12 Best Mug Trees and Displays You Can DIY

Coffee mugs can be difficult to store since they are awkwardly shaped and take up a lot of space. Plus, if you collect mugs, it's nice to be able to display them. Here are 12 handy DIY mug tree and display ideas.

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coffee mug tree
Courtesy of Pineapples and Coffee Cups

A-Frame Coffee Mug Tree

Looking for a woodworking project? Use this mug tree as inspiration. Shelves cut at various lengths provide mug storage that will likely become a conversation piece in your kitchen.

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Hook Organizer

For this simple design, grab some scrap wood (an old pallet would work) and add some hooks. Then hang on the wall to display your mugs.

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Metal Mug Tree
Courtesy of The Cottage Nest

Metal Mug Tree

For a more industrial look, consider a metal coffee mug tree. While there are several metal trees available online for purchase, think about how you could repurpose metal items around your home, such as the top of an old coat tree.

Photo: Courtesy of The Cottage Nest

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Courtesy of LoveBirdsChic

Coffee Message Board

Try this DIY coffee bar idea: Grab some scrap wood, stain it, then paint a message on it. Add some hooks and hang on the wall near your coffee pot.

Photo: Courtesy of LoveBirdsChic

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Courtesy of Bitsy Knows Best

Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard can bring order to even the most unorganized and cluttered space. Try hanging some pegboard in your kitchen, and then add hooks to hang your favorite mugs.

Photo: Courtesy of Bitsy Knows Best

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Courtesy of KKMake

Double-Duty Mug Tree

This mug tree holds six mugs and even has room for a roll of paper towels. Add your initials for a customized look. For a how-to video, visit youtube.com.

Photo: Courtesy of KKMake

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Scrap Wood Tree

Here’s another take on a mug tree using scrap wood. It uses three pieces of scrap wood with hooks to hang mugs. Use a fourth piece of wood to paint a fun message to display on top.

Photo: Courtesy of Cerrito Speakeasy

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Courtesy of DIY In Design

Wall Hooks

If you have some open wall space in your kitchen, try adding several hooks to hang mugs and keep the space organized. Just be sure the hooks can hold the weight of the mug. If you change your mind, here’s how to patch holes in drywall.

Photo: Courtesy of DIY In Design

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Courtesy of The Coffee Table

Hooks Under Shelves and Cabinets

Hooks can also work underneath kitchen cabinets. If you have some open kitchen shelving, try hanging a few hooks underneath to store mugs out of the way.

Photo: Courtesy of The Coffee Table

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Courtesy of A Farmhouse Reborn

Towel Bars

Try installing some short towel bars or rails and add hooks, like these from IKEA, for hanging mugs. If you use multiple bars, you can use the bottom bar for coffee pods or tea packets.

Photo: Courtesy of A Farmhouse Reborn

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Courtesy of Arquitecasa

Mug Display Shelves

Here’s another way to get that open shelving look in your kitchen. This DIYer made a shelf unit to store dozens of mugs in one place. When displayed like this, the mug collection becomes an art piece!

Photo: Courtesy of Arquitecasa

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rustic table-top-mug-tree
Courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic

Rustic Wood Tabletop Mug Tree

If you’re looking for a tabletop mug tree, the website shanty-2-chic.com offers some free plans. Once finished, you can stain or paint them to match your kitchen.

Photo: Courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic

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