8 Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Before and After Projects

Updated: Feb. 01, 2023

These incredible kitchen cabinet refacing ideas prove you can save money and give your kitchen a new look at the same time.

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N-Hance Wood Refinishing Cabinets
Courtesy @nhancewoodrefinishing/instagram

New Cabinet Doors

To achieve this dramatic transformation, professional cabinet refinishers @nhancewoodrefinishing replaced the old cabinet doors with updated Shaker-style wood fronts, custom-fitted to the existing cabinet boxes.

N-Hance uses proprietary paint products and processes to ensure a hard finish that won’t peel or chip. When choosing new cabinet colors, N-Hance says, “Keep your space in mind (lighting, size, wall color, hardware) and pick a color that matches well with your countertops!”

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Not So Modern Victorian Kitchen Cabinets
Courtesy @notsomodernvictorian/instagram

Add Storage and Height

DIY upper shelves and a fresh paint color make these builder-grade cabinets unrecognizable.

“We made faux cabinet boxes, which were budget-friendly yet really added a lot both visually, and for additional storage,” says Kyle of @notsomodernvictorian, “We also made custom crown molding, inspired by the exterior soffit details of some historic homes. Custom crown really added a unique touch that brings a bit of elegance and charm to the cabinets.”

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The Villa Home Kitchen Cabinets
Courtesy @thevillahome/instagram

Try, Try Again

For these kitchen cabinets, the right paint was the re-do they needed. And after a disastrous first attempt at painting their cabinets with chalk paint, the husband and wife team behind @thevillahome stripped it off and tried again.

For their second attempt, they applied the rich teal color (Ocean Abyss by Behr) with a paint sprayer for a smooth, even finish. DIY projects don’t always go as planned, but this gorgeous kitchen proves the effort is worth it in the end.

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Pine And Poplar Diy Kitchen Cabinet Details
Courtesy @pineandpoplardiy_/instagram

Geometric Trim Island

Sometimes, all it takes to upgrade a staid kitchen island is wood trim. Here’s how Zoe, of @pineandpoplardiy, did this affordable DIY facelift.

First, trace out the pattern on the island with chalk or painter’s tape. Then cut pine screen molding to the right lengths with a fine tooth saw blade. Attach the wood strips to the island with Liquid Nails or a nail gun; she used both for an extra-secure hold.

Fill in any nail holes with wood putty. For a smooth finish, add a line of caulk where the wood strips meet the cabinet. Then it’s time to paint!

“We recommend getting a semi-gloss or glossy paint to reduce the number of stains and scuffs,” Zoe says. “If any dirt does get on the island, a semi-gloss paint will be much easier to clean than a flatter finish.”

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House On A Sugar Hill Kitchen Cabinets
Courtesy @houseonasugarhill/instagram

Bold Color

If you’re going to paint your cabinets, why not go bold? A big, risky splash of color will take your kitchen cabinets to the next level!

Check out these rich avocado green cabinets from @houseonasugarhill (the color is Garnish by Behr). The homeowner was no stranger to painting cabinets — this is her fourth time painting this kitchen — but this time she did it right, giving it a professional finish that will last.

“I lightly sanded, then used a deglosser (an important step I think many people skip),” she says. “Primed with cabinet enamel and then painted three coats using a roller. A sprayer would have been great to use too, but I didn’t this time!”

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E-Lynn Design Kitchen Cabinets
Courtesy @e.lynndesign/instagram

Island Makeover

When choosing between refacing your cabinets or replacing them, there might be more than one right answer. This was the case with this kitchen by @e.lynndesign.

“We tore out the perimeter cabinets and replaced them with all new, but the island is the original,” the homeowner says. “I bought new doors and painted everything Benjamin Moore Forest Green.” Refinishing the island cabinets let her apply the saved money toward other items in the kitchen renovation.

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Michaelanoelledesign Kitchen Cabinets Via Instagram
Courtesy @michaelanoelledesigns/instagram

White and Bright

For this budget-friendly kitchen renovation, @michaelanoelledesigns hired a contractor to reface the cabinets. They put a new front on the base cabinets and added new doors and drawers. Then they finished the look with a few simple DIY projects, including installing new brushed nickel hardware and a light greige backsplash to tie in with the original granite countertop.

Michaela says, “I love that while we didn’t change everything, the things we did change made a huge impact and it literally feels like a completely different kitchen!”

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Home With The Hewitts Kitchen Cabinets
Courtesy @homewiththehewitts/instagram

Warm and Sophisticated

Although we love crisp, white cabinets, trends are leaning toward warmer tones of greige and beige. These classic taupe-like colors are cozy and welcoming, as seen here in this cabinet makeover by @homewiththehewitts.

For about $400, the homeowner gave her entire kitchen a DIY update. She painted the cabinets a fresh, sophisticated beige (Chatroom by Sherwin-Williams) and added new hardware. Bonus points for her contact paper countertops!