Solo Stove Just Launched a Portable Pizza Oven, And It’s on Sale Right Now

Make every night a wood-fired pizza night with the Pi Fire oven.

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Most people love Neapolitan style pizza. Gooey cheese, crispy crust—what’s not to appreciate? For one thing, the cost. By the time you factor in delivery fees, taxes and a tip, the dinner budget doubles and you’re left waiting on a delivery driver. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to fresh, wood-fired pizza—Solo Stove’s Pi Fire is here to reinvent pizza night!

Made from surprisingly lightweight, heat-resistant 304 stainless steel, Solo Stove smokeless fire pits have a range of accessories that enable their use on porches and other heat-sensitive surfaces.

The Pi Fire is the latest addition to Solo Stove’s range of outdoor pizza ovens. Unlike their flagship pizza oven, the Pi Pizza Oven, the Pi Fire isn’t a standalone oven—it attaches to the Bonfire 2.0 for ultra-portable pizza making in a snap. It preheats in 30-45 minutes, then pizzas are fired up and ready in a jiffy.

What is the Pi Fire pizza oven?

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For those who are curious about homemade wood-fired pizza, the Pi Fire is the perfect foray into backyard baking. This portable oven loosely resembles professional wood-fired kilns with a horizontal slot where the pizza sits. Instead of a space for wood at the bottom like a traditional pizza oven, it has three long legs which create a sizable gap between the pizza and the fire pit.

The oven comes in three sizes which attach to the top of the Solo Stove fire pit of your choice: The classic Bonfire, the larger Yukon or the smaller Ranger. All three sizes offer their own perks. Choose the Ranger for personal pizzas or the Yukon for family-sized pies fit for a crowd.

Made from the same lightweight stainless steel as the bonfire pits, this portable oven weighs only 13 pounds for the Ranger size up to 34 pounds for the Yukon size. It comes with a carrying case for easy travel and heat-resistant gloves for a safer baking experience.

How to Use the Pi Fire

Attach the Pi Fire to its corresponding fire pit, then light up a few logs and allow the oven to preheat for 30-45 minutes. If the fire pit already has a fire burning when you want to attach the Pi, use the included heat-resistant gloves to prevent burns. Once the center of the pizza stone reaches 500 degrees, it’s time to bake.

Simply insert a raw pizza with the desired toppings into the slot using a pizza peel—one of the pizza oven tools you’ll want to be sure to have on hand. The pizza takes around five to 10 minutes to cook. Turn it every few minutes using the peel. While it’s baking, take advantage of the space between the fire pit and the oven to roast marshmallows or hotdogs.

This oven cooks pizza at the more manageable temperature of 500-650 degrees rather than the 900 degree temperature its sister, the Pi Oven, uses. The lower temperature is ideal for beginners or those who prefer a leisurely baking experience. When not in use, the oven rests inside the fire pit for easy storage.

Where to Buy the Pi Fire

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Professional pizza ovens cost upwards of $600, but the Pi Fire for the Bonfire is available for only $239.99 during Solo Stove’s sale—that’s a savings of $120! A portable pizza oven that attaches to a fire pit makes the perfect gift for the outdoors lover or outdoor cooks.

Be sure to check out Solo Stove’s other fire pit sales, including 40% off the Bonfire 2.0!

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