Half Christmas Trees Are the Perfect Way to Save Space This Holiday Season

Updated: Apr. 01, 2024

People with small spaces rejoice! This half Christmas tree trend is a life-saver for those looking to save space.

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Christmas trees are a major symbol of the holiday season, but not everyone has the space to set up a whole tree, even if it’s artificial. Over the years, the popularity of one space-saving option has increased among people who live in small living spaces: artificial half Christmas trees.

What Is a Half Christmas Tree?

If you haven’t caught the trend yet, a half Christmas tree is a tree thats’s designed to look like it’s cut in half vertically. Imagine splitting a pine tree’s trunk into two vertical sections and keeping just one side of the tree. This genius idea has taken the artificial tree market by storm.

The half Christmas tree popularity boom is easy to understand: an artificial half tree still looks like a regular pine tree but takes up half the size. Therefore, you can nestle it easily into a corner or against a wall.

Half Christmas trees are artificial and come in natural or flocked versions. You can find pre-lit trees touting LED lights and pine cones, like this Home Heritage Flocked Half Christmas Tree, while other offerings are a blank canvas for you to decorate.

Benefits of a Half Christmas Tree

Why would anyone buy a half Christmas tree instead of a full-sized one?

  • It saves space: The size is the most obvious advantage of using a half Christmas tree. If you have a small space, you may not be able to fit a full-sized option. With a half tree, you can still enjoy the look of a full tree and fit it into a corner or against a back wall without it interfering with your walkway.
  • Less to decorate: If you love having a Christmas tree but hate how long it takes to decorate a full-sized one, the half tree comes in clutch. You only have to decorate half of the tree, but it’ll still look warm and inviting. You’ll save money on buying new bulbs and decorations this way, and you might even skip stringing up the lights altogether if your artificial tree comes with lights.
  • It’s budget friendly: Lastly, you may even find that many half artificial Christmas trees are on sale at much cheaper prices than their full-sized counterparts.

How to Set Up a Half Christmas Tree

Setting up a real Christmas tree requires a Christmas tree holder, a spacious spot on the floor, and an optional tree skirt. Not to mention, you also need to lift a heavy full tree to get it into the stand. A half Christmas tree doesn’t require the same process. Depending on which type of half tree you buy, you’ll either set it up with an included floor stand or mount it to the wall. Since it’s half the size, it’s half the fuss setting up! If you’re looking for more ideas, then here are a few tips to help you decorate a small living room for Christmas.

When you’re ready to decorate, try out these Christmas tree ideas that will brighten up your home.

Where to Buy a Half Christmas Tree

You can find half Christmas trees at many retailers like  Wayfair that ship straight to your door.

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