Floating Christmas Candles Are This Season’s Must-Have Home Decoration

Updated: Sep. 15, 2023

These DIY floating Christmas candles are simpler than you think to replicate.

During the holiday season, seasonal candles and incredible Christmas decor DIYs go hand in hand. Perhaps, you already have your stocking filled with all the crafting essentials to make and decorate your home for the holidays. However, if you are looking for one more easy Christmas decor DIY idea to top off your crafting bucket list, you’ll want to add floating Christmas candles to your need-to-make-it list.

Igniting crafting curiosity, TikTok creator Roco Ruiz, @rocioruizhomedecor, posted a video showcasing how she filled glass vases with water beads, water and a few holiday fillers to make her Christmas floating candles float. The final result? Mesmerizing!

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Making a floating candle isn’t as daunting as it would appear. In fact, crafting your own Christmas floating candles is simple.

How to Make a DIY Floating Christmas Candle


Christmas floating candles look elaborate, but you really only need a few supplies to pull them off.

For visual interest, it’s best to work with vases that vary in height. Ruiz kept her color scheme of red and white simple as it is true to the season. However, you can incorporate colors that match your home’s aesthetic such as decorative blue and silver fillers or Christmas red and green embellishments.


Simply follow these steps to craft your own Christmas floating candles.

  1. Soak your water beads, following the directions on the package for six to eight hours. Distilled water will have better results with the beads’ absorption than tap water.

  2. After the beads have fully expanded, grab your three or more clear glasses vases and begin to add the beads to the bottom, creating a base layer of water beads.

  3. Incorporate your decorative fillers by gently dropping the holiday trinkets in the vase.

  4. Repeat steps two and three until your vase is nearly filled to the brim.

  5. Fill your vase with water, leaving about an inch on top of your vase.

  6. Place your float candle on top of the water, light the candle and enjoy!