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How To Choose the Right Sandpaper for Wood Projects

A pro woodworker explains what you need to know about sandpaper for wood, so your next project turns out perfectly.

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Random Orbital Sander vs. Palm Sander: What’s the Difference?

In the ongoing orbital sander vs. palm sander debate, the right answer for you depends on what projects you'll use...

18 Brilliant Sandpaper Hacks

These outside-the-box sandpaper tips and tricks will help you better tackle your next sanding project.

Homeowner’s Guide to Liquid Sandpaper

Are you restoring a painted or finished surface? Discover how to simplify prep work with liquid sandpaper.

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Sandpaper Grit Chart

Sandpaper grit is what makes it abrasive. Manufacturers grade sandpaper based on the size of the grit, and the grade...

Homeowner’s Guide To Sandpaper

Modern sandpaper doesn't include sand, and it often doesn't include paper, either. It has multiple uses in the shop, on...

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The Best Portable Air Compressors of 2023

Our favorite air compressors for whatever your pneumatic needs may be.

How to Build a DIY Radiator Cover

Give your old-fashioned radiators some style. It's really not that hard, even if you're new to DIY. We'll show you...

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The Best Belt Sanders of 2022

Belt sanders are incredible tools for smoothing surfaces or removing excess material. Here's are some of the best belt sanders...

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8 Best Palm Sanders

Simple to use and easy on your wallet, palm sanders provide the light touch needed for finish work. Here are...

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9 Best Orbital Sanders

Does anyone like sanding? It's messy work, but when you have one of the best orbital sanders in your shop,...

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Family Handyman Approved: Ryobi RS290G Random Orbit Sander

Here's why we like this affordable random orbit sander from Ryobi.

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10 Best Sanders for Wood Projects

When you need the best sander for wood, consider the nature of the job, cost, ease of use and corded...

10 Types of Sanding Tools for Wood Projects

Got some sanding to do? You can find a specialty sanding tool for the job that's guaranteed to be easier...

How to Make a DIY Storage Ottoman

Build this footstool and gain a perfect place to stow your stuff.

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How to Sand Wood Faster

Speed up your woodworking projects with these sanding tips

35 Genius Sanding Tips You Need to Know

Save yourself some time and hassle during your next woodworking project with one of these genius sanding tips.

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14 Incredible Steel Wool Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Steel wool pads can be used for a lot of things around the home. Check out some of our favorite...

How to Make a DIY Bread Box

Back in the day, people stored their bread in a special box in the kitchen or pantry. Relive those days...

How to Make a Paper Towel Holder for Your Kitchen

Here's a quick and easy project to manage messes and spills.

10 Surprising Ways to Use Sandpaper

Discover new and unexpected uses for sandpaper.

Flawless Floor Sanding

Tips for hassle-free floor sanding

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Everything To Know About Belt Sanders

What your belt sander does best, and what to watch out for

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7 Pro-Approved Tips for How to Sand Woodwork by Hand

Special tools and high-quality sandpaper produce great results with less effort

10 Tips for Mastering the Random Orbit Sander

A random orbit sander just might be the most user-friendly power tool there is. But that doesn't mean there's nothing...

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Tips and Techniques for Sanding Drywall

All the best tips and techniques for a smooth drywall surface.

Legible Sanding Discs

Hook-and-loop sanding discs work great on sanding jobs, and you can reuse them several times before they’re worn out. But...

How to Sand Drywall

Techniques and tools for sanding drywall so it's perfectly smooth, plus tips for dust control.

Sanding-Belt Recycling

Save a “used”sanding-belt to make specialized sanding tools. All you need is the belt, a pair of scissors and a little...