Review of the Yeti Roadie 48: A Tall, Durable, and Rollable Cooler (We Tried it!)

Updated: Feb. 26, 2024

We tested the Yeti Roadie 48 to see how much it holds, how long it keeps things cold and how well it transports. Here’s what you need to know before you buy it.

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When it comes to outdoor gear, Yeti is a tried and trusted brand. The best Yeti products that we’ve tested are durable, perform well and last for years. It’s no secret that the brand has a reputation for making some of the best coolers on the market. Yeti hard coolers are known for their toughness and keeping ice for days—but they’re also known for their hefty price tag. If you’re like me, you’ve probably had your eye on a Yeti cooler for a while, but maybe you’re a little hesitant to spend a few hundred dollars on what can feel like an accessory. I know I was. But after testing the fan-favorite Yeti Roadie 48, I’m here to tell you how it really performs, so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the investment.

What is the Yeti Roadie 48?

Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler OpenedMary Henn/Family Handyman

The Yeti Roadie 48 is a hard-shell, wheeled cooler with the same cold-holding power as the Yeti Tundra coolers, but the Roadie 48 is designed to be more portable, so you can roll it down to the beach or across a parking lot for a tailgate.

It has an extendable handle for long treks, and it’s tall enough to hold 2-liter soda bottles and wine bottles upright. For size reference, the Roadie 48 fits 76 cans (without ice) and 54 pounds of ice only. I was able to fit a few days’ worth of food and beverages in it for a weekend getaway, so I’m positive it’ll hold everything I need for football tailgates this fall, too. Plus, it fits in the backseat of my sedan, so you don’t need a truck or a huge trunk to haul the Roadie 48.

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Yeti Roadie 48 Features

Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled CoolerMary Henn/Family Handyman

The Yeti Roadie cooler comes in multiple color and size options. The 48 and 60 size options have side handles and a drain plug, as well as a collapsible handle and hard, durable wheels at the back. The smallest, Roadie 24, has a shoulder strap instead of wheels. And all three sizes have two latches at the front that snap into place when the cooler is closed to prevent leaks and spills. The core colors are gray, navy, (tan, but only in the 24 size) and white, and there are also a few limited-edition colors, like red, lime green, army green and lilac.

The external dimensions of the Roadie 48 are 19.8 inches (width) x 20.1 inches (depth) x 20.6 inches (height) while the internal dimensions are 14.5 inches (width) x 11.4 inches (depth) x 15.8 inches (height). And when the Roadie 48 is empty, it weighs just 28.3 pounds. As mentioned, the Roadie 48 holds 54 pounds of ice only while the Roadie 60 holds 68 pounds of ice only, and the Roadie 24 holds 26 pounds of ice only. So, if you’re looking for a cooler to hold just the essentials for a day trip, the Roadie 24 is the way to go, and if you’re looking for an extra-large cooler to haul larger items like watermelon and wild game, the Roadie 60 is what you want. I’m perfectly content with the size of my Roadie 48—it’s perfect for all-day tailgates and weekend trips, yet not too large to fit in the backseat and haul a fair distance.

Each Roadie 48 or 60 wheeled cooler comes with a dry basket that fits at the top of the cooler to keep sandwiches and other food from getting soggy. However, each cooler can accommodate two dry baskets, and other Roadie accessories are available. I love the cup caddy that hangs on the side of the cooler to hold opened beverages and the cooler divider that separates food from drinks and doubles as a cutting board!

How We Tested It

Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler filled with cold beveragesMary Henn/Family Handyman

As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors playing with my pup or hiking, I usually pack a few snacks in my backpack and/or stop somewhere for a meal if I’m gone most of the day. It’s never occurred to me to bring a cooler on a hike or outdoor adventure until recently when my partner and I went on a weekend fishing trip, and I knew there wouldn’t be a ton of food options near the state park. Thankfully, my Yeti Roadie 48 arrived just a week before the trip, and I was eager to put it to use.

First of all, I don’t know how I ever used a cooler without wheels before. The durable, puncture-resistant wheels on the Roadie 48 seem like a no-brainer when it comes to moving and hauling a cooler. Transporting the cooler (even when it was full) was a one-woman job—without wheels, I surely would have needed assistance carrying the cooler when it was full. I was able to roll the Roadie over grass, gravel, concrete, you name it, which was great for moving it from the deck to the car and then the river.

