Yard and Garden Structures

Learn how to build and maintain outdoor structures with these projects, tips and ideas for sheds, fences, pergolas, arbors, storm shelters and tree houses.

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    Make a Tiny Oasis in Your Backyard with the Coolaroo Shade Sail

    Here's an easy and inexpensive way to throw some shade in your yard or campsite.

    What To Compost From Your Garden

    Deciding what to put in your compost pile depends on what you have in your garden. Some things are good...

    7 Unconventional Ideas for Greenhouses

    From old buses to recycled windows and pallets, these crafty DIYers thought outside the box when building their repurposed greenhouses.

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    Throw Some Shade into Your Yard with This Easy, Affordable Pergola Kit

    Cool off and spiff up your outdoor living space with this low-cost Family Handyman Approved pergola kit.

    6 Best Glass Greenhouses

    Glass greenhouses add a classic, high-end look to your home, and their impressive light transmission provides the ideal environment for...

    The Best Deer Fencing to Protect Your Garden

    Want to keep deer out of your yard and garden? Build a fence. Here are some of the best deer...

    7 Popular Vinyl Fence Colors

    Frame your home and increase your curb appeal with these popular vinyl fence colors.

    Homeowner’s Guide To Irrigation Systems

    You can irrigate your lawn or garden with an automated sprinkler or drip system. Sprinklers irrigate more widely, but they...

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    Should You Use Expanding Foam for Fence Posts?

    Expanding foam for setting fence posts is a recent innovation. We asked two experts how it compares to concrete for...

    How To Conserve Your Pool Water This Summer

    Reduce swimming pool water loss with these pro tips, good in the summer and year-round.

    How To Build an A-Frame Swing for Kids

    Want to inspire some old-fashioned outdoor play? Learn how to build this simple backyard swing and frame.

    9 DIY Indoor Greenhouses

    No outdoor space for growing plants? No problem! Create the perfect environment inside your home with these DIY indoor greenhouse...

    Four Best Greenhouse Plastics

    Greenhouses covered with glass can be beautiful. But for the DIY gardener, greenhouse plastic is a more practical option.

    Guide To Solar Greenhouse Heaters

    Think of solar greenhouse heaters as a way to supplement existing heating systems. They're out there, but some assembly may...

    Tips for Staining a Fence

    If your to-do list includes giving that old fence a fresh new look, these tips for staining a fence will...

    How To Choose the Best Greenhouse Materials

    Considering buying a greenhouse kit or building one from scratch? Expert Shelby DeVore has some advice to help you choose...

    Spend More Time Outdoors with This Chemical-Free Mosquito Repellent

    We tried this chemical-free flying insect trap to limit the number of irritating mosquito bites we endured. Here's what we...

    How To Grow an Avocado Tree

    Yes, you can grow your own avocados, if you have patience and the right climate. Or just grow one from...

    Signs You Have Moles in Your Yard

    Mole tunnels have rooms, including kitchens for storing earthworms to eat later. Learn the signs of moles in your yard.

    8 Popular Wood Fence Styles

    Choose the wood fence style that best matches your needs, whether you want traditional pickets or natural, rustic charm.

    Homeowner’s Guide To Trampolines

    The kids want a trampoline. Should you get one? Are they safe? Are they a hassle? Unfortunately, the answers are...

    8 Best Grow Lights for a Greenhouse

    Whether you're setting up a traditional greenhouse or something customized for your specific needs, grow lights may be your key...

    Guide To Choosing the Best Indoor Greenhouse

    Ready to take your gardening game indoors? An indoor greenhouse might be exactly what you need to reach your indoor...

    Can This Popular Vinegar Mixture Really Keep Weeds Out of Patio Cracks?

    Is vinegar really the natural weed killer that will take care of all your weed problems?

    When Is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

    Who says you have to spend a fortune to create an outdoor oasis? Here's the best time to buy patio...

    9 DIY Mini Greenhouse Ideas

    These creative DIY mini greenhouse ideas keep your plants happy while adding beautiful decor to your indoor or outdoor space.

    6 Best Greenhouse Heaters

    You've given your plants shelter from the winter by building a greenhouse. Now you need a heater to take away...

    8 Best Portable Greenhouses

    Harvest plump tomatoes in winter and enjoy beets all summer long. Portable greenhouses create moveable microclimates that stretch the growing...

    8 Best Rabbit Fences for Your Garden

    There are many rabbit-proof fence options. Your choice depends on your budget, your patience for installation and how long you...