This Monitor Light Bar Offers Task Lighting for Late-Night Computer Work

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

A monitor light bar offers task lighting for late-night computer work, and it will completely transform your productivity as a night owl.

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A monitor light bar—also called a monitor lamp—is all the rage among late-night workers. If you’ve ever tried to light your workspace at night only to have a lamp create a glare or cast harsh lighting on what’s in front of you, there is now a solution.

The BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light lets you see what’s on your desk while forming a cozy glow around your computer screen (one that doesn’t create an obnoxious glare on your screen). Essentially, a monitor light provides task lighting for your home office desk jobs, and it’s a must-have office product for working remotely and at night.

But there’s more: Users say the BenQ Monitor Light can reduce eye fatigue from excessive screen glare, especially during those dark and rainy-day work sessions. So, make the most of your late-night power hours with home office lighting that won’t strain your eyes and make you more tired. Keep reading for more deets on the BenQ Monitor Light.

What is the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light?

Benq Screenbar Monitor Light on a computer with two people working at a desk togethervia merchant

The BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light is an auto-dimming, USB-powered lamp that attaches to the top of your computer monitor. The LED monitor bar provides ambient lighting to reduce eye strain, and the light’s brightness and color can be adjusted to match the content on the screen.

The BenQ Monitor Light can also enhance focus levels in your office environment by casting comfortable lighting for reading, watching videos, gaming and general office work. The auto-dimming sensor in the monitor light bar detects surrounding brightness and adapts to provide the right amount of light for a healthy workspace. You can also manually dim the lamp and adjust its temperature with the touch control.

If you’re worried about the BenQ Monitor Light creating a reflective glare on your screen, the light has a special optical design to ensure zero glare. There’s also no base since the monitor light clips to the top of your computer, so you’ll have more desk space available for late-night projects.


  • High-quality construction
  • Fits most monitors
  • USB-powered
  • Auto-dimming feature
  • Space saving
  • Adjustable hue
  • No glare
  • Most webcams fit on top of the light bar
  • Helps with eye strain


  • Dial control costs extra
  • Some users expected a wider range of brightness

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How to Use the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light

A typical desk lamp can cast light onto a computer monitor screen and create glare, which in turn can make seeing the screen more difficult. A computer lamp or monitor light bar like the BenQ Monitor Light can help with the eye strain and headaches caused by lousy workspace lighting.

Simply clip the BenQ Monitor Light onto the top of your monitor. There’s no base, gooseneck or arm—and nothing to get in the way. It hangs like picture lights hung above paintings in art museums and galleries. The long cylindrical lamp is about 18 inches in length, and it’s weighty, so it doesn’t slide off your monitor.

There’s no charging or replacing batteries with the BenQ Monitor Light either. It’s USB powered via a micro cable, so you can plug it directly into your computer (or a wall with a 5V 1A phone charger). The monitor light bar keeps your screen glare-free while providing razor-sharp lighting on everything below.

The Best Amazon User Reviews 

Amazon users are raving about the BenQ Monitor Light, saying they “wish they had found it years ago!”

Five-star reviewer Steven D. Moffitt says the BenQ Light works great, “Easy to set up and attaches easily to my Apple Studio Display.”

Pat Hunter says monitor light is a great value. He writes, “My office is set up for photo editing, with a calibrated monitor, calibrated lighting, and even the paint of the walls is designed to be absolutely color neutral. All great for my gig, but when I would use my desk for admin chores, the lighting was just too dim for that purpose. The BenQ Screenbar Monitor Light fixed that issue in terrific fashion. It is sleek, well designed, easy to use, and does a fantastic job putting light [on] my desk when I need it, and not into my monitor, where I don’t want it.”

Verified Amazon purchaser Paul Zenk even uses the monitor light on a curved screen. “It works great, and the light is not hitting the screen. If you take time to adjust it in a very dark room, you can get the angle just right. It lights up my keyboard nicely and the color temperature is accurate without any green cast,” he writes.

Where to Buy the BenQ Screenbar Monitor

Benq Screenbar Monitor Lightvia merchant

The BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light costs about $100 for the screen bar and $140 for the screen bar and dial on Amazon. Make your WFH setup dreams come true with a monitor light bar for all your home office tasking! Your eyes will thank us later.

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