Yeti’s $400 Cast Iron Skillet Sold Out in Less Than 24 Hours—But It’s Back in Stock

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

Don't let the price sway you—Yeti's trusted products last a lifetime, and the Yeti cast iron skillet is no exception.

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Yeti is a brand synonymous with quality. Between a generous warranty and stylish shades, it’s no mystery why they’re one of Family Handyman’s favorite gear brands. Outdoor enthusiasts are no strangers to their huge selection of customizable coolers and outdoor dining essentials. From hard coolers that offer protection from bears to durable tumblers and waterproof duffles, Yeti’s gear is popular with hunters, campers, hikers and everyone in between.

In fact, the rugged retailer’s fanbase went wild upon the release of the Yeti cast iron skillet back in June. Despite ringing up at $400, it sold out in just 12 hours. Now, the skillet is back in stock—and we’re anxious to get our hands on one. But what makes this camp cookware so popular?

What is the Yeti cast iron skillet?

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The Yeti cast iron skillet is a collaboration with Butter Pat Industries, and they’ve been hand-casting similar skillets for decades. At 12 inches, the skillet has enough room to fit enough burgers or steaks for a small family. The skillet is lighter than traditional cast iron pans. It boasts an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to flip and transfer meals from fire to table. Two pour spouts sit on either side, making it easy to eschew extra grease and eliminate extra water while cleaning the pan.

Folks online are quick to point out that this pan is pricey—and it is at $400. However, there are a few reasons why. As TikTokers like @cast_iron_chris point out, the Yeti pan isn’t your average “off the shelf” cast iron pan. Instead, Yeti’s high-quality craftsmanship—found in other items like the Rambler beverage bucket—makes it a premium purchase for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and travelers.

Each pan is hand-cast in a process that takes 21 days. Top-quality materials, USA manufacturing and a lifetime of performance make the Yeti skillet the Rolls Royce of cast iron cookware. That’s a far cry from cheaper pans that rust quickly and are vulnerable to scratches and dings. Think of it as an investment rather than a splurge. For hikers who prefer luxury gear like the best coolers, it’s well worth the cost when quality, weight and durability are taken into account.

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Not an ad. I was not asked or paid to make this video. There seems to be a lot of confusion/misinformation out there about the @YETI cast iron skillet made by @Butter Pat Industries. I understand that not everyone can afford/are willing to pay $400 for a pan but that doesn’t make it not worth $400. These are not cheap because they are not cheap to make. There’s nothing wrong if you want to buy a pan from Walmart- my point is that Yeti (and Butter Pat) is not trying to sell a $5 for hundreds.

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Why We Love It

Yeti’s site describes the skillet as “the last skillet you’ll ever need.” We can’t think of a better endorsement. Each hand-cast skillet is both smoother and thinner than other brands. This lighter weight supports even heating, so everything from steak to potatoes develops a fabulous crispy crust. Plus, at only six pounds, it’s easy to haul around on a hiking trip.

Sure, budget cast iron skillets are available on Amazon for half the price. But given Yeti’s quality and reputation as a trusted outdoors brand, rest assured that when you settle on the Yeti skillet, you’ll only need to buy it once in your life. That’s the difference between springing for a top-tier Yeti product vs. the average skillet off a store shelf.

The 12-inch skillet arrives with a metal ring rag and scraper card for cleaning, plus a cotton cast iron storage bag to keep it looking like new.

How To Use the Yeti Cast Iron Skillet

Unlike other cast iron cooking pans (like our coveted Solo Stove grill top), the skillet arrives polished and pre-seasoned. That means delicious campfire-cooked meals are possible right out of the box. Give it a proper cast iron cleaning first! Home cooks can use it on the stove, in the oven, on the grill or over a campfire. The meal possibilities are endless!

Where to Buy

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The Yeti cast iron skillet is available on the Yeti website, and it retails for $400. While it’s not yet available on their Amazon store, there’s tons of other high-quality camping gear to browse ahead of your summer camping trips. Yeti sometimes offers coupons and markdowns during big shopping holidays, so check out the Amazon page for any hidden sales.

Don’t settle for skillets that need to be replaced every few years when the Yeti cast iron skillet lasts a lifetime.

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