This Portable Chainsaw Slices Through Thick Logs in Seconds—and It’s 50% Off

Updated: Mar. 25, 2024

Make short work of branches and bushes with the cord-free, portable Saker mini chainsaw.

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As home renovators and hobby builders, we at Family Handyman know a thing or two about chainsaws—just read our chainsaw buying guide. From cordless to pole saws, we thought we’d seen it all. That is until we heard about the trending Saker mini chainsaw.

What is the Saker mini chainsaw?

The Saker mini chainsaw may look cute at only four inches long, but it’s more than capable of eliminating pesky branches and shaggy shrubs. A pure copper motor offers 550 watts of horsepower. Plus, the high-quality guide chain comes quenched for added durability. Quenching is a process where steel is heated above its recrystallization temperature and then rapidly cooled, creating a harder metal. Because this makes the chain wear-resistant, users don’t have to use chain saw sharpeners as frequently.

Safety Features at Your Fingertips

Ample safety features come baked in. On the handle is a safety lock to prevent accidental injury and vents that minimize the risk of overheating. An attachable bezel prevents sawdust from splashing back at the operator. Just like regular chainsaws and pole saws, it’s best to oil the chain prior to use for the best performance.

Compact and Convenient

DIYers adore the tiny size and compact carrying case that stows away in the corner of a garage, on a shelf or inside a cabinet. Those who use it comment on the powerful torque and lightweight construction—just check out this TikTok from @the_daily_diy, who used the chainsaw to cut the overgrown branches in her yard in under five minutes.


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How does it assemble?

Assembling the Saker mini chainsaw is simple and takes under a minute. Use the included screwdriver to screw in the beveled guide plate and chain, ensuring that the chain isn’t loose enough to slip off the track during use. Then, use a small amount of the included chainsaw oil to lubricate the chain as you would for other cordless chainsaws. After that, the unit is ready to start slicing.


How long does it take to charge Saker mini chainsaw?

Because it’s a cordless tool, each mini chainsaw comes with a fast-charging cord that fully charges the unit in about two hours. The included 20V 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery lasts long enough to complete most moderately sized jobs. Even with heavy use, the battery has enough juice for about 40-50 minutes of continuous runtime.

What can a mini chainsaw cut through?

Mini chainsaws, like the Saker mini chainsaw, are cool power tools that tackle bigger jobs than you’d expect given the compact size. That said, mini chainsaws typically perform best with branches or logs under four inches in diameter.

Are mini chainsaws worth buying?

Mini chainsaws are remarkably powerful given their tiny size. That said, they don’t usually offer the same bells and whistles as their larger counterparts. Those hoping to utilize saw mill attachments or other upgrades may choose to opt for a regular-sized chainsaw. DIYers who just need to get rid of stray branches benefit from mini chainsaw features. The smaller size and lighter weight simplify overhead jobs and minimize accidents.

What Reviewers Say

Reviewers call the Saker mini chainsaw “very light.” Several folks comment on its surprising power and how cool the motor stays during use. Verified purchaser Daniel T. writes, “I may sound jaded and cynical, but it’s only because I’m jaded and cynical…When I first saw the ads for this mini electric chainsaw, I thought ‘Yeah, right.. probably junk!’ But it is quite the opposite…this review is after days of hard use and some abuse. I literally acid-tested this thing, as you will note that in the pics, it is a bit dirty and the word “Chainsaw” is nearly worn off the bar.

Described as a pruning tool, I am sure I’ve pushed this thing well beyond its intended use, cutting small, green locust trees, vines and large branches. The batteries will last about 45-50 minutes under heavy load, easily recharged with the included charger. And it’s very light and easy to use one-handed. It does not have a lubricator for the bar but comes with a small bottle of oil to manually oil the chain and bar. I used regular 30W bar oil, which works fine.

It is perfect for hard-to-reach trimming and cutting, and much safer than a gas or heavy electric saw if you are on a ladder or reaching overhead to cut. I am very impressed by this little saw and totally recommend it. If you use it as hard as I have, you will dull the chain, but it can be easily sharpened or replaced as replacement bars and chains are available. If it was gonna break, I woulda broke it. ‘Nuff said!”

Where can I buy it?

Saker Mini Chainsaw Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

The Saker mini chainsaw is available on Amazon and typically retails for $80. For a limited time, save 50% on the price, bringing the total cost to a modest $40. This deal won’t last long, so cash in before the sale ends and start pruning trees in no time.

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