The 9 Best Yeti Products Our Editors Tested and Loved

Updated: Feb. 26, 2024

People love Yeti coolers and drinkware—and for good reasons: They’re durable, and they perform. But with so many options from the brand, it can be hard to choose which ones are worth the purchase. Here are our editor-approved best Yeti products.

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Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

It’s no surprise that the Roadie 24 Hard Cooler made our list of Yeti favorites. It’s the road trip cooler—compact enough to fit behind the front seats of a car, yet tall enough to transport wine bottles (to be consumed once you’ve reached your destination, of course).

Senior Shopping Editor Katie Bandurski loves performance of the Roadie 24. “The Roadie is heavy, but it’s the only cooler I trust for keeping my picnic fare at the proper temperature. Even in the 24 size, I find there’s plenty of space to hold snacks, drinks and sandwiches for a few people,” Bandurski says. “And, after three years of use, there are hardly any signs of wear.” Bonus: Snag your favorite products in these two new Yeti colors—cosmic lilac and camp green!

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Yeti Rambler 30 Ounce Tumbler Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Rambler 30-Ounce Tumbler

One of our favorite and most versatile Yeti drinkware items is the Yeti Rambler Tumbler. Water, iced coffee, tea, you can put any hot or cold drink in this tumbler, and it’ll keep temperature!

Senior Shopping Editor Daria Smith owns two of the 30-ounce tumblers. “They’re the perfect size for my morning coffee, hot or iced (yes, I drink several cups), keeping water cold for hours or a frozen cocktail on the beach,” she says. “I’ve had one of them since 2013, an entire decade, and it’s as good as new.”

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Yeti Rambler 26 Ounce Water Bottle Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Rambler 26-Ounce Water Bottle

The 26-ounce Yeti water bottle is a fan-favorite for a reason—it keeps water cold for days! Plus, it comes in several color and size options.

“I own the Rambler water bottle in multiple sizes. The 26-ounce is my everyday water bottle, and I have the 36-ounce and 46-ounce sizes,” Smith says. “These bottles are 100% spill-proof. My favorite feature is the chug cap. I always throw them in a soft cooler to go to the beach—you can never be too hydrated in the sun.”

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Yeti Rambler 64 Ounce Water Bottle Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Rambler 64-Ounce Water Bottle

If you’re wondering about the largest size of Yeti Rambler water bottle, Senior Shopping Editor Caroline Lubinsky doesn’t go anywhere without it.

“This supersized, 64-ounce Rambler is what I like to call ‘my emotional support water bottle,’ and I’m known by friends and family to bring it everywhere I go,” Lubinsky says. “The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold and ice intact for hours, even on hot days. I can’t recommend this bottle enough (if that isn’t evident by the copious number of stickers and dings).”

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Yeti Rambler 30 Ounce Travel Mug Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Rambler 30-Ounce Travel Mug

If you’re looking for the quality of the Rambler water bottle in to-go form, the Yeti Rambler travel mug is for you—it even has a handle for superior coffee and hot tea sipping.

Bandurski owns the travel mug in the 30-ounce size, and it’s her go-to for outdoor adventures. “Like all Yeti drinkware, it really does live up to the hype and keeps your drink at the right temperature,” she says. “I took this mug to an early-morning golf tournament, left it in my car all day and by 5 p.m. my coffee was still warm. It’s sturdy, leak-free and stylish. Plus, the handle makes it easy to carry.”

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Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler

The Yeti Hopper Flip is the ideal cooler for a day’s worth of lunch on the boat, trails or job. If you’re looking for an easy option to throw over your shoulder, consider your search over.

Smith has a similar, sold-out Hopper M30 Soft Cooler (to be restocked in the fall). “I’ve had my Hopper soft cooler since 2014, and I’ve used it at least once a week in the warmer months for the past nine years—on the lake, beach and paddle board,” she says. “I have the Hopper Two, retired back in 2016, but the Yeti soft coolers are super durable.”

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Yeti Ice Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Ice

This may seem like an unexpected item to land on our best Yeti products list, but if you’re going to invest in the quality of Yeti coolers, then it makes sense to fill that cooler with ice packs scientifically developed to keep your regular ice frozen longer.

Yeti Ice is made to maximize ice retention in any cooler, and Smith says it’s a must-have for Yeti soft coolers. “Purchase a size according to your cooler’s capacity,” she recommends. “I’ve had my Yeti Ice since 2013. I like the 4-pound size because it keeps cooler contents cold all day.”

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Yeti Rambler 20 Ounce Colster Can Cooler Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Rambler 20-Ounce Colster Can Cooler

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or grilling on the patio, you’re probably going to want a refreshing and cold sparkling water or brewsky—and the Yet Rambler Colster Can Cooler has you covered.

Smith calls it “a must-have for beers on the lake.” The Colster is fully insulated and dishwasher safe. “There’s also a 12-ounce slim can cooler (great for white claws) and 16-ounce tall can cooler,” she says.

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Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler Mary Henn/Family Handyman

Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler

Rounding out our list of Yeti editor picks is one of my personal favorites, the larger Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler. I love this cooler because it’s big enough to hold everything I need for an all-day tailgate or overnight camping trip, yet compact enough to fit in the back seat of a sedan and roll around with ease.

The two large wheels at the back of this cooler are hard and durable, and they’ll roll through grass and across gravel. I snagged the limited-edition Rescue Red color when it was available, which is perfect for Chiefs games. But I must say, the new limited-edition Camp Green and Cosmic Lilac make me want to buy another—snag one before they’re gone! For more, check out our review. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might be interested to learn how the new Oyster Tempo Cooler performs against the cult-classic Yeti Roadie Cooler.