Now You Can Personalize Your Favorite Stanley Tumbler

Updated: Dec. 11, 2023

Now you can create a custom Stanley cup with images and text of your choosing—and the options are limitless!

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If you are lucky enough to secure a Stanley Quencher while it’s in stock, you know how easy it is to fall in love with these large-and-in-charge tumblers. Between a sleek, modern design and rugged, durable features, these cups sit by the sides of millions of shoppers. Their popularity is something of a trend on TikTok, with folks proclaiming their love for these “emotional support water bottles” all over the platform.

But there’s a good reason why these popular tumblers caught on—and the secret lies in their ability to keep beverages iced for hours—even days—at a time. These cups are so well-loved that we’ve witnessed irresistible partnerships with beloved brands like Pendleton, among dozens of others. The only thing that could make these coveted cups better? Being able to snag a custom Stanley cup, of course!

Luckily for us, now we can!

Can you get a custom Stanley cup?

Stanley’s website is a treasure trove of fun finds, including a portable French press and other trail-friendly tableware, coffee makers and temperature-trapping tumblers. Stanley items are always available in a wide selection of colors and finishes. However, the brand recently introduced its newest personalization page that takes customization to a new level.

Stanley Create is the brand’s first foray into offering custom Stanley cups, and right out of the gate and we’re already obsessed. First, pick your Stanley product to customize.  Stanley’s catalog of customizable items includes some of their top-sellers, including finds from the Outside In collection.

How To Get a Custom Stanley Cup

To create a custom Stanley, you first need to select your product. Custom Stanley cup options include the Legendary camp mug, Legendary bottle, stacking beer pint, the IceFlow tumbler and the well-loved Adventure Quencher tumbler among other choices. Once you’ve nailed down your product, now comes the fun part. Choose from personalization options like text, monogramming and graphics.

The text and monogram creators include several ways to make each bottle your own using different fonts, a choice between vertical and horizontal orientation and several different color options.  When it comes to graphics, the possibilities deepen with an assortment of gorgeous offerings like cats, suns and cactuses from artist Rosie Alyea.

Where to Purchase Personalized Stanley Cups

Stanley Tumbler Cup on Marble SurfaceDaria Smith/Family Handyman

Stanley Create is available right on the brand’s website, and custom options tack an extra $10 onto the product’s price. We think that the cost is a total bargain for a custom Stanley cup! Pick one up today for yourself, or snag one as a gift for a loved one. After all, a customized gift is always the best present!

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