How to Install a Ring Video Doorbell

Updated: May 10, 2023

Install your Ring Video Doorbell in less than an hour with these simple steps!

A Ring Video Doorbell is an incredible product that will bring a sense of security to you and your home. Installing it isn’t tricky, but it can feel daunting when you first unbox your new doorbell. There are different screws, anchors, and mounting plates, and you might not know what to do with all of them. But fear not! You can follow the process below for step-by-step instructions to install your new Ring Video Doorbell.

How to Install a Ring Video Doorbell

Pre-Installation Setup: Charge the Battery

Ring Video Doorbell can be hardwired into your previous doorbell system (Ring includes all the necessary tools and materials to do so) or used with a battery. The battery does not come charged, and either way you decide to mount the Ring Doorbell, you will need to charge the battery.

Ring gives you all tools and materials you need to mount the doorbell, whether you mount it to brick or concrete.

Pre-Installation Setup: Download the App

ring video doorbell app on a smart phoneBigTunaOnline/Shutterstock

Download the Ring—Always Home app to your smartphone, available on iOS and Android devices. This app helps you set up and install Ring devices, control settings and group devices together.

You can scroll down the store page and find another compatible app called Neighbors by Ring. This app gives users a quick look into crime in your surrounding area. Think of it as a cross between Nextdoor and a police scanner.

After downloading the Ring–Always Home app, create an account. Once you’ve made your account, you can begin installing your Ring Doorbell. The Ring–Always Home app will also walk you through the setup process.

Tools and Supplies

Now, it’s finally time to mount the Ring Video Doorbell (yay!). While each Ring Doorbell kit contains different extras, they all come with everything you need for installation, including a screwdriver! However, you may want to use a power screwdriver to cut-down installation time.

Before drilling, set the Ring Video Doorbell in place and mark where the screws go. Drill pilot holes and fasten the doorbell in place.

If you’re mounting to brick or concrete, you’ll need a carbide drill bit. Luckily, concrete anchors are included with the Video Doorbell. Hammer drills are preferable for drilling into concrete, but a regular drill works just fine. If you are mounting to wood, you can fasten the Video Doorbell with the included screws.


ring video doorbell 2 installation add the front plateFamily Handyman

  1. Insert the battery pack into your Ring Video Doorbell
  2. Connect the doorbell to your home’s Wi-Fi and the Ring App
  3. Select your prefered motion settings, tell the app what angle you’re mounting the camera at, and if you have stairs up to the doorbell
  4. Fasten the doorbell to the exterior of your home
  5. Replace the front plate and fasten it to the rest of the doorbell

You did it! Now your Ring Video Doorbell should be ready to go, and you’ll sleep better at night with the added home security.