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    We Tried This Multi-Tool That Stashes on the Back of Your Phone

    A multi-tool that attaches to your phone! We gave this novel idea and all its components a try.

    Hammer Drill vs. Impact Driver: What’s the Difference?

    As a DIYer, have you wondered about whether to use or rent a hammer drill vs an impact driver? Here...

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    Upgrade Your Garage with This Family Handyman Approved DeWalt Socket Wrench Set

    If you're like me and would rather DIY your car or small engine maintenance, check out this compact and durable...

    What’s In My Toolbox? A Professional Woodworker’s Essential Tools

    A pro woodworker and carpenter shares a look at some of her favorite tools.

    What to Know About Telescoping Ladders

    Telescoping ladders provide a portable, easy way to work at modest heights. We'll look at their pros and cons for...

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    Bugs, Tar and Big Globs of Bird Poop Are No Match for This Foaming Cleaner

    We all know that familiar splat of a bug hitting your windshield at 70 miles per hour. The next time...

    Try This Hack for Building an Inexpensive Glass Panel Door

    Make a glass panel door yourself without breaking the bank.

    I Tried Echo Auto, Which Turns Your Car into a Smart Car

    Amazon's Echo Auto makes older cars smart. Alexa, where is the cheapest nearby gas?

    The Best Hot Glue Guns for DIYers

    If you're tired of messy glue from squeeze bottles that takes forever to dry, consider a hot glue gun. They're...

    We Tried the Worx Switchdriver and It Really Is a Time-Saver

    Sick of the constant switching back and forth between different bits and tips?  Us, too. That's why we tried this...

    8 Best Allen Wrench Sets

    A full set of Allen wrenches will prepare you to deal with any size hex fastener you may come across.

    Homeowner’s Guide To Digital Tape Measures

    Tape measures have gone digital. Now they can store data, convert between units and measure long distances to an accuracy...

    Chop Saw vs. Miter Saw: What’s the Difference?

    In the chop saw vs. miter saw debate, it boils down to this: Chop saws are for cutting metal and...

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    Family Handyman Approved: Toro Timemaster 30 Lawn Mower

    Want to trim the time it takes to mow your grass? The Toro Timemaster 30 Lawn Mower will do the...

    16 Moving Essentials For Every Skill Level and Occasion  

    Whether you’re moving solo or hiring professionals, check out these moving essentials before you start packing.

    We Tried This Ryobi Pressure Washer and Our Patio Has Never Looked So Clean

    This all-new Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer will spray away dirt and grime from almost any outdoor surface, and leave your...

    What To Know About Claw Hammers

    Claw hammers can pull nails as well as pound them. They're as useful around the house for DIY projects as...

    Best Car Code Readers and Scan Tools

    A glowing check engine light (CEL) usually means your vehicle has a problem. A scan tool or code reader can...

    Guide To Types of Drill Bits

    The variety of drill bits can be a little intimidating. Here's an overview of drill bit types, and the projects...

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    No Job Is too Tough for Family Handyman Approved Grime Hand Soap

    A fiercely degreasing hand soap that's still gentle on your skin?  Give this Family Handyman Approved Grime Hand Soap a...

    How to Build 4 Different Styles of Path Lights

    Bollard posts are short, stout posts used around buildings or as roadway dividers. They resemble tree trunks, which are also...

    How To Choose the Right Sandpaper for Wood Projects

    A pro woodworker explains what you need to know about sandpaper for wood, so your next project turns out perfectly.

    I Tried Amazon’s Top Rated Outdoor Composter

    This rotating compost bin makes spinning my garden's favorite treat easier than ever — and it churns out more compost.

    Scroll Saw vs. Band Saw: What’s the Difference?

    A scroll saw looks like a mini-band saw, but they're different tools. Compare a scroll saw vs. band saw to...

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    Brighten Up Any Project with the Family Handyman Approved Nebo Omni 2k Work Light

    Looking for an addition to your toolbox that shines? Try the compact, bright and long-lasting Nebo Omni 2k work light.

    We Tried This Innovative Brush That Makes Cleaning Vinyl Siding a Breeze

    Looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your vinyl siding? Give the American-made Siding Brush a try.

    A Family Handyman Approved Father’s Day Gift Guide

    Struggling to find the right Father's Day gift for your dad? Check out these Family Handyman Approved products any DIY...

    8 Ways to Store and Care For Pesticides Safely

    If you use home and garden pesticides for weed and pest control, here’s what you need to know to store...

    What To Know About PTO Wood Chippers

    A PTO wood chipper is one that mounts on a tractor. More powerful than a gas or electric chipper, you...