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Great ideas and tips on ways to save money around your home.

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States With the Highest and Lowest Property Taxes

Whether high or low, property taxes are just one factor that determines the affordability and livability of U.S. states.

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13 First-Time Home Buyer Programs You Should Know About

These grants and programs can help your homeownership dreams come true — whether you’re a first-time or repeat home buyer.

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Average Costs of Building Permits

Pulling building permits can be confusing and intimidating. Here we'll demystify one element of the process: cost.

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How to Budget Landscaping Costs for a New Home

It's easy to underestimate landscaping costs for your new home or cabin. It's a major expense that requires a well-planned,...

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Tips for Saving Money When Framing a House

Save money up front and through the building process with these tips to frame a new house.

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Home Construction Loans: What to Know

Financing new construction has a specific rule book. Here is an introduction to the fiscal side of building a home...

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Four Ways to Finance Building a Home

A traditional construction loan is not your only option when financing your from-the-ground-up dream home, beach house or woodsy cabin.

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What to Consider When Preparing Your Site for a Build

Before you can start building a cabin or home, you need to prepare the site. Here are the steps for...

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Checklist: Things to Do Before You Build a Second Home

If your idea of DIY involves pulling out your credit card, then this checklist is not for you. If you're...

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How to Design a House: Three Options To Consider

Have you decided to build your dream home or cabin? Here are three ways to translate your vision into a...

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Benefits of Repurposing Natural Materials During a Home Build

There are eco-conscious, economic and aesthetic reasons to repurpose natural materials from your new build. Happily, they usually intersect.

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Tips for Saving Money When Building a New Home

Labor costs eat up a significant chunk of your home build budget. Opting for a DIY solution when possible and...

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Tips for Staying on Budget When Building a Home

Sticking to your budget is one of the biggest challenges in a new house build. Here's how to keep your...

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a House?

From the initial building permits to breaking ground to final site cleanup, here's how much you can expect to spend...

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Budgeting Tips for Building Your Own House

Budget overruns can turn building your dream home into a nightmare. These tips will help keep costs in check without...

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Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims

Break-ins and theft account for six percent of insurance claims for Travelers Insurance. Find out the most common homeowners insurance...

10 Smart Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

Cut down your home owners insurance expense by learning some easy ways to reduce the bill. Check out some quick...

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Home Warranty Coverage for New Homeowners

Owning a home is the American dream. Consider protecting your investment with a home warranty. Here's what you need to...

The 10 Biggest Project Mistakes New Homeowners Make

It's completely natural for new homeowners, confronted with an entire house full of possibilities, to dive into projects with the...

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Is It Actually a Good Time to Buy a House?

Various logistic and economic pressures have contorted the housing market in unprecedented ways, making it easier (or harder) to buy...

26 Real Estate Terms You Need to Know Before Buying a House

Real estate has its own share of lingo and some of it is hard to understand. Build your home buyer...