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Don’t miss an inch. Get the distance just right with these helpful tape measure and rulers.

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The 6 Best Laser Tape Measures for Quick, Accurate Measurements

A handy addition to your toolbox, the best laser tape measure delivers measurements instantly.

Combination Square Hack: This Is the Secret to Perfectly Straight Lines for Your Next DIY

One simple adjustment to true up your combination square makes a world of difference in getting the sharpest, straightest lines...

This Viral Tape Measure Hack Will Help You on Your Next DIY Project

Having trouble getting your tape measure right down into a corner? We tested a viral tape measure hack claiming to...

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This Digital Tape Measure Made Time Magazine’s Best Innovations of 2024 List—Here’s Why

The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure includes intuitive features like an extended laser line for more accurate measurements and an...

The Best Laser Distance Measurer | How it Works, Tests & Reviews

See how this Family Handyman Approved laser measurer measured up.

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This Is Our Favorite Tape Measure

Whether you're a DIYer or a professional, this innovative Family Handyman Approved tape measure belongs in your tool box.

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How to Build a DIY Infrared Sauna

Get all the benefits of a sauna without the expensive health club membership.

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How to Build a Portable DIY Sauna

DIY a portable sauna? No sweat.

Here’s an Easy Way to Draw a Perfect Circle with Your Tape Measure

A screw, tape measure and pencil are all you need to draw a perfect circle.

Homeowner’s Guide To Digital Tape Measures

Tape measures have gone digital. Now they can store data, convert between units and measure long distances to an accuracy...

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How to Install a Dog Door

Here's an easy project for a neophyte DIYer.

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Guide To the Best Micrometers

A micrometer can measure the thickness of a human hair. If you need this kind of accuracy, here are some...

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DIY 101: How To Properly Read a Tape Measure

Reading a tape measure may not come naturally to most DIYers, but a few expert tips can make this all-important...

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How to Make a DIY Storage Ottoman

Build this footstool and gain a perfect place to stow your stuff.

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How to Make and Install a Flushmount Sink and Countertop

Save on countertops by making them yourself with the luxury option of an undermount sink.

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8 Bad Measuring Habits You Should Drop

Consistently making bad cuts and wasting material? A bad measuring habit may be the cause. Learn about mistakes you may...

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How to Make Solar-Powered House Numbers

Your dinner guests will never miss your house again once you install these solar-powered house numbers.

How to Build a DIY Nightstand

Learn how to build your own custom nightstand using minimal tools and moderate woodworking skills.

Must-Know Pro Tips and Tools for Measuring and Marking

A collection of tips and tools for all the different kinds of measuring and marking that happen on the job.

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How to Make a DIY Bread Box

Back in the day, people stored their bread in a special box in the kitchen or pantry. Relive those days...

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25 Handy Measuring Hacks All DIYers Should Know

Taking accurate measurements is essential to any DIY project. We've gathered our favorite tips and tricks to take your measuring...

Quick-Look Tape Measure Hack

All it takes is a quick glace to accurately measure lengths you need with this simple tape measure hack.

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Best Measuring Tapes According to Professionals

You probably use your tape measure for basic measurements, but it can do a whole lot more than that. Here...

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How to Use a Tape Measure

You can use a tape measure for more than just measuring.

DIY Magnetic Tape Measure

You'll want to add a magnet to the end of every tape measure after reading this tip!

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The Benefits of Adding a Key-Holed Ruler to Your Workbench

Mount a removable metal ruler on the front edge of your workbench!

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Measuring Tips and Techniques for DIYers

Use these clever tricks to work faster and better