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Best Outdoor Deep Fryers

Outdoor deep frying is a fun way to cook, but with so many fryers available, choosing can be confusing. Here are six of the best for you to consider.

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About Outdoor Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are cooking appliances designed for submerging and frying food in boiling oil. They use electricity or propane to heat the oil, and come in many shapes and sizes. All are fine for outdoor cooking; never use a propane deep fryer indoors. Read on to learn about six of the best outdoor deep fryers on the market, and the features that set them apart. If you’re shopping online, look for listed product dimensions and grab a tape measure to help visualize the size of different models. Some fryers are larger than they look.

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Bayou Classic 4-Gallon Fryer

Maximum frying efficiency when cooking for small or medium-sized groups is what sets this Bayou Classic fryer apart. Its V-shaped bottom means only the hottest oil contacts the food frying in the dual baskets, making cooking faster and more energy efficient. The entire fryer is made of stainless steel, which means this unit is built to last, too.

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King Kooker 24-in. Outdoor Cooker

At just over $100, this King Kooker outdoor fryer is one of the most economical models around. It features two aluminum cooking baskets, impressive cooking capacity, a powerful burner and a two-foot-tall, four-legged stand for convenient use. There are cheaper fryers available, but quality often drops with price. Not in this case.

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Bayou Classic Fish Cooker Set

If you value simplicity, the single-pot Bayou Classic Fish Cooker is the one for you. Featuring a tripod stand, 10-quart aluminum deep fry pan and cooking basket, a single 32,000 BTU/hour burner, and a 12-3/4-in. cooking surface, there’s nothing confusing about this unit. It also comes with a handy stainless steel probe thermometer for monitoring oil temperature.

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CreoleFeast Crawfish Seafood Boiler

The CreoleFeast CFT2018 lets you adeptly handle multiple functions. This large, powerful unit comes with a seafood boiler on one side and a second burner for deep frying. Although a deep frying pan isn’t included, they’re easy to find and buy separately.

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Bayou Classic Three-Basket Deep Fryer

If you require huge deep frying capacity to feed large groups, the Bayou Classic 700-709 is what you need. Sold as a commercial unit, its three cooking baskets are each 13-in. x 5-3/4-in. x 5-1/2-in., and it can hold up to nine gallons of cooking oil. Its stainless steel construction ensures maximum longevity, and its 43-in. height makes cooking in bulk as convenient as possible.

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Enterprises Oversized Turkey Deep Fryer

If you’re interested in deep frying food items larger than fish fillets and French fries, check out the Enterprises Turkey Deep Fryer. Designed to handle a whole turkey, the deep, 44-quart pot and round cooking basket can also accommodate roasts, steaks and enormous batches of fries, chicken, fish or anything else you want deep-fried.

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