How to Set Up the Amazon Echo Dot

Updated: Oct. 14, 2020

Follow these straightforward steps for easy setup of Amazon's Echo Dot Gen 3 smart speaker.

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Smart speakers seem to be all the rage. Not only can they provide immediate information about most things, but they are also an on the spot source for music, news, and other entertainment. You can also use them to operate a myriad of smart home devices from lights to laundry, bringing the added convenience of having a smart home. The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the more popular smart speakers available. The steps that follow will guide you through the installation of the Echo Dot 3rd generation model.

Materials Required

  • Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Project step-by-step (9)

Step 1

Establish the Best Location:

You can install your speaker in any room but best to choose a spot where everyone can access it and that has the best wi-fi reception.

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Step 2

Get the App:

Download and open the Alexa app (Android and iOS) on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll be prompted to log in to your Amazon account. If you don’t have one you’ll have to set one up. It’s the same account you would use for shopping on Amazon.

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Step 3

Power it Up:

When you plug in the Echo and a blue light will appear and then it will turn to orange and Alexa will greet you and tell you how to complete set up using the App.

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Step 4

Enable Bluetooth:

Make sure you enable the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet, you will need this for set up.

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Step 5

Add Devices:

If Echo’s Alexa doesn’t prompt you for set-up, go to the App and select “Devices” in the lower right corner. Then choose “Add Device” with either the plus sign in the top right corner or the More menu (the three horizontal lines) in the lower right corner.

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Step 6

Choose Device:

Follow the prompts on the App to choose your device.

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Step 7

Connect to Wi-Fi:

Choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect your Echo Dot. Enter your password if required.

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Step 8

Select Room:

Select the room where your Echo Dot is located and its roomfamily handyman

Step 9

Good to Go:

At this time Alexa should say: “Your device is ready”. This smart speaker installation is very straightforward and should take around 5 minutes to complete.

good to go