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Saws, sanders, routers, planers and lathes. Discover all the tools to support your woodworking projects.

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Drywall Screws vs. Wood Screws: How To Choose the Right One

Drywall and wood screws are designed for different purposes. You can sometimes ask one to do the job of the other, but not often.

The 5 Best Biscuit Joiners, Tested and Reviewed by a Professional Woodworker

Ready to "take the plunge" and buy a biscuit joiner? We put five leading brands to the test to find...

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Grizzly Recalls More Than 21,000 Wood Lathes

Three models sold for almost two decades pose a risk of injury to users. Here's what to know.

Keter Folding Work Table Review: Tested by a Professional Woodworker

Looking for an extra set of hands for your next DIY project? The Keter Folding Work Table might be just...

We Tried the Hedgehog Featherboard for Straight (and Safe) Cuts on the Table Saw

Get the precision and control you need to saw through your next woodworking project with ease!

The 5 Best Saw Horses for Woodworking and DIY Projects

The best saw horse is an indispensable part of the workshop, a quality one provides a stable workstation.

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7 Types of Wood Preservatives

Defend your projects against water, fungi and insects with wood preservatives and protectors.

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How to Build a Storage Coffee Table

With a bit of undertable storage for books and magazines, this timeless modern coffee table is sure to last for...

The 10 Best Dust Collector Machines for Woodworking

Dust collection is an important part of a clean and safe shop. We found the best dust collector systems on...

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How to Make Simple Mortise and Tenon Joints

A guide to mortise and tenon joinery, a core technique

How To Sharpen and Tune Up a Hand Plane

Got a hand plane that's not performing well? It could be dull, need tuning up, or both. Let us show...

Combination Square Hack: This Is the Secret to Perfectly Straight Lines for Your Next DIY

One simple adjustment to true up your combination square makes a world of difference in getting the sharpest, straightest lines...

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What To Know About Choosing and Using a Hand Planer

The hand planer, also called a hand plane, is a useful tool every woodworker should own. Here you'll learn how...

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Easy Woodcarving Project: How To Carve a Wooden Duck

If you're looking for a beginner wood carving project, a duck is a great place to start. Follow these steps...

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What Are Woodworking Rasps and Files?

Rasps and files allow you to shape and smooth your woodworking projects. Here's an introduction to these useful tools.

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Woodturning Basics: Tips for Beginners

Here are 10 tips for beginners who want to get off on the right foot with woodturning.

Simple Guide To Sharpening Lathe Tools

Just as important as learning how to use lathe tools is learning how to sharpen them. Here you'll discover the...

9 Lathe Accessories Beginners Should Know

Thinking of trying woodturning? Lathes are the tool to make it happen, and that means finding the right lathe accessories....

Homeowner’s Guide To Choosing and Using Staples

Staples aren't just for paper. They have many uses around the house and in the shop, and they come in...

Everything You Need To Know About Woodcarving Tools

For novice woodcarvers, investing in the right woodcarving tools makes those first projects more enjoyable. Here are seven tools to...

Everything You Need To Know About Lathes

Want to spin perfect cylinders or bowls? No tool beats the lathe!

Best Hand Planers of 2024

Hand planes are considered obsolete by some. I disagree. Every woodshop should have these...

8 Easy Woodturning Project Ideas

These woodturning projects are manageable, personal and perfect for holiday gift giving.

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Everything You Need to Know About Woodworking Tools

Depending on the type of woodworking you want to do, you may get by with a few well-chosen hand tools,...

8 Best Whittling Knives for Woodworking Projects

We're here to help you choose the best whittling knife for your budget, project needs and experience level.

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7 Basic Woodturning Tools To Start With

These tools will ease you into woodturning and make it easier to create bowls, candlesticks, handles, pens and pepper mills.

The 8 Best Woodworking Clamps for Any DIY Project

When it comes to woodworking, you can never have too many clamps! The best woodworking clamps provide the strongest holds...

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Woodworking for Beginners: Everything First-Timers Need To Know

Woodworking can be a relaxing and fulfilling activity that turns into a lifelong hobby for many people. Here's what you...

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You Can Really Nail Trim Work and More with This Cordless Pin Nailer

Easily the best battery-operated pin nailer I've ever used, this Family Handyman Approved tool will meet all your needs.

These Wood Turning Tools Will Elevate Your Woodworking Game

If you're interested in learning wood turning or upgrading your existing tools, give this Family Handyman Approved wood turning tool...

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How to Build a DIY Infrared Sauna

Get all the benefits of a sauna without the expensive health club membership.