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10 Things Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kitchen WAY More Organized

There's nothing more satisfying than a tidy kitchen! Take your kitchen organization to the next level with these affordable products.

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Cabinet Turntablesvia

Cabinet Turntables

Tired of knocking over spices as you try to reach an ingredient in the back of your cabinet? These cabinet turntables ($9) make it so much easier to access items in the cupboard. This is actually one of our all-time favorite kitchen storage ideas!

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Tiered Cabinet Shelvesvia

Tiered Cabinet Shelves

Another way to make the contents of your kitchen cabinets more accessible is with these simple tiered shelves ($10). The three little steps are perfect for staggering spices, canned goods and condiments to ensure they’re always easy to reach. You’ll love these quick and clever kitchen storage ideas as well.

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A Silverware Trayvia

Silverware Tray

Every kitchen needs a drawer insert to keep utensils organized, and this large silverware tray ($10) is both affordable and functional. It includes non-slip rubber feet to prevent it from shifting around, and its six compartments will hold all your must-have kitchen tools.

Sick of how your kitchen looks and functions? Check out these incredible kitchen remodel ideas to get you thinking.

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Multi-Functional Organizersvia

Multi-Functional Organizers

The beauty of this particular kitchen organizer is that it can be used for so many different things. You can use it to organize pot lids, sheet pans, cutting boards—you name it! Don’t like the look of this organizer? Check out these 15 kitchen organizers that will make life easier.

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Spice Jar Clipsvia

Spice Jar Clips

Keep all your spices organized and accessible with these spice gripper clips (on sale for $8; regularly $16). The plastic strips are easy to stick inside a cabinet door, and each one can hold four spice jars. It’s perfect for storing all your essential spices. Need more spice storage ideas? Try any of these ingenious spice storage ideas.

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Egg Storage Binsvia

Egg Storage Bins

Maximize space in your fridge with stackable egg storage bins ($8). These plastic containers come with a lid that allows you to store objects on top of your eggs, making the most of every inch of fridge space. Find more organizing tips to transform your refrigerator.

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Grocery Bag Holdersvia

Grocery Bag Holders

Even if you bring cute reusable grocery bags like this to the store, chances are you still end up with a few plastic bags. Keep them organized with a grocery bag holder ($8), which lets you easily pull out one bag at a time. These are 15 genius ways to reuse those pesky plastic grocery bags.

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Mug Racksvia

Mug Racks

Free up precious cabinet space by hanging coffee cups on this mug tree ($10). The sleek design lets you store up to six cups, and it would look perfect on your coffee bar or kitchen counter. Here’s how to keep your coffee maker clean so that coffee always tastes great in your coffee mug.

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A Sponge and Brush Holdervia

A Sponge and Brush Holder

Your kitchen sponge and dish brush will always be close by with this sponge and brush holder ($9). Just suction cup it to the side of your sink for easy access—and please remember to regularly swap out your germy sponge.

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A Wrap Organizervia

A Wrap Organizer

Finally, create a spot to store your plastic wrap, tin foil, wax paper and more with the help of a wrap organizer rack (on sale for $10; regularly $16). It can be mounted to the wall or the inside of a cabinet, and you can even use it to dispense resealable sandwich bags.

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