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Home Fixtures

From your kitchen and bathroom to your bedroom and ceiling, home fixtures provide the small details that highlight your unique style.

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      How to Install a Battery-Powered Touchless Faucet

      Touchless faucet installation made easy.

      12 Simple Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

      Need more room for your stuff? Try these 12 genius solutions for creating storage space, including hidden shelves, shoe racks...

      Electrical Code Requirements for Islands and Peninsulas 

      If the title of this topic has you daydreaming about a tropical island or peninsula somewhere in the Caribbean Sea,...

      Worm Drive Circular Saw vs Direct Drive: Which One’s Best for You?

      Learn about the differences between a worm drive circular saw and a direct drive circular saw, and determine which one...

      How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

      A fresh new look for your bathroom.

      Stop Believing This Toilet Myth

      Creating this barrier between your skin and the seat isn't actually helpful, in fact, it could be exposing you to...

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      You Won’t Believe What Could Be Growing in Your Tap Water

      Researchers found bacteria in tap water can actually proliferate if a faucet has gone unused for a few days. Luckily,...

      Tips and Techniques for Pouring Self-Leveling Underlayment

      We’ll show you the step-by-step process to achieve a perfectly flat and level underlayment that’s smooth as glass.

      33 Bookcase Projects and Building Tips

      A bookcase or shelf is an extremely useful home storage system. In this collection, you'll discover 33 project plans and...

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      20 Tips on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

      If you want to upgrade your kitchen without spending a lot of money, knowing how to paint kitchen cabinets is...

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      8 Best Sink Mats and Grids

      A sink mat or grid will protect your sink, as well as your dishes, from scratches and dings.

      Home Building Insights from the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study

      Take a deep dive into the world of modern kitchen design and renovation.

      7 Genius Tips and Tricks for Working With Extension Cords

      You can't get much done on a jobsite without extension cords. These field-tested tips for storing and using those cords...

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      15 Things Home Inspectors Wish You Knew

      These things home inspectors wish you knew can help sellers prepare for a home sale and make buyers aware of...

      6 Home Problems Inspectors Hate to See and How to Fix Them

      Reuben Saltzman, president of Structure Tech in Minnesota, identifies potential home problems and what to do about them.

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      10 Outdoor Shower Ideas and Designs

      It may seem like a luxury, but an outdoor shower is very DIY-friendly! Turn your yard into an oasis with...

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      8 Best Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

      Streamline your chores and keep your home tidy with the help of these top-rated laundry room cabinets.

      10-Minute House Repair and Home Maintenance Tips

      Simple fixes to household headaches that take 10 minutes or less — these home repairs are quick and easy.

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      10 Ways to Maximize Space With Shelving

      Looking for a way to dress up your walls and add functional storage? Put a shelf on it! Check out...

      10 DIY Projects To Make Work-From-Home Life Easier

      Don't be stuck with a lousy workspace. These 10 DIY projects will make your work-from-home experience MUCH easier.

      7 Best Pull-Out Cabinet Organizers You Can DIY

      Add rollouts to your kitchen, bathroom, and workshop cabinets to maximize storage space, provide easier access, streamline your cooking, save...

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      How to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

      Get a pro-quality look with a DIY budget

      Fix a Running Toilet and Toilet Flapper

      Repair a leaking toilet flapper seat

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      6 Toilet Parts Even Rookies Can Install

      Plumbing-related work can be intimidating for newbie DIYers, but installing these basic toilet parts is simpler than it seems.

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      The Homeowner’s Guide to Shower Heads

      Learn about each style of shower head, and how to know when it's time to replace yours.

      Pro Plumbers Use These Tricks For Picking The Right Garbage Disposal

      Choosing the right disposal can be tricky especially when you want to make your clients happy. The more you know...

      6 Garbage Disposal Myths Debunked

      Your garbage disposal is one of your most important kitchen appliances. In fact, nothing does the daily grind quite like...