11 Modern Porch Railing Ideas

Who knew porch railings could be so chic? These modern porch railing ideas will add serious curb appeal and give your porch a whole new look.

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Wood And Metal Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @hasegawahouse Via Instagram
Courtesy @hasegawahouse/Instagram

Wood and Metal Porch Railing Idea

This charming porch from @hasegawahouse features a wood and metal porch railing idea that combines traditional and modern style for a fresh look.

The DeckoRail Redwood Deck Rail Kit lets you install this railing yourself. The pressure-treated redwood resists insects, rot and decay. And the durable yet sleek black aluminum balusters look chic.

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Crisscross Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @arttmfg Via Instagram
Courtesy @arttmfg/Instagram

Crisscross Porch Railing Idea

This X-style, crisscross railing by @arttmfg fits the distinctive modern farmhouse style we love. You may be more familiar with this look for a wood fence, but the thin metal brings a more contemporary spin to this design.

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Horizontal Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @gonenomadhome Via Instagram
Courtesy @gonenomadhome/Instagram

Horizontal Porch Railing Idea

This metal horizontal railing offers a sleek modern style without obstructing the view from your porch. Here’s what @gonenomadhome had to say about it: “We are loving this new horizontal railing. The rails are so thin compared to our old ones, so they barely block our view.”

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Glass Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @srtrailings Via Instagram
Courtesy @srtrailings/Instagram

Glass Porch Railing Idea

Gleaming glass railings, like this example from @srtrailings, are becoming more popular because of their streamlined look. The durable tempered glass only requires an occasional cleaning with two to three squirts of dish soap to a gallon of water.

Wipe down the railings and glass with the soap solution and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Finish with a squeegee or lint free cloth.

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Aluminum Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @gta Railings Via Instagram
Courtesy @gta_railings/Instagram

Aluminum Porch Railing Idea

This classic vertical railing by @gta_railings brings a modern element to the home, contrasting nicely with the red brick. According to GTA Railings, powder-coated aluminum will not rust, rot or warp and is virtually maintenance free. Wipe it down with a damp cloth seasonally and your railing will look like new for years to come.

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Chippendale Porch Railing Idea Ecomm Porchco.com
via merchant

Chippendale Porch Railing Idea

The classic Chippendale geometric pattern has been around since the 1700s, made famous by cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale.

Today, Chippendale railing, like this one from The Porch Company, features that distinctive geometric pattern, similar to what Chippendale incorporated into chair backs. We see it as timelessly fresh and predict you’ll get a lot of compliments on this distinctive railing.

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Zigzag Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @susancohan Via Instagram
Courtesy @susancohan/Instagram

Zigzag Porch Railing Idea

This stunning zigzag porch railing (photo by @susancohan) would make any home stand out in the neighborhood. The sharp angles make a statement against the traditional style of the home. When taking a risk like this, paint the railing to match the house so it remains cohesive with its surroundings.

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Chevron Detail Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @fossilforgedesign Via Instagram
Courtesy @fossilforgedesign/Instagram

Chevron Detail Porch Railing Idea

This steel porch railing by @fossilforgedesign offers up classic style with a twist!

The traditional vertical balusters received a modern upgrade, with one addition. The chevron details along each length of railing interrupts the straight lines and updates the overall look of the porch. Now the railing is one part traditional and one part modern for the perfect balance.

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Sunburst Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @libertyfence Via Instagram
Courtesy @libertyfence/Instagram

Sunburst Porch Railing Idea

A sunburst design, like this porch railing by @libertyfence, presents an uplifting, positive vibe. The straight lines of the sunrays are on trend. This railing is made from rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride). According to Liberty Fence & Railing, it’s modified to provide superior impact strength and UV resistance for long-term durability.

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Cable Porch Railing Idea Courtesy @devline Rail Via Instagram
Courtesy @devline_rail/Instagram

Cable Porch Railing Idea

Cable porch railing has a clean, modern look, plus it provides an unobstructed view from your porch. This cable railing by @devline_rail features stainless steel cables.

The main benefit of stainless steel over other types of cable is its corrosion resistance. You won’t have to worry about deterioration or rust, even in humid environments.

See how to build a cable railing, starting at Photo 11.

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Laser Porch Railing Courtesy @metalwoodpdx Via Instagram
Courtesy @metalwoodpdx/Instagram

Laser Porch Railing

Porch railing or art installation? Why not both?

The graphic design of this modern porch railing by @metalwoodpdx turns this ordinary (tiny) porch into a showstopper. Besides its distinct style, this railing is made from recycled metal! Metalwood Salvage takes raw metal from local scrappers or donors and gives it a new life.

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