See What’s Really in Your Tap or Well with the Varify Water Test Kit

Is your water safe? Testing your water at home is as easy as dunking a test strip.

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When we read the headlines, we wonder if our water is clean. Whether it’s chemical spills, toxic leaching or lead pipes, our water supply is fragile and subject to contamination. Communities are continually challenged to provide safe drinking water. Is your water really safe?

Harmful contaminants in your drinking water can pose long-term health risks. Knowing what comes out of your tap is essential, so you can address the issues and use filtration when necessary. The Varify Complete Drinking Water Test Kit is an in-home test you can do yourself.  Regularly testing your water is important, especially if you have well water. Want to see more? We’ve rounded up the best well water filtration systems and water filtration options for your consideration.

What is the Varify Water Test Kit?

The Varify Water Test Kit is certified using EPA standards to test for 17 parameters important to water safety. This kit includes 100 test strips, two bacteria tests and a testing vial. Both well water and municipal water can be easily tested. 

The 17-in-1 Varify Test Kit can reveal heavy metals such as lead, iron, copper, mercury, aluminum and other pollutants. The kit also tests for pH levels and hardness, which can damage water heaters and appliances.

Additionally, it includes two bacteria tests to detect waterborne pathogens such as coliform and E. coli. The bacteria test results take 48 hours, but you don’t have to mail a sample or pay a lab fee.

This invaluable drinking water test kit is a comprehensive indication of your water health and can warn you of problems. Varify strips can also be used to test pools, aquariums and groundwater. 


  • 100 test strips included
  • Works for variety of water sources
  • Comprehensive test for 17 parameters
  • Quick results
  • Affordable
  • Easy to do
  • Portion of sales are donated to charity


  • Results fade from test strips after a period of time

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How to Use the Varify Water Test Kit

A Varify test strip can be dipped directly into the water source, or you can fill the clean vial with the water and dip the strip. Within 60 seconds, compare the test strip results to the color chart. Take a picture because the results fade. 

The procedure for the bacteria test is a bit different. Be careful to prevent contamination; first, run the tap for 3-5 minutes, secondly; don’t open the jar until you are ready to use it and avoid touching the inside. Then leave the jar undisturbed for 48 hours to incubate. If coliform is present, the solution in the jar will turn green.  

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Over 6000 customers have tried the Varify Test Kit and swear by it.

Amazon user, Truth Teller says, “I have wells…that have never been tested. The alternative to doing it myself was having someone from the government come, draw the water, send it off, and then wait and wait. After experiencing the ease of use and of reading the results…I’ll never use any other. This gets an A+.”

Verified purchaser Kim, says, “I like that this kit actually added the bacteria tests. Only one I saw that did. Price was very reasonable also.”

“Quick and easy to use,” says Kwalk. “I compared my results to lab results and they were right on!”

Where to Buy the Varify Complete Water Test Kit

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