9 Modern Interior Window Trim Ideas

Updated: Dec. 16, 2021

From color to material to style, there are tons of choices for interior window trim. These ideas are a modern take on the classic home finishing.

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kitchen counter with natural wood trim and marble countertop
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Natural Wood with Marble

Painted trim has been everywhere for years, but natural wood is coming back in style, particularly when paired with white walls or counters. This modern kitchen pairs honey-colored wood with white marble tile. It’s a warm twist on the typical black and white marble look. The narrow trim features a small ledge, perfect for houseplants and knick-knacks.

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white window trim in home bathroom
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Flat White Interior Window Trim

Modern design features lots of clean lines and simple, uncluttered details. This flat trim fits the bill.

The glossy blue tile in this bathroom creates a relaxing, beachy environment — all it needs is a sailboat painting and a bowl of seashells. The white trim’s subtle contrast against the blue is stunning. However, this interior window trim idea would match almost any bathroom color.

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dark window trim in living room
Aleksandra Zlatkovic/Getty Images

Black Interior Window Trim Idea

Black and white color schemes give a clean, high contrast look to any room. Black is an up-and-coming choice for edgy, minimalist homes.

Although it has grown in popularity for wall paint, plumbing fixtures and even cabinets and cabinet hardware, black paint is a commitment. Covering a dark wall is doable, but it can be time-consuming. Trim is an easy way to try the color.

This living room pairs white walls and curtains with black interior window trim. The rest of the room’s décor stays soft and neutral to let the black trim pop without looking too cold or harsh.

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gray window trim in living room
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Gray Interior Window Trim

White interior window trim has dominated for several years, but black can seem daunting, even for homeowners looking for a fresh design. For a distinctive and modern look that balances the two, try gray window trim.

This living room keeps its classic fireplace and trim style but spruces them up with gray paint. Combined with modern ceramics and seating, the updated trim expertly merges the old with the new. Sometimes all you need is a coat of paint.

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rustic interior window trim in living room
Aleksandra Zlatkovic/Getty Images

Rustic Interior Window Trim Idea

Rustic style is here to stay. Antique steamer trunk-inspired drawers, tree slice coffee tables and barnwood window trim give a rustic touch to this small space without overpowering it. And contemporary seating, neutral colors and plenty of houseplants keep the space looking modern. If the room’s décor changes, this flat trim could easily be painted to fit the new style.

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Interior of modern living room with fluted wood window trim
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Fluted Interior Window Trim

Here’s a gorgeous mid-century-inspired interior window trim idea. The fluted trim uses texture instead of color to add visual interest.

This room keeps things modern with a warm neutral color scheme while incorporating plenty of mid-century design elements. The streamlined furniture packs a punch without taking up too much space. Narrow sofa arms and slender table legs leave plenty of open visual space. And small details like slatted doors, tufted upholstery and, of course, fluted trim keep things interesting.

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white window trim with matching wainscotting on wall in bedroom of house
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Match Window Trim and Wainscotting

For a modern take on the classic Cape Cod style, try this interior window trim idea. It matches white trim with white wainscotting. The high wainscotting makes the room look taller. The top third of the wall is painted in a rich navy. Together, the blue and white create a chic, timeless, uncluttered space.

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living room with Aligned Interior Window Trim with Picture and Chair Rails
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Align Interior Window Trim with Picture and Chair Rails

Here’s another interior window trim idea that incorporates multiple types of molding. The top and bottom pieces of window trim align with a picture and chair rail. The crisp horizontal lines break up the trendy teal wall paint. By sticking to a small color palette, this room pulls off the bold color without looking overdone.

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Trimless Window
Family Handyman

Trimless Windows

Another modern trend in window trim is skipping the trim altogether. Family Handyman editor Joe Cruz used a drywall return method to achieve the trimless window look at The Getaway, and the results were stunning.

Forgoing wood trim is not only good-looking; it also saves money. If you have trim elsewhere in your home, consider matching the windowsill to tie everything together.