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50 Islands You Can Buy

Sure, the $50 million island complexes look nice, but it might be nice to dream of something that's a little more within reach.

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Heli Island Retreat

A 7-acre fully furnished island retreat sounds pretty sweet. In Ontario, Canada this island holds a three-season cedar-sided cottage equipped with running hot water, a flat screen satellite TV and internet. It’s available the nice price of $491,108.59 in U.S. dollars.

Ever wonder how a home gets priced? Check out these 14 things to know about pricing a house.

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O’Dowd Island

This island is in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota and the thought of a close getaway sounds pretty nice. O’Dowd Island is about 13 acres and comes with a two-bedroom cottage that has water, septic, Direct TV, full kitchen, full bath, a washer/dryer and air conditioning. It’s all available for $649,900.

It’s not a subject you spend a lot of time thinking about but you should know how a septic tank works if you’re house hunting.

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Iguana Island

Up for more of a tropical locale for your island purchase? Then take a look at the gorgeous Iguana Island in Nicaragua. The island comes with a three-bed, two-bath house with a wraparound porch. There is also a 28-foot observation tower so you can look out across the ocean and the rainforest. The 5-acre parcel is selling for $595,000. This is about as enchanting as it gets for an ocean locale but discover these 20 enchanting places around the world you can rent.

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Bonefish Cay

These are about the bluest waters in the world and someone can enjoy the entire island for $795,000 in the Bahamas. It hasn’t been developed and if someone built there they’d be welcomed to one of the best spots for bonefishing.

Keep your fishing gear easy to grab back on the domestic side with these 9 super easy storage tips.

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Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia

For those who want to experience island living but want services within reach can try Big Tancook Island. There’s an 11-acre parcel available on the 550-acre island for $68,104.43 U.S. dollars. The listing suggests it could be great for a camping or developing a hotel, perhaps even an Airbnb. But before going the Airbnb route, find out the 14 things you need to know about renting property on Airbnb.

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Leader Island, Nova Scotia

For the adventurous, Leader Island might be the perfect fit. The undeveloped island in Nova Scotia is 11-acres of pristine land priced at $124,858. It’s great for those who like to rough it or really complete some DIY work. It might be a great spot for a tiny house, which you can learn to build through The Family Handyman’s DIY University so you can have a place like one of these incredible tiny homes.

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Echo Island, Nova Scotia

Echo Island is a perfect cabin getaway spot away from everyone else. It’s wired for electricity on the 5-acre island and would be the perfect escape for someone trying to unplug for a spell. It’s available for $125,000. But if roughing it isn’t your style check out how to make a camping trip into a glamping experience you’ll love.

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Gillis Island, Prince Edward Island

History buffs will love the area where this island sits and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the amble room to canoe and kayak. Gillis Island is in an area where the Acadians settled back in 1750 and it has remained largely untouched since then. Make sure you add these 16 camping hacks to the planning of your next outdoor adventure.

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Fortney Island, Ontario

Fortney Island northeast of Michigan’s upper peninsula is a smaller island at a little more than 1.3 acres but it has two cabins. The island is for sale for $151,343 and the deal includes six boats and a canoe. It provides a sensational view of the sunset, which can be complemented with one of these awesome fire pit creations.

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Calf Island, Nova Scotia

Calf Island provides plenty of acreage, it totals 26 acres, so there’s plenty of room to develop the island, which is priced at $166,000. It has a small building already but it’s prime for development and not far from the mainland.

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Spuhn Island, Alaska

Lots on Spuhn Island in Alaska are available starting at $169,900 and there’s quite the view with the snow-covered mountains in the background. It’s also just a 15-minute boat ride from a bay in Juneau and the lots are close enough for hookups to all the convenience of city living.

The mountain background is reminiscent of some of these castles found in extremely remote locations.

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Stewards Island, Pennsylvania

For a more continental island destination, check out Stewards Island in Pennsylvania. The 54-acre site is surrounded by state game lands and it’s available for just $175,000. It’s perfect ATV land. Should you want to buy an ATV, find out what to look for in a used ATV.

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Long Island, Nova Scotia

Grab a quarter of Long Island — 92 acres — in one fell swoop or parse it out in three lots. It’s for sale for $184,500 in Nova Scotia. None of it is developed and much of it remains forested.

Add a tree to your yard with one of these trees that fit in perfectly.

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Sarrat Island, Ontario

Soak in the sun on the northern shore of Lake Superior with this 1.5-acre developed private island. For $189,178 you get an island with a cabin, storage building and outhouse, along with the ability to fish and fish.

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Île Québec

There are 12, 5-acre lots available on this island in Quebec starting at $199,000 per lot. It’s great for the outdoors naturally but it’s close enough to city attractions, too.

