5 Ways to Keep a Moving Truck Secure

There are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself from moving truck theft.

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How to Keep a Moving Truck Secure

When moving out of state, chances are you’ll need to park your moving truck or van at least once overnight, and several times for gas and food breaks. Unfortunately, moving trucks are targets for thieves. However, there are a few easy steps you can take to safeguard your things. 

Prevent Moving Truck Theft with a Sturdy Lock

A cheap padlock from an old high school locker is easy to snip with bolt cutters. Spend a little more on a cut- and tamper-resistant padlock.

Commando Lock’s high security keyed padlock and Master Lock’s boron shackle pro series padlock are two good options. The Home Depot even recommends the Master Lock for moving trucks. A study lock meant for storage units or moving trucks will thwart opportunists who try to work fast and lack specialty tools.

Park In Well-Lit Areas Near Cameras

Rear view of man mover standing against truck on street in cityMaskot/Getty Images

Floodlights on a house are an effective crime deterrent. The same principle applies to moving trucks. Thieves working under the cover of night will avoid brightly lit areas whenever possible.

When stopping at night, try to park under a light post, ideally with a security camera. You could also park near the front door of a building, which will likely be lit and under video surveillance.

Back Up Against a Wall

Some buildings have parking spaces right along their exterior walls. If possible, back up against the wall. Get as close as you can to make it more difficult for someone to access the back of the truck. Better yet: Park near your window so you can keep an eye on the truck and hear any commotion outside.

Park Your Car Behind the Moving Truck

If you can’t back up to a wall, parking a car behind the truck works almost as well — anything to make it more difficult for thieves to access. If they can’t get a good angle on the lock or carry items down from the truck, they’re more likely to move on and pick another target.

Consider a Steering Wheel Lock or Other Safety Device

Sometimes thieves will drive off with the entire truck. There are some inexpensive devices that prevent vehicle theft. A brake lock, steering wheel lock or wireless alarm can be purchased for less than $100. Whatever you choose, keep it and use it again on future moves, or with other vehicles.

Insure Your Moving Truck Cargo

Some renters and homeowners insurance policies will cover your possessions while you move. Some rental truck companies also offer insurance for your cargo.

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