How To DIY a Flocked Christmas Tree

Updated: Jan. 13, 2024

Make your Christmas tree look like it was plucked straight out of a winter wonderland with these easy flocking techniques.

Shutterstock/David Tonelson

What is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

A flocked Christmas tree captures the feeling of a real winter wonderland with the dusting of artificial snow. Flocked trees are the gorgeous, white trees that have a realistic snow look and texture. Flocking a Christmas tree is a great way to ensure that you have a white Christmas no matter what climate you live in. A flocked tree is easy to make yourself and adds a wintery layer to your Christmas decorations.

There are two main ways to flock a tree. One is to use a DIY flocking powder applied with a kitchen sifter and a spray bottle, and the other is to use a spray-on application.

How to Flock a Christmas Tree With Flocking Powder

The first thing to note before you flock your Christmas tree is that the application process can get a bit messy. It’s a good idea to flock your tree before you bring it into your home so that you can apply the flocking in an area that can be easily cleaned up.

  • Fill a spray bottle with water. Work on one section of the tree at a time, misting the branches with the water from the spray bottle until they are damp.
  • Next, pour some of the flocking powder into the kitchen sifter and then shake it out over the damp branches. The sifter makes it easier to control how much flocking you want on each section of the Christmas tree. Going heavier in some areas and lighter in others gives your tree a more natural look, as though it has just been brought in after a windy snowfall.
  • Once you have finished applying the flocking to a section, mist over it again with the spray bottle. This will activate the flocking powder and lock it in place.
  • After every section has been covered with powder and misted over, wait a few hours for the tree to dry. Once the tree is dry and your flocking is set, you can continue putting up the rest of the tree’s decorations.

How to Flock a Christmas Tree With Spray-On Flocking

Spray-on flocking is a slightly more convenient way to make a flocked Christmas Tree. Canned “snow spray” works pretty much the same way spray paint does.

  • When spraying the branches of your tree, work from the bottom to the top, and still try to finish one section at a time.
  • Start on the outer tip of each branch and move inwards.
  • If you want the flocking to have a more textured look, apply it one layer at a time, returning to areas where you want a more snowy appearance. Again, be sure to let the flocking dry fully before attempting any more decorating.