9 Bedroom Office Ideas

Updated: Feb. 16, 2023

Now you can work from home comfortably even if you don't have a lot of space. Get inspired by these beautiful bedroom office ideas.

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Homemadebycarmona Instagram Desk
Courtesy @homemadebycarmona/Instagram

Nightstand Desk

Make your desk pull double duty as a nightstand. In this bedroom from @homemadebycarmona, the bedside desk holds a lamp, as would a regular nightstand. Use a desk with plenty of closed storage so you can tuck away all your work-related items when it’s time to relax.

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Stayhomestyle Instagram Desk
Courtesy @stayhomestyle_/Instagram

Closet Office

If you’re really short on bedroom space, turn a closet into an office — a cloffice!

The bifold closet doors in this guest room by @stayhomestyle open to a modern office space. The moody paint job and floating shelf ensure the space looks great even if the doors are open, but the whole area can be hidden away when needed.

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Allywhalendesign Instagram Desk
Courtesy @allywhalendesign/Instagram

Window View

It wouldn’t even feel like work, sitting at the desk in this bright and sunny bedroom office by @allywhalendesign! For a similar look, you’ll need a bedroom window and a sleek, white desk. The airy style of the furniture ensures the workspace feels like an extension of the bedroom décor, instead of a cluttered intrusion.

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Chis Chat Home Instagram Desk
Courtesy @chis_chat_home/Instagram

Built-In Desk

The wall of this bedroom by @chis_chat_home features a row of wardrobes and a built-in desk. Smart storage planning like this makes a multi-function bedroom successful. There’s a place for everything, including clothes and office necessities, so the work area doesn’t feel like an afterthought.

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Lavender Julip Instagram
Courtesy @lavender_julep/Instagram

Floating Desk

A floating desk, like this one from @lavender_julep, is a great way to fit a desk in a bedroom without eating up precious floor space. A piece of wood, a couple of wall brackets and some Boho decor is all you need to create a similar vibe.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install your own floating desk. (This one is for kids; simply raise the height to make it comfortable for adults.)

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Audreyscheckdesign Instagram Desk
Courtesy @audreyscheckdesign/Instagram

Walk-In Closet Office

We showed you how to turn a regular closet into a home office. If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, the same idea can work.

A spacious bedroom closet is an often overlooked spot for a desk. As seen here in this white and bright closet by @audreyscheckdesign, clothes and jewelry hang out right next the “office.” Now you can plan out tomorrow’s outfit while you answer emails!

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Gemellisx Instagam Desk
Courtesy @gemellisx/Instagram

Cozy Corner Office

Separating work from relaxation is the biggest challenge of a bedroom office. The solution? Tuck a desk into one corner and designate that area as the workspace. A small gallery wall above the desk and a couple of plants can help that corner feel separate. Here’s the idea in action in this cozy corner by @gemellisx. Looking for more? Don’t forget to check out our collection of the best small home office ideas.

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Cotton And Zinc Instagram Desk
Courtesy @cotton_and_zinc/Instagram

Curtain Entrance

Here’s another bedroom closet office idea, by @cotton_and_zinc, but this time the area flows nicely with the rest of the room thanks to a couple of well-placed curtains.

Long curtains in place of doors softens the workspace and makes it feel more appropriate for a bedroom. Plus, that pop of pale sage green is a fun surprise that adds to the overall chic décor of the room.

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Etsy Standing Desk
via Etsy.com

Standing Desk

An adjustable standing desk like this one works in a bedroom office because of its narrow size and versatility. It fits well even in small bedrooms. And since it’s lightweight, it can be moved when needed.

The slots make it easy to adjust the shelf and desktop. The whole thing can be disassembled and put into storage if you want to reclaim your bedroom over the weekend.

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