Yard and Garden Structures

Learn how to build and maintain outdoor structures with these projects, tips and ideas for sheds, fences, pergolas, arbors, storm shelters and tree houses.

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    Tired of Dealing with Dead Mums? This TikTok Hack Will Help

    When styled properly, fake flowers can look gorgeous and festive.

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    What’s the Best Way To Kill Problem Tree Roots?

    When tree roots find their way into your sewer or water lines and cause issues with your drain, here's how...

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    Does the Viral Paper Bag Wasp Deterrent Trick Really Work?

    Here's what experts really think about the popular TikTok hack.

    How To Make a DIY No Waste Chicken Feeder

    A no-waste chicken feeder is a quick, easy, affordable way to keep the coop clean, save money and keep your...

    8 Man Cave Shed Ideas

    Transform an ordinary storage shed into a chill hangout spot with these amazing designs.

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    8 Potting Shed Ideas For Gardening All Year Long

    A potting shed offers protection from the sun, rain and wind so you can garden any time of year.

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    What Is Furniture Grade PVC and How Do You Make Patio Furniture With It?

    Make your own outdoor chairs, tables, chaise lounges and more from high-quality, exterior-grade PVC. Create PVC pipe patio furniture in...

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    10 She Shed Ideas for an Outdoor Sanctuary

    She shed ideas can be easy to achieve through some DIY magic, and you'll gain a wonderful place to relax.

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    What’s the Difference Between Geraniums and Pelargoniums?

    You think you know geraniums but haven't heard of pelargoniums? One is a perennial and the other is grown as...

    Should You Get a Backyard Bathtub?

    The soothing home design trend is popping up in backyards across the country—but is it right for yours?

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    Reader Project: Like Father, Like Son

    David Moore and his family know a thing or two about putting repurposed building materials to good use. Read his...

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    8 Cool Ideas for a Kids’ Treehouse

    Check out these treehouse designs that encourage outdoor play, from a simple platform to deluxe multi-level structures.

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    8 Shed House Ideas

    Check out these beautiful and distinctive shed house interiors for small space living inspiration.

    5 Best Pool Shock Treatments to Clean Your Pool

    This may come as a shock, but not all pool shock treatments are the same. Here's a look at the...

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    How to Build a Dog Fence Window

    Does your dog want to say hi to his pals in the neighborhood? Build your good boy a dog fence...

    The 5 Best Easy-to-Build Shed Kits to Buy This Summer

    These easy-to-assemble shed kits match your project ideas, budget and style.

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    What Exactly Is a Bioswale?

    You've likely already seen these planted ditches on the side of the road. Here's how they work.

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    10 Ways to Create a Wellness Yard

    You no longer have to leave home to experience the luxury of a spa. Discover how to transform your backyard...

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    6 Deck Building Tips to Help You Perfect the Details

    When you're building a deck, the details matter.

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    How to Build a Sustainable Retreat

    Learn how to build a versatile, multi-purpose “extra room” in your backyard.

    8 Treehouse Kits to Make Your Backyard the Place for Family Fun

    These treehouse kits are a DIYer's dream, and they'll help your children's dreams come true, too.

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    10 Backyard Shed Ideas for Any Size Backyard

    Whether you have acres of land or a postage-stamp yard, check out these shed ideas to find one that matches...

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    8 Backyard Koi Pond Ideas

    These creative koi pond designs will help you craft a truly distinctive and relaxing landscape feature.

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    How to Make a Tire Swing

    It's not as simple as throwing a rope over a branch and calling it a day. Learn the right way...

    Tire Swing Ideas

    We found some fresh takes on the backyard classic from Instagram, TikTok and elsewhere.

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    How To Hang a Shade Sail

    A shade sail can turn a sun-baked yard or patio into a comfy outdoor hangout. Here's how to hang one...

    Splurge on Summer Fun—This 24-Foot Pool Is on Deep Discount

    Cool off with this hot deal—the Bestway Power Steel pool is $600 off!

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    How To Paint a Chain Link Fence

    Learn how to revitalize your chain link fence with this step-by-step guide, featuring industry tips, techniques and product recommendations.

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    How to Make a Lemonade Stand

    Growing up, I always dreamed of having a lemonade stand to feed my candy and baseball card habit. Here's how...