8 Ways to Organize and Store Plastic Bags

Updated: Jun. 27, 2023

Have a barrage of plastic bags fly out of your cabinet every time you open it? Put an end to the mess and make yourself a plastic bag organizer.

plastic-bagNew Africa/Shutterstock

Having a barrage of plastic bags fly out of your cabinet every time you open it can be downright maddening. Put an end to the madness and make yourself a plastic bag organizer. Here are eight styles you can choose from.

Baby Wipe Container

Baby wipe containers are a great storage solution for lots of household items (think craft supplies and batteries). They also work especially well as a plastic bag organizer. Both cylinder and box-shaped baby wipe containers work fine for this task.

To use a baby wipe container for plastic bag storage, use the roll method:

  • Lay out a bag and fold it in half. Place a second bag, with its handle over the bottom of the first bag.
  • Continue making this bag chain with all of your bags, and then roll your bags the long way, leaving the handle of the first bag sticking out. Here is a photo tutorial to help you see how this is done.
  • Place your roll of bags inside the plastic container.
  • Pull the bag handle through the top of the lid where the baby wipes would come out. When you pull out one bag, a new one will pop out of the top.
  • Decorate your container, if that’s important to you.

If you don’t want to build your own, here is an extremely popular plastic bag dispenser on Amazon.

Tissue Box Container

Keep your cabinets free of plastic bag clutter by repurposing a tissue box. Just stuff your grocery bags into the hole of an empty tissue box. You can also use the roll method mentioned above if you want your bags to come out of the box smoothly. Keep this plastic bag organizer out of sight by attaching a command strip to it and adhering it to the inside of a cabinet.


Are you looking for a no-fuss DIY plastic bag organizer? Just ball up your bags and stick them in a jar. You can open the jar up and grab one when you need them or leave the lid off for easy access. It’s a simple solution and a lot better than chaotically shoving them into a cabinet or another plastic bag. Or try this plastic bag organizer for less than $10.

Juice Jug

Fashion a large juice jug into a plastic bag organizer by cutting off the bottom of the jug and stuffing that end with plastic bags. Pull your bags through the spout. Use a knife to cut a hole into the side of your jug so you can hang it from a hook or use a command strip to hang it on the inside of your cabinet. This 2-pack of mesh bag holders will also work.

Coffee Can

Lots of people hang on to their coffee cans for small-item storage or to keep loose change. But, these handy tins can also be transformed into a fantastic plastic bag organizer. Just place your plastic bags inside your coffee can. You can use the rolled method or just ball them up and place them inside. Cut a hole into the top of your lid and pull a bag through. Coffee cans are also very easy to decorate!

Plastic Jug With Handle

This plastic bag organizer is super cute and does double duty as a dish towel holder. Make this all-in-one dish towel holder and plastic bag organizer by cutting the top of your jug off. Put a Command strip on the back of it and hang it upside down on a wall, the side of your refrigerator or on the inside or outside of a cabinet. Stuff plastic grocery bags through the hole on top. Pull the bags through the spout on the bottom, then hang your towel through the handle. Join the Plastic Free July challenge and eliminate single-use plastics.

Want a plastic bag organizer that will stay out of sight? This over-the-door model hides on the inside of your cabinet.

Pringles Can

Pringles cans work great for organizing a reasonable amount of bags. Use the roll method (above), and place a plastic bag roll inside your Pringles can. Use a utility knife to cut a hole in the lid so you can pull a bag through. Cover the can with something decorative, if it won’t be kept inside a cabinet or closet.

Soda Can Box

An empty soda can box is another super-simple and free place to organize your plastic grocery bags. Shove plastic bags into the hole that dispenses the cans. Wrap the box in heavy-duty wrapping or contact paper to make it a bit sturdier. Get to know if plastic bags are recyclable.