Yard and Garden Structures

Learn how to build and maintain outdoor structures with these projects, tips and ideas for sheds, fences, pergolas, arbors, storm shelters and tree houses.

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    9 Best Privacy Shrubs

    Whether it's to screen a view, hide an eyesore or gain some privacy from prying eyes, these shrubs offer homeowners a lot of value.

    15 Fast Growing Shrubs to Beautify Your Yard and Add Privacy

    No need to wait years for a return on your investment. These shrubs will quickly stake their claim to a...

    This Pool Noodle Planter Hack Will Keep Your Plants Cool All Summer

    Pool noodles help to keep us cool in the water during the summer heat. They can work wonders for your...

    Kolbalt Electric Mower Review: Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to this Self-Propelled Push Mower

    Is the Kobalt electric mower powerful enough to tackle an overgrown yard? This homeowner put it to the test.

    Save Deck Space With These 10 Patio Storage Ideas

    Short of space on your deck? Check out these fabulous space-saving patio storage solutions.

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    How to Choose the Right Composite Decking Color

    Composite decking comes in an array of colors, so choosing a shade that complements your home can be a challenge....

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    How to Build a Porch Swing

    Build a cozy haven to escape everyday hustle and bustle with these porch swing plans.

    How To Build a Planter Box for Your Deck Railing

    Add a little greenery to your outdoor refuge with this easy-to-build planter box that sits on the railing.

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    Why Does Dog Pee Burn the Grass?

    Those annoying brown spots in the lawn are natural, but also preventable. Here's what's causing them and how to stop...

    How To Build a Ramp for a Shed

    Create an easier way into your shed.

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    How To Tell if a Plant Is Dead or Dormant

    Trees, bushes and houseplants often look dead when they're really just dormant. Here's how to tell if it's time to...

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    Should You Water Your Trees During Winter?

    Your trees might need a winter boost of hydration to stay healthy. Here's how to know when to water them...

    5 Best Outdoor Fireplace Kits, According to a Contractor

    An outdoor fireplace kit brings an ambiance of warmth and comfort to your backyard.

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    Is It OK To Feed Birds?

    We have a love affair with bird feeders, yet feeding wildlife is harmful. Are our backyard food stations helping or...

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    Can You Put a Hot Tub on a Deck?

    Decide if your deck is the right spot for a new hot tub with help from industry experts.

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    What To Know About Prepping Your Greenhouse for the Winter

    If you own a greenhouse, take some steps to winterize it to avoid problems during colder weather.

    10 Tips for Entertaining Outdoors In the Winter

    Cold and snow don't mean the party has to move indoors. Here's how to make your patio and yard a...

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    What Is Lasagna Gardening?

    I built my garden beds without digging or tilling any soil — and without any noodles, either. Here's what lasagna...

    How To Build a DIY Patio Table

    Looking to enhance your deck or patio? This low-maintenance DIY patio table is a great place to begin.

    How To Hang a Porch Swing

    Want to swing your afternoon away in the warm breeze? Here's how to set up your porch swing in no...

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    How To Help Your Trees, By Season

    A little care can help boost tree health for years to come. Here's a quick guide for when to prune,...

    How To Dig a Post Hole Using a Power Auger

    Got some post holes to dig for a fence, foundation or mailbox? Learning how to use a power auger can...

    The FrogLog Pool Ramp Saves Frogs, Squirrels and Other Animals From the Water

    The FrogLog is a lifesaver (no, literally) for folks that have curious woodland animals swimming in their backyard pools.

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    Tired of Dealing with Dead Mums? This TikTok Hack Will Help

    When styled properly, fake flowers can look gorgeous and festive.

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    What’s the Best Way To Kill Problem Tree Roots?

    When tree roots find their way into your sewer or water lines and cause issues with your drain, here's how...

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    Does the Viral Paper Bag Wasp Deterrent Trick Really Work?

    Here's what experts really think about the popular TikTok hack.

    How To Make a DIY No Waste Chicken Feeder

    A no-waste chicken feeder is a quick, easy, affordable way to keep the coop clean, save money and keep your...