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Best Places to Find Moving Boxes for Cheap (or Free)

Need some moving boxes? Here are some places you can get them for little or no money at all.

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The Big Guide to Tiny House Living

For many, tiny house living is a simple, appealing option in a complicated world. If you're thinking of extreme downsizing,...

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Benefits of Using RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Trying to decide what kind of cabinets you should hang in your home? Here's a look at what makes ready-to-assemble...

The Overstock Spring Black Friday Sale Is Here

Black Friday is early this year. Get your hands on the newest spring trends for your home with this major...

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What to Know About Caring for Jewelry: Expert Advice

Daily wear and improper storage take a toll on your prized pieces. See what industry experts have to say about...

11 Female DIYers Who Are Changing the Game

Women have carved out a powerful space for themselves in DIY. Find out more about just a few of our...

8 Tips for Moving to Another State

Moving is no easy task, regardless of distance, but crossing state lines can be particularly challenging. If you've decided to...

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Our Readers’ 45 Favorite Handy Hints

Over the past 50 years, readers of The Family Handyman magazine have shared thousands of clever tricks with their fellow...

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Zip Tie Hacks That Make DIYing a Cinch

Every homeowner should have a stash of these tiny, versatile straps on hand. Zip ties can help you conquer clutter,...

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Try These Easy Handy Hints to Fix Common Home Issues

We all have those annoying problems around the house we'd like to fix, but we keep putting off for one...

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30 Handy Hints for Frugal Homeowners

Some may think these handy hints are a bit extreme (or even bordering on hoarder territory), but if you’re a...

Why Fall is the Best Time to Have Garage Sales

Here's why fall is the best time for a garage sale