8 Inspiring Ideas for Decorating Your Kitchen Island

Updated: May 19, 2024

Here's how to turn your kitchen island into a chic focal point with these simple yet big-impact ideas.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the kitchen island is the focal point of the kitchen. So styling your kitchen island is essential to a well-designed and balanced space. Keep the decor simple, so the island is still functional.

How To Decorate a Kitchen Island

“My favorite way to style a kitchen island incorporates a large decorative vase which serves as a striking centerpiece,” says home decor influencer Tina Adeleye. ” The decorative vase is usually paired with a seasonal floral arrangement and sometimes a decorative tray can help confine the decorations so they look more intentional.” Apart from floral arrangements, other ideas include fruit, candles, and decorative accessories.

Read on to check out some of our favorite kitchen island decor that’s both impactful and easy to execute.

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8 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas Coordinated Floral Centerpieces Courtesy @sanctuaryhomedecor

Coordinated Floral Centerpieces

This kitchen from @sanctuaryhomedecor includes two islands, and both are decorated with pink floral arrangements. Coordinating the centerpieces instead of simply doubling the decor creates a cohesive look without being too repetitive. Notice the seating island also includes place settings. This is a nice way to make your kitchen look lived-in and ensure you’re always ready to serve an elegant meal.

What we like: The well-balanced look. “Achieving balance ensures visual harmony, and selecting a vase proportional to the kitchen island’s size anchors the arrangement beautifully,” says Tina.

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8 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas Simple, Natural Elements Courtesy @heatherkwstyles Instagram

Simple, Natural Elements

This cheerful kitchen by @heatherkwstyles has a peninsula instead of an island, but the same decor rules apply. She’s opted for a fresh bowl of fruit and a vase of greenery. Natural elements like these are great for a kitchen because they make the space feel cozy yet clean.

What we like: The unfussy arrangement. “For decorating a small kitchen, simplicity is key. Opt for uncomplicated centerpieces such as a decorative bowl with vibrant fruits,” says Tina.

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8 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas Functional And Stylish Towel Rack Courtesy @paintitprettyhome Instagram

Functional and Stylish Towel Rack

Decorating the top of your island is a given, but don’t forget the sides! This area has a lot of potential to add style and function. In this example from @paintitprettyhome, she installed a towel rack with hanging hooks on the island that holds drying lavender, pretty cleaning tools, and a decorative dish towel.

What we like: The combination of practicality and design. A kitchen must be equipped with useful items, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful!

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8 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas Stage Decorative Items On A Tray Courtesy @ourarkansashouse Instagram

Stage Decorative Items on a Tray

A tray, like the one used here from @ourarkansashouse, corrals all the decorative items on your kitchen island. This way the arrangement looks more intentional, and it keeps the decor separate when you’re using the island for serving or food prep. A vase of flowers, a decorative bowl and a candle are all you need for a well-balanced display.

What we like: The different heights of the items. Tina says, “Utilize the decor rule of three, incorporating items with varying heights adds visual interest while maintaining balance and elegance.”

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@experimentingwithdecor Easy kitchen island decor idea! #kitchenislanddecor #kitchenislandinspo #kitchendecorideas ♬ Sirtaki (Zorba the Geek) – LucasGitanoFamily

DIY Moss Bowl

Here’s an alternative idea if you’re not confident in your floral arranging skills or don’t want too much height on your island. Watch as @experimentingwithdecor makes her own bowl of moss using plastic bags! She pairs the affordable DIY idea with a matching bowl and uses cookbooks to add variation.

What we like: An arrangement like this with a low profile won’t block the view of your kitchen while still adding color and texture.

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@glambytes Decorate my kitchen island for Easter with me 🐰 #easterdecor #springdecor #kitchendecor #cherryblossoms #kitchenisland #whitekitchen #homedecor #florals #springhassprung #myhomestyle #kitcheninspo #kitchens #interiors #easter ♬ Beautiful Things – Benson Boone

Incorporate Seasonal Decor

The kitchen island is the perfect spot for holiday decor that’s fun to switch out throughout the year. Here, @glambytes puts together a spring-fresh vignette for Easter using pink florals, Easter eggs and a bunny figurine. It’s easy to recreate the same trio of items for every season — think pumpkins and leaves for fall, pine branches for Christmas and vibrant greenery for summer.


What we like: The versatility! With this formula it’s easy to create different seasonal centerpieces so your kitchen island always looks refreshed.

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Style the Sink

If your kitchen island has a sink, using decorative dish washing tools will make the island tidier and more aesthetic. Watch as @ahillcountryhome styles her kitchen island sink with matching soap dispensers, an attractive scrub brush and even a pretty holder for the brush when not in use.


What we like: There’s no ugly containers cluttering up the island, and the decorative items will make you want to actually wash your dishes!

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Statement Decorative Vases

A few long branches in a vase will make a big impact on your kitchen island. Seen here, @gabimadethat uses faux branches; but foraged branches from your yard work just as well—and they’re free! Use the branches on their own, or combine with another vase, a bowl and a candle for a more dynamic look.


What we like: The big statement! “To make your island eye-catching without appearing cluttered, focus on creating a main focal point using large decorative vases with long-stemmed florals or greenery,” says Tina.

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