8 Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Updated: Sep. 15, 2023

When the cardboard box your tree came in just won't do, turn to a Christmas tree storage bag to preserve the magic, season after season.

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Rolling Tree Storage Bag With Wheels
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How To Choose a Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Taking down your Christmas tree marks the end of the holiday season and the beginning of a new year. The right Christmas tree storage bag helps keep your artificial tree looking good and free of dust, mildew, rodents and other pests while saving space.

“Selecting storage for your artificial Christmas tree starts with where you are going to store the tree,” says Michele Vig, founder and chief organizer of Neat Little Nest.

“For trees that are pre-lit, you’ll want to protect the tree from the elements. If you are going to be storing your tree outside and it might have a chance to get wet, you’ll want to select a storage bag that is waterproof to protect the electrical.”

When shopping, here are some important features to look for:


Measure the tree to make sure it will fit properly.


Look for durable, tear-resistant and water-resistant or waterproof fabrics.


Strong handles, reinforced straps and wheels make moving the tree around easier.


Options include duffle-style, totes, uprights or air-tight tubs with lids. “Finding a home for your artificial tree before you buy the storage container is also important because you’ll know if you need a bag or bin that lies on its side or stands up,” Vig says.


Consider verticals, stackables or combo sets (tree plus lights, wreaths, skirts, stand, etc.).


Most Christmas tree storage bags are affordable, ranging from $10 to $30. For heavy-duty or extra-large bags, expect to pay between $100 to $250 depending on quality and features.

Let’s take a look at our lineup of Christmas tree storage solutions for post-holiday clean-up made easy.

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Treekeeper 33 In W X 95 In H Green Collapsible Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag via lowes.com

Best Space-Saving Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The TreeKeeper collapsible upright Christmas tree storage bag offers a handy vertical solution for homeowners and renters with too few square feet of storage space. It also lets you store your tree assembled, cutting setup and take-down time significantly.

The buckled straps compress the branches so the tree can be tucked into a corner of the attic or storage closet. We also love the extra room at the bottom of the bag to store lights, garland and other decorations. It works for trees up to nine feet tall.

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Rolling Tree Storage Bag With Wheels via amazon.com

Best Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The Zober rolling Christmas tree storage bag comes with two smooth rubber rear wheels screwed onto a thick wooden board for added support. Another big bonus is its festive, bright red color. You’ll spot it easily among a sea of shelves, bins, boxes and bags, even in the most dimly lit storage areas.

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Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Totes 50 Gallons via amazon.com

Best Christmas Tree Storage Tote for Humid Climates

Bearing the trusted brand name “Rubbermaid” and boasting a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, the Roughneck Christmas tree storage container (50-gallon two-pack) safeguards your disassembled tree in the off-season.

Made of impact-resistant superior polyethylene to block out moisture-causing mold and mildew, these storage tubs can withstand temperatures from 0 F to 110 F. Snap the lids shut and stack them on top of one another without the worry of cracking or buckling.

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Greenskeeper Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag For Trees Up To 15 Ft. Tall via homedepot.com

Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags for Big, Heavy Trees

There’s no way of getting around it: Faux Christmas trees are usually big and heavy. Another TreeKeeper product to make our list is this rolling Christmas tree storage bag.

One of the largest tree storage bags on the market, it accommodates trees up to 15 feet tall. Other outstanding features include a zip-away storage section to keep more delicate decorations separated, and a steel frame that makes the bag self-standing for easier packing and unpacking.

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Elf Stor 1016 Combo Christmas Set In Red 9 Foot Artificial Trees And 30 Inch Wreath Storage Bag via amazon.com

Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag Set

Simplify holiday storage with the Elf Stor combo Christmas set. The berry red or pine tree green two-bag set accommodates a nine-foot, disassembled artificial Christmas tree and a 30-inch-diameter wreath. It’s made of tear-proof polypropylene.

Many customers were surprised to find the bags so roomy there is often extra space for other decorations. One Amazon reviewer writes, “The bag is plenty big for our chubby 7.5-foot tree. The wreath holder held four wreaths!”

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Upright Topiary Tree Storage Bag Christmas Tree Storage Bag via amazon.com

Best Tiny Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Most Christmas tree storage bags are designed for larger trees. The Santa’s Bags Upright Topiary Tree Storage Bag stores small Christmas trees (think Charlie Brown’s) and topiaries. Simply slide the polyester bag over the top of the tree, pull it down to the base and tighten with the drawstring.

The wipe-clean polyester fabric prevents moisture and layers of dust from building up on the branches and decorations, and the reinforced long handles on the side make it easy to transport. The two-pack comes in three sizes: 36, 48 and 60 inches.

– 3 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag for Foyer Style Artificial Trees up to 3 Feet Tall – Keep Your Fake Tree Standing and Assembled with Ornaments | (36″ – 2 Pack)” product_price=”19.99″ product_category=”Home” product_retailer=”Christmas World” content_rating=”” /]

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Propik Christmas Tree Storage Bag via amazon.com

Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags Under $10

Even at the lower end of the cost spectrum, the ProPik Christmas tree storage bag preserves your holiday memories until next year. The waterproof, polyester-blend material holds up well and features sturdy nylon carry handles. When not in use, the bag folds flat to slip conveniently into a drawer. All in all, it’s a great choice, especially at such an affordable price.

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Xxl Rolling Duffle Bag Tree Storage via amazon.com

Best Big, Versatile Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Loading and rolling horizontally and then storing in any direction — upright or lying down — the Santa’s Bags XXL rolling upright Christmas tree storage bag is ultra-versatile.

Ball-bearing wheels on metal casters work much like a dolly, allowing one person to easily transport the tree. The expandable top adjusts snugly to the size of the Christmas tree, keeping it from shifting around and damaging the branches. This storage bag accommodates trees up to 12 feet.

– 12 Foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag | Heavy Duty Dolly-Style Frame with Wheels and Expandable Top to Fit Artificial Trees up to 12 Feet Tall | Santa’s Bags” product_price=”147.85″ product_category=”Home” product_retailer=”MATIAS ONLINE SALES” content_rating=”” /]