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    We Tried the Earthwise Electric Snow Shovel and Wish We’d Bought It Long Ago

    The Earthwise snow shovel is the easiest way to shovel your deck, patio, sidewalks and driveway. Save time and effort with this electric snow thrower that blows away a manual shovel.

    This Tire Repair Kit from TireJect Could Save You from a Roadside Emergency

    Tireject says its Emergency Tire Repair Kit is everything you need to repair a flat tire. We put that claim...

    We Tried It: Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener Review

    Save money and bring dull and broken bits back to life with the Drill Doctor.

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    What Is Primer Paint?

    Learn how primer helps you achieve a long-lasting, great-looking paint project.

    Drywall Screws vs. Wood Screws: How To Choose the Right One

    Drywall and wood screws are designed for different purposes. You can sometimes ask one to do the job of the...

    How To Build a Drum Sander Table

    Save money by building this handy table. It's easy. We'll walk you through the steps.

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    Eggshell vs. Satin Paint: What’s the Difference?

    Ready to tackle your next paint project? Learn all about two of the most popular paint sheens.

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    How To Make Ice Removal Spray for Your Windshield

    Don't get frozen out this winter! A homemade deicer spray is easy to make and can get your car out...

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    Screws vs. Bolts: What’s the Difference?

    Screws and bolts may look alike, but they have different features and functions. Here's the lowdown on these essential fasteners.

    The 5 Best Biscuit Joiners, Tested and Reviewed by a Professional Woodworker

    Ready to "take the plunge" and buy a biscuit joiner? We put five leading brands to the test to find...

    The 9 Best Power Tool Brands You Should Reach for First

    In the world of home improvement, these are the best power tool brands for both homeowners and pros.

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    What’s the Best Way To Remove Car Stickers and Decals?

    Our experts reveal tips and tricks for removing deteriorated, outdated stickers — an important skill if you have an older...

    How to Build a Painting Bench

    This terrific DIY bench is also a great platform for many other home improvement projects.

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    What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite?

    It might feel impossible to find the perfect pairing, but we have great options for your consideration.

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    Can I Use Acrylic Paint on Wood?

    Learn all about this versatile paint and why it's a great choice for your next home project.

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    Paint Sprayer vs. Roller: Which Works Better?

    Discover the perfect tool for your next painting project with this comprehensive guide to paint sprayers and rollers.

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    How Long Does Spray Paint Really Take to Dry?

    Do you relate to the phrase, "it's like watching paint dry?" Well, spray paint generally dries faster than brushable paint....

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    Can You Spray Paint Wood?

    Spray-painting wood almost always produces a better finish than brushing or rolling, but it involves extra work and equipment you...

    Tackle Your Toughest Projects with the Graco Airless Paint Sprayer

    If you’re looking for a way to make those old cabinets look new, the Graco Airless Paint Sprayer will get...

    8 Best Tool Backpacks for Easy Transport

    We evaluated the best tool backpacks for pros and DIYers to help organize and transport your tools to keep your...

    Keter Folding Work Table Review: Tested by a Professional Woodworker

    Looking for an extra set of hands for your next DIY project? The Keter Folding Work Table might be just...

    I Tried the Handy Brush Grubber and Pulling Brush and Shrubs Has Never Been Easier

    Every homeowner gets unwanted saplings and brush that magically sprout in their landscape. The Handy Brush Grubber helps...

    Rust-Oleum Recalls 84,000 Cans of Spray Paint

    If you purchased one of the affected cans, you're eligible for a refund. Here's how to get it.

    Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors Year Round

    With good light and smaller varieties, you can continue to successfully grow vegetables and some fruits after you've put your...

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    Does Paint Expire?

    Have a bunch of old paint cans in your garage? Discover how long they will last or if it's time...

    This Zip Tie Hack Will Make Trimming Ornamental Grasses a Breeze

    Gather, cut and dispose of excess grass in seconds!

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    What Is Powder Coating?

    Powder coating turns drab automobile parts, bicycle frames and other materials into works of art, while offering superior wear and...

    This 3-in-1 Fire Pit Tool Is the Perfect Companion to Your Solo Stove

    This fire pit multitool is the perfect way to safely manage your backyard fire pit.