11 Impressive Projects You Can Make With Wood Scraps

Updated: May 26, 2023

Beginner or seasoned pro, what woodworker doesn't have a pile of wood scraps in their shop? Check out these really cool (and easy!) projects you can make with them.

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Napkinholder Lede 1200px How To Make A Diy Napkin Holder
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Napkin Holder

Are you expecting company anytime soon? Or maybe you’re just looking to give your dining room table a little touch of DIY. This napkin holder is the perfect project for all those small, beautiful hardwood off-cuts you haven’t had the heart to throw away, and it won’t take you very long to make.

This one is sized for 6-1/2-in. square napkins. You can easily scale it down for cocktail napkins if you like. It’ll take just a few hours to make one. Or you can spend a little more time and crank out a bunch of them for gifts.

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drill dock

Drill Dock

Here’s a great way to keep your power tools organized in the garage. This drill dock requires just a few plywood scraps and some leftover PVC. With a single afternoon of work, you’ll have a handy spot to keep your drills and other power tools as well as a shelf for all the batteries and chargers.

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Keyholder Lede
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Key Hanger

Your keys are never where you need them to be when you’re in a hurry. This easy-to-make, wall-mounted key holder will solve that problem for you. It will only take a few hours to make, but the time it saves you will be limitless! Plus, it’s got a handy little shelf on top of it to hold you wallet, sunglasses, etc.

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Fh22sep 620 56 035 How To Build A Simple Gardening Bench
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Gardening Bench

This gardening bench is going to require a little more than a few scrap ends, but if you’re wondering what to do with those leftover treated 2X4s from your deck build, this is another easy woodworking project that every gardener will appreciate. You can supplement the project with cedar boards, if you want to upgrade the table surface, but it’s not required. Plus, it’s easily adaptable to fit your needs.

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Masterpiece Cutting Board
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Cutting Board

This cutting board looks impressive, but it’s actually easy to make. Essentially, all you have to do is cut strips of wood and glue them together. We used walnut and maple scraps cut at increments of 1/8-in., but the variations are endless. We made four versions of this design and got smarter with each.

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scrap wood computer shelf

Computer Shelf

Make this simple-yet-useful computer shelf for your desk with a few pieces of scrap wood and a nail gun. We built the one shown with a 1 ft. x 2 ft. piece of plywood and two pieces of a 1×3 board cut to 12-in. lengths. Then we used a brad nailer to attach the plywood to the boards.

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tree branch shelf
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Cottage Shelf with Branches

Need a quick, unique display shelf? Make this tree branch shelf from all-natural materials. Just cut the supports from branches, screw on a shelf, attach it to the wall and you’re done! It will add a touch of woodland whimsy to any room.

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Diy Clothing Rack Ta
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Clothing Storage Rack

If you’re short on bedroom closet space or need someplace to hang your outerwear near the front door, here’s a great clothing rack you can build yourself. It’s practical and stylish, featuring a shelf to place your bags and a nook underneath to tuck away your shoes and boots. You can build this with basic tools and materials found at your local home center.

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How To Make A Candle Holder Lede
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Candle Holder

Sure, you can buy a candle holder, but why not make one? Even better: Why not dive into your pile of never-to-be-used wood scraps that you can’t bring yourself to throw away and make a bunch of candle holders to give away as gifts? The design possibilities are endless.

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wine rack lede
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Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

This wall-mounted wine rack is easy to customize and simple to build. You can get it done in an afternoon with some scrap 2×6 board! Not only is it functional, it will look beautiful displayed on your kitchen or dining room wall.

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Tfh Su Shoe Rack Lede
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Shoe Rack

Is your entryway piled high with shoes? Get rid of the clutter with this easy-to-build wall-mounted shoe rack.