At its fullest, I filled the cooler about a third of the way with ice and fit a case of sparkling water, yogurt, protein bars, sandwiches, snack cheese and a few pieces of random fruit—and I still had some room. For most of our trip, the cooler was outside in the thick of July heat, and it had no problems retaining ice. Amid summer heat and in direct sunlight, I found that the cooler held ice most of the day without a problem. I left the cooler outdoors overnight and found the ice to be melted by the next morning. Granted, it was July in Missouri, so even nighttime temperatures didn’t drop below 70 degrees. I found there were two ways to make the ice last longer: 1) Move the cooler inside where there’s AC (duh), and 2) Add more ice. The same amount of ice (no more than 10 pounds) lasted two full days indoors, and filling the cooler two-thirds of the way full of ice helped the ice keep all day outdoors. Additionally, seltzers that were taken from the refrigerator and put in the cooler without ice kept cool for several hours in 98-degree heat.


  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to transport, thanks to wheels and telescoping handle
  • Impressive insulation with solid ice retention
  • Wheels are solid and puncture-resistant
  • Side handles make it easy to lift
  • Drain plug at the back make emptying and cleaning a breeze
  • Lightweight when empty
  • Fits easily in cars and boats because of its vertical shape
  • Holds tall items, like wine and soda bottles
  • Multiple sizes and colors available
  • Accessories and add-ons are available separately
  • Five-year warranty


  • Some users note that the latches can get caught between the lid and cooler while closing
  • Pricey

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Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled CoolerMary Henn/Family Handyman

How long does a Yeti Roadie 48 keep ice?

Based on our insulation testing, the Yeti Roadie 48 keeps ice for about two days when filled with enough ice (about half full of ice). In hot, outdoor temperatures and direct sunlight, the cooler can keep ice all day when filled at least half full of ice.

How big is the Yeti Roadie 48?

The Yeti Roadie 48 weighs 28.3 pounds and holds 76 cans (only), 54 pounds of ice (only) and 15 bottles of wine (only). It’s compact enough to trek across a parking lot, beach or campsite, and large enough to hold everything you need for an all-day tailgating session. It also fits comfortably in the backseat of a midsize sedan.

The external dimensions of the Roadie 48 are 19.8 inches (width) x 20.1 inches (depth) x 20.6 inches (height), while the internal dimensions are 14.5 inches (width) x 11.4 inches (depth) x 15.8 inches (height).

How many beers can a Yeti Roadie 48 hold?

The Yeti Roadie 48 can hold 76 cans of beer without ice. With ice, you can expect to fit a case of beer with plenty of ice to keep them icy cold all day long, no matter the outdoor temperature.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Based on over 250 reviews, the Yeti Roadie earns 4.7 out of five stars on the Yeti website. Here’s what buyers had to say about the cooler.

“Thought I didn’t need this, boy was I wrong!” says Beverly M., a five-star reviewer. “[It’s] sturdy, just the right size and keeps all your food and beverages cold. I love the telescopic handle and the smooth and rugged wheels. Even packed with all our food for the beach, this cooler maneuvered without any struggle. Love it!”

JR Cruz recommends the Roadie 48, too. “Amazing cooler! Took it to the beach for our annual beach vacation and it held up! We wheeled the cooler from our beach house rental to [the] beach every day (one mile each way) and it couldn’t have been easier,” he writes. “It was a bit tougher to wheel it through the sand to our sunning spot, but considering that the cooler was packed, it wasn’t a problem at all. It kept our drinks and food (freshly cut fruit, veggies, sandwiches, etc.) cool and fresh all day and the leftover drinks were still cold the next day. Had to refill the ice three times during our week-long vacation. This thing is worth every penny (and then some)!”

Final Verdict

There’s a reason why my team ranked the Yeti Roadie 48 as the best overall cooler in our round-up of the best coolers. The Roadie’s durability and insulation power make it hard to beat and exemplify why Yeti is often the go-to brand when it comes to coolers. While the Roadie 48 is an investment, I think you’ll be more than satisfied with your purchase. I was!

 Where to Buy the Yeti Roadie 48

Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Coolervia merchant

The Yeti Roadie 48 retails for $450. You can shop all the colors and sizes directly from Yeti. You can also shop the Roadie 48 on Amazon, but prices might vary depending on color. If you’ve been going back and forth on whether to splurge on your dream cooler, I get it. I finally went for it—and just in time for football season. As a Kansas Citian, I’m thinking the Roadie in Rescue Red is going to look pretty darn good rolling up to a Chiefs tailgate.

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