People are Obsessed with the Portable Stanley French Press—Perfect for Camping and Travel

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

The Stanley French press is the outdoor coffee pot and brewer combo that delivers a piping hot cup of Joe anywhere, anytime.

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Stanley, everyone’s favorite tumbler brand, makes a remarkable All-in-One Boil + Brew French Press, perfect for outdoor adventures. Yes, you heard it right. This portable pot allows you to boil, brew and pour your favorite cup of Joe effortlessly. Just like your trusty Stanley Tumbler that keeps your drink refreshingly cold throughout the day, this French press ensures your coffee stays delightfully warm for hours on end.

It’s an absolute game-changer for travelers, campers and backpackers alike. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this press is built to withstand the rigors of open flames and stovetops, granting you the freedom to enjoy your coffee wherever and whenever you desire. Plus, its user-friendly design and convenient packability make it a breeze to use and carry. And the icing on the cake? It’s affordable!

If you’re an avid coffee lover who appreciates their java on the go, then you’re going to want to add the Stanley French Press to your cart, stat.

What is the Stanley Boil + Brew French Press?

Stanley’s Outdoor Coffee Brewer for Campingvia merchant

The Stanley Boil + Brew is an ingenious 32-ounce travel coffee brewer. It is designed with ultimate packability in mind, featuring a nested system where the pot and French press fit seamlessly into the stainless-steel body. Every part conveniently tucks away, ensuring efficient use of storage space in your bag. Plus, the pot handle even folds down into the body, adding to its compactness.

Built to withstand countless trips, this all-in-one French press system is crafted from rust-proof stainless steel and made with BPA-free materials. The interior of the coffee pot system boasts a plastic, tube-style press equipped with a double-layer mesh filter bottom, compatible with all types of coffee grounds.

Notably, users rave about the rich and delightful cup of coffee this French press produces. But the pot itself can also be used independently to quickly boil water for soups or oatmeal. When it comes to finding a coffee brewer and pot combination for your next adventure, the Stanley Boil + Brew French Press truly reigns supreme, especially considering its unbeatable price point.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Rust-proof stainless steel body
  • BPA-free
  • Nesting system
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May need to make multiple pots if brewing for more than two people
  • Wire handles may get too hot to touch

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How to Use the Stanley Boil + Brew French Press

Using the Stanley Boil + Brew French Press is a breeze. Simply fill the stainless-steel pot to the halfway mark with water, heat the water, stir in the coffee of your choice and slowly insert the plastic press liner into the pot.

Some users experienced water leakage through the lid’s rubber seal. It’s worth noting that the lid is specifically designed to fit snugly on the plastic press component. When using the lid on the pot without the press insert, the lid may fit slightly looser. Additionally, if you add too much water to the pot, you may experience spillage when adding the plastic press. We recommend filling the pot just below the fill line to prevent overflow while inserting the press.

For those who prefer to skip the hassle of grinding coffee beans while on the go, the Stanley Boil and Brew French Press features a fine mesh filter at the bottom, allowing you to use pre-ground coffee with ease.

The Best User Reviews

The Stanley Boil + Brew French Press earns top marks via Stanley and Amazon with more than 6,000 five-star ratings. Reviewers who tested and love the French press weigh in below.

Verified purchaser Sandee M. says, “Love my Stanley press! I take it everywhere! I can always get a great cup of coffee wherever I go!”

James E. writes, “What an awesome little French press. I purchased it to make coffee when I lose power due to hurricanes but find myself using it far more often than that. Coffee tastes amazing from this simple, affordable little pot.”

Patrick P. thinks the Stanley press is great. “This is a handy compact French press style coffee maker. The size is perfect for my morning coffee. Cleans up easily and is quality built,” he says.

Where to Buy the Stanley Boil + Brew French Press

Stanley’s Outdoor Coffee Brewer for Campingvia merchant

Priced at just $26, the Stanley French Press is a steal. However, due to high demand, it’s currently experiencing a two to four week ship time on Amazon. For those who prefer expedited delivery, purchasing the press directly from Stanley is the optimal choice.

Act fast if you’re searching for a cost-effective and compact coffee brewer and pot combination for your upcoming outdoor excursion, as this product tends to sell out quickly. Trust us, with the Stanley Boil and Brew French Press, you’ll be sipping your most convenient and enjoyable camp coffee yet.

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