How to Maximize Garage Space with Motorcycle Lifts

Updated: Aug. 13, 2023

One of the major reasons buyers back away from a motorcycle purchase is that they’d have to park one of their cars outside to leave space for the bike.

How to Maximize Garage Space with Motorcycle LiftsFamily Handyman

Motorcycles offer the thrill of the open road and are a symbol of freedom for many enthusiasts. However, they also come with storage concerns, especially for those with limited garage space. If the idea of parking your car outside to accommodate your motorcycle doesn’t appeal to you, a motorcycle storage lift might be the solution.

Why Consider a Motorcycle Garage Lift?

Surveys indicate that storage concerns are a significant deterrent for potential motorcycle buyers. Many hesitate at the idea of having to leave their cars exposed to the elements just to make room for a new bike. A motorcycle lift can offer a win-win solution, allowing for both the motorcycle and car to share the same garage space safely.

Features of the Store-It System from Garage Evolution:

  1. Lifting Capability: The system can hoist bikes, four-wheelers, or even riding mowers weighing up to 1,200 lbs, ensuring versatility in usage.
  2. Platform Size: Measuring 4 x 8-ft., the platform provides ample space for most standard-sized motorcycles and equipment.
  3. Power Source: The 7-amp, 110-volt motor is easily powered by a standard household receptacle. This eliminates the need for any specialized wiring or an electrician’s services.
  4. Safety Features: The motor is equipped with sensors that detect if the load exceeds the permissible limit, preventing operation in such instances and ensuring safety.
  5. Installation: DIY enthusiasts will appreciate that the lift can be installed in approximately two hours using basic hand tools and a drill.
  6. Seasonal Usage Flexibility: During biking season, when your motorcycle is frequently on the road, the platform can be repurposed for storing winter equipment. Alternatively, you can fold it against the wall to further maximize space.

FAQs on Motorcycle Garage Lifts:

  1. How safe are motorcycle lifts? Most modern lifts, like the Store-It system, come with built-in safety features. The motor sensors prevent overloading, and quality lifts are made with durable materials to ensure stability.
  2. Can the lift handle other equipment? Yes. Many lifts can handle equipment like riding mowers and four-wheelers, as long as they are within the weight limit.
  3. Do I need a professional for installation? While some might prefer professional installation for peace of mind, many systems are designed for DIY installation using common tools.
  4. How much maintenance does a lift require? Regularly check the cables, motor, and other components for wear and tear. Also, ensure the safety features are functioning correctly.
  5. Where can I purchase a quality lift system? Several manufacturers specialize in garage lift systems. For the Store-It system mentioned, visit for more information and dealer locations.


A motorcycle garage lift not only optimizes space but also provides a safe storage solution for your beloved two-wheeler. Whether you’re a seasoned biker or a newbie, ensuring that your garage can accommodate all your vehicles without compromise is a game-changer. So, gear up and explore the world of motorcycle lifts, and never let storage concerns hinder your passion for riding.