKSEN, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR

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Bulletproof floor mats

Over 10 years ago, I replaced the mats in my truck with WeatherTech FloorLiners. They fit like a glove and hold a gazillion gallons of water/ melted snow. What I love most is the way the mats extend up the sides. The fabric on the side of my gas pedal doesn’t get dirty and worn from my work boots. I’m pretty sure these mats will outlast my truck. A new set of four costs about $180. — MARK PETERSEN, SENIOR EDITOR

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Long-load solution

Even if your truck has a long bed, sometimes you need extra support for long stuff. The Darby Extend-A- Truck Load Supporter ($130 at Northern Tool) handles material up to 18 ft. long and is rated for 350 lbs. You can mount the rack at two heights, for either a bed load or a roof load. Welded loops on the ends of the rack provide a quick connection for ratchet strap hooks. To stabilize roof loads, strap the ends of the rack to your bumper. Don’t leave the rack installed when you’re not using it because it extends 4 ft. from the hitch in the bed load position. Remember to flag long loads. — BRAD HOLDEN, ASSOCIATE EDITOR

You can find The Darby Extend-A-Truck Load Support on Amazon, too.

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Courtesy of Ford

Get A Leg Up!

Newer pickups often feature built-in steps so you can easily access your pickup bed. Some steps are built into the bumper; others are part of the tailgate like the one on the Ford F-150 shown above. The steps are handy for pros and DIYers alike, especially if you have an elevated 4WD pickup. If you have an older truck, there’s no need to cry in your beer—you’ll find many aftermarket truck steps to choose from. Some bolt onto the bumper and fold up or slide out of the way under the bed; others slip into the receiver hitch and telescope or swing out when needed. You’ll find styles to help you access both the rear and the side of the bed. Just search online for “truck steps”—you’ll find something to suit your needs and the size of your wallet.

Best Aftermarket Option

The retractable Lund BedStep is just one option, but is our favorite. It is incredibly sturdy and has a simple install. There’s no need to drill into your car body to mount the step. It’s rated for 300 lbs. and costs $220 at realtruck.com. If that seems too expensive, check out this option from Bully on Amazon.

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FH12MAR_526_13_035-1200 retractable cable box
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Secure Your Gear

No cable lock can protect against thieves with bolt cutters, but this truck bed cable lock can sure slow them down. The ToyLok unit shown includes an 18-ft. retractable cable and mounts in a stake pocket with a bracket (sold separately). Other mounting brackets allow you to mount the lock to your trailer hitch, RV bumper or toolbox.

Nobody regrets this purchase after they use it once. Check out all the great reviews on Amazon.

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Perfect Bungee Pros

It might be a little hubris to declare your bungee cords “perfect” but these bungee cords by BihlerFlex are about as close as it comes. Check out our bungee cord storage hack and 46 others that will make life better

Perfect Bungee cords are chemical resistant so you don’t have to worry about them getting stained from liquids. The bungees have a number of hooks from nylon to galvanized to gated hooks and chokes to make them extra versatile. There’s even a bungee cord with six hole to make creating a longer bungee super easy.

Perfect Bungee Sizes

BihlerFlex’s Perfect Bungees come in 12-, 16-, 18-, 24- and 36-inch sizes, which will stretch to double their length. The Perfect Bungees come in a variety of colors: black, blue, grey, olive green, desert tan, safety orange, safety green, red and yellow, which is great because you can order specific lengths in a specific color so you always know the length of the bungee you grab.

Perfect Bungee Cost

A 36-inch Perfect Bungee two-pack is available at Amazon for $9, a 24-inch single bungee costs $5, an 18-inch costs $5, a 16-inch four-pack runs $14, a 12-inch costs $4. You can find 24-inch boat snubbers are for $39 too. Those are low prices for a product made in the U.S. and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Buy some today on Amazon.

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