How to Turn Your Work Truck Into An Office

Updated: Mar. 16, 2023

Construction pros spend more time than most in their trucks. Turn your truck into a productivity hub with just a few of these handy gadgets.

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Construction has alway been considered a classically blue collar job, and for good reason. But that does not mean that a construction pro never has to do any white collar work. Being able to “wear two hats” is in many ways an essential skill for anyone running a construction business, especially if that business is relatively small.

However, renting an office space is expensive and not economically feasible for a lot of construction companies. The good news is that with just a few gadgets and gizmos, any pro can turn their trusty truck into a fully-functioning mobile office.

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Get power

Many new truck models come with built-in outlets for connecting devices to the trucks’ electrical power supply. But if yours doesn’t, just buy a power inverter and connect it to your truck’s battery.  A single power inverter could change the way you operate on the road and is an essential part of turning a truck into an office-on-wheels. Charge laptops, phones, tool batteries, all from the cab of your truck.

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Get connected

Doing office work without being connected to the internet in 2019 is like canoeing upstream without a paddle. Sure, it could be done, but it is going to seem slow and inefficient. The internet is the most powerful tool in the history of humanity- put it in your truck. There are several ways to get Wi-Fi in your truck. Mobile hotspots can be generated through most smartphones and dedicated devices like the Mighty WiFi M1 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot. Most new trucks will also have models available with built-in cellular data connections, so keep that in mind if you are upgrading any time soon. Just remember, data plans will come with a monthly fee.

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Get caffeinated

Trucks do not run without gas. In the same way, many construction pros just do not “run” without coffee. Get a portable and durable coffee maker for your truck like the COFFEEBOX that will allow you to brew hot coffee on the jobsite. Thermoses are great, but nothing really beats that fresh-brewed taste. If you are feeling nice, you could even share some with your crew.

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Create a workstation

Doing paperwork in the cab of a truck is, at the very least, a pain in the neck- unless your passenger seat happens to double as a desk. The AutoExec Front Seat Car Desk creates a professional workspace without taking up too much space in your cab. Car desks like the AutoExec provide storage space, organization options and attachments for mounting laptops and phones.

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Mounted GPS

Getting a stand-alone GPS might seem a little redundant at this point. If you have a cellphone, you have access to multiple apps that can get you directions to where you need to be. But what happens when you are on a phone call and a turn comes up? If your phone is pressed against your ear, you might miss your turn, making you late for a meeting and looking unprofessional in the process. A dedicated GPS can save you a lot of headache, and come at a relatively inexpensive cost.

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Mobile printing

Having a printer on the road for printing out invoices and project plans at the last minute could be a lifesaver. Printers are not massive, bulky machines anymore, either. CANON makes a mobile printer that prints in full color and can print photos and documents directly from a mobile device, completely wirelessly.  It does all of that all while being about the size of an encyclopedia.

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Storage Compartments

No office is complete without a bulky storage system. The CargoDeck from TruckOffice is a filing system built directly into the back seat of your truck. CargoDecks can double as both tool and file storage, with wide compartments and sturdy, level platforms that support anything from folders full of invoices to power tools. If you are planning on running a business successfully, organization will be essential. With just a CargoDeck and a few file storage boxes, you will be well on your way.

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