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The Best Home Office Standing Desks

Curious about a home office standing desk? Learn some of the benefits of standing desks, plus our favorites for every work style and budget.

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What Are the Benefits of a Standing Desk?

If you work from home at a desk for long periods of time, chances are you’re already aware of the risks of sitting for hours on end, day after day. At the least, being hunched over a desk all day, especially in a poorly-designed office chair, can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain. At worst, sedentary jobs may contribute to obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Standing desks can help alleviate the aches and pains of sitting all day, and they may even help increase productivity. They burn a wee bit more calories compared to sitting. So while you probably won’t lose weight by switching to a standing desk, you may feel better overall from moving around more.

If you’re ready to make the switch from sitting to standing, take a look at our picks for the best home office standing desks.

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Best Customizable Home Office Standing Desk

Experts say that a combination of sitting and standing during the course of the day might be the ideal mix for comfort and health. The Uplift V2 Custom Standing Desk makes switching between a chair and your feet fast and easy, with a discreet electronic control hidden under the tabletop. (Or you can opt for a foot pedal.)

We love that this desk is totally customizable, from table size and finish, the number of legs, right down to the color of the grommets. The Uplift is highly recommended by Family Handyman editors.

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Best Ready-to-Assemble Standing Desk

If you need a standing desk big enough to hold a laptop and not much else, take a look at the Ikea KNOTTEN Standing Desk. The work surface is only 20 x 17 inches, but two drawers, a cubby, two shelves and side hooks for cords and cables make this the little desk that could.

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Best Looking Home Office Standing Desk

Standing desks are big on function, but they’re often lacking in the style department. Pottery Barn’s Pittsburgh Crank Standing Desk is big on aesthetics.

The vintage design is industrial chic, with a powder-coated metal base and rustic wood work surface. Even the hand-crank mechanism for smoothly raising and lowering the desk blends right into the look. It’s available in vintage chestnut or washed pine. Pair it with the Pittsburgh Adjustable Height Chair.

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Safest Home Office Standing Desk

Standing desks often lack the depth that might make them feel more substantial, and standing desks converters can slip off the edge of a conventional desk. That’s why we like the Fezibo L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk. Designed to fit into a corner, this roomy standing desk offers L-shaped stability, plus a lot of work surface for monitors, laptops, mouse pads and other accessories.

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Best Standing Desk for Kids

The Jarvis Standing Desk for Kids from Fully is an investment in your child’s health and development. These solidly made kids desks, available in various finishes, come in three table-top sizes and adjust with an electronic lever or touch pad. Kids can work at them standing or seated, and the desks will grow with them — they’re adjustable from 22 to 42 inches high. Fully also sells kid-sized ergonomic desk chairs.

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Best Splurge Standing Desk

If you want a standing desk that spares no detail and feature — and you’re willing to pay for it — the Sean Woolsey Smart Desk is a work of art. Available in two wood finishes, the desk features three drawers, built-in outlets and USB ports, a quiet motor and convenient touch pad, and — get this — a cordless cellphone charger embedded in the surface.

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Best Value Standing Desk

If you’re not ready to commit to a standing desk but are interested in testing the waters, the Fenge Standing Desk Converter, available at Walmart or Amazon is a simple, inexpensive solution. It’s no-frills design functions like an ironing board and allows for quick set-up and take-down. When you’re ready to sit, the adjustable tabletop is just 2.4 inches off the surface of your desk.

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Best DIY Home Office Standing Desk

Sure, we might be a little biased, but we love the satisfaction of a DIY solution. This standing desk project from Family Handyman editor Mike Berner is easy enough to build yourself with basic skills and tools. The DIY project includes a complete list of materials and tools needed, plus step-by-step instructions.

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Best Space-Saving Home Office Standing Desk

If your work-from-home setting is a small apartment, a tiny house or some other tight quarters, the Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk from Fully is an easy, elegant solution. At less than 22 inches deep, it’s a low-profile desk that can sit snugly against the wall. There are no electrical parts, just a simple notched system for raising and lowering the desk. Rounded edges and light birch coloring give it a modern look.

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Best Home Office Standing Desk Converter

This VariDesk Adjustable Standing Converter instantly transforms a traditional desk into a standing desk. We like that it comes assembled, can be set to 11 heights and adjusts with a simple spring-loaded mechanism. The two-tier design offers room for a computer keyboard, mouse and monitor. Larger models allow for two monitors.

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