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Deadman Caye, Belize

It’s not much land, a little less than an acre but provided you can squeeze a shelter on there it could be paradise. Shoot, you could even have Amazon ship you a container house to get started. Deadman Caye is undeveloped and located off an atoll. It can be had for just $199,000.

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Natural Inlet Island, Ontario

A four-bed, four-bath cottage and two other cabins sit on this 1.9-acre island in Ontario. The main cottage has a fireplace and a porch, which should mean awesome views of the water. It’s on the market for $220,000. A fireplace sounds pretty enticing.

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Bushy Island, Ireland

Get into a different hemisphere with this island in Ireland. It’s 15 acres of undeveloped land just an hour away from the Shannon Airport.

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Frigate Cay, Belize

You always say you’ll runaway to the Caribbean some day, well Frigate Caye in Belize might let you do that. The 1.41-acre undeveloped island is available for just $225,000. You could go about building an expensive house like the most expensive house in each state.

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Deo Gratia

Deo Gratia in the French River area in Ontario comes with a fully furnished three-bed, one bath main house. There are two screened porches and a balcony porch to give you a view of everything. Might be the perfect place for one of these 10 pretty porch swings.

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Middle Island, Nova Scotia

Middle Island is a nature lover’s paradise. In the spring it’s home to seals who come to give birth to pups. It’s a 37.7-acre undeveloped island.

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Win Island

Win Island, a 2-acre spot in the French River area in Ontario, comes with a two-bed cottage that has had some upgrades. The listing says it’s a great spot for pickerel fishing, which can be picked up for $240,000.

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Rock Island

The Rock Island location in Connecticut runs all off a solar generator and there are solar panels on the roof, so you should read up solar power before considering the .87-acre island outside of Hartford.

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Deadman Caye, Belize

Apparently there is another Deadman Caye in Belize but this one is on Belize’s largest atoll. It has .7 acres of undeveloped land priced at $249,000. Check out the white sand beach, coconut trees and reef 500 feet away.

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Pink Pearl Island, Nicaragua

The round thatched cabanas on Pink Pearl Island seem reminiscent of these breathtaking treehouses around the world. But that’s just part of the charm of the 1-acre island, which can be operated as a resort if purchased for $250,000.

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Angus Island, Nova Scotia

Get away without getting too far away. Angus Island in Nova Scotia is a 14.6-acre spot just 10 minutes away from the village of Sheet Harbour. The island also has a shanty with two bunk beds and a stove. Maybe you could add one of these 21 incredibly cool bunk bed designs instead.

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Harbour Island, Nova Scotia

A beautiful log cabin is included on this 2-acre island in Nova Scotia. The cabin has a wraparound deck, a woodstove and the master bedroom in the second story loft. The cabin uses solar power and has a backup generator. Make sure you know these 10 tips for the next time you use a generator.

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Stono Island, South Carolina

The partially developed Stono Island sits on an acre near Folly Beach in Charleston, South Carolina. It has a little cabin, with a screen porch, to rest up in between fishing adventures. The ocean is only 15 minutes away from the site.

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Gullah Island, South Carolina

Gullah Island is near tourist spots Palmetto Bluffs and Hilton Head in South Carolina. It takes its name from a group of former slaves who have lived in the area for more than 400 years. The Gullah people are Central and West African descendants who have developed a creole culture that preserves part of their African languages and heritage. They’ve been left relatively free to live and work the land though development and tropical storms have greatly impacted the region.

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Bensley Island, Ontario

Located on the northern end of Lake Huron, Bensley Island, remains an undeveloped private island that is on the market for $300,000. There are 12 acres of beautiful white pine on the island.

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Maple Island, Nova Scotia

Snatch a 37.5-acre island with an 1,800-square foot, four-bedroom home off the market for $325,312. It’s a knotty pine home with granite countertops complete with hardwood floors. Check out how to clean hardwood floors with natural products and the 100 essential cleaning hacks for your home.

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Isla Paloma

This tropical remote island holds a special distinction as it claims to be snake- and spider-free, according to the listing. It’s a perfect for a botanical expert with its cornucopia of fruit and vegetable plants. There’s also a two-bedroom house, party shack, boathouse and swim dock.

Get your garden growing and landscape blooming with these 49 colorful plants.

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Saddle Caye, Belize

Get a chunk of land near the second-largest barrier reef in the world by purchasing Saddle Caye in Belize. The nearly 6-acre undeveloped island rests just 15 minutes from the reef.

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Secret Island, Belize

Secret Island kind of sounds similar to a bad punny boat name or something but a private 1-acre undeveloped island off the coast of Belize isn’t something to joke about. It’s just 7 miles off the mainland and could easily be developed into your favorite secret place. All for $350,000.

Store away your valuables in some of the best secret hiding places in the house you’ve never thought to look.

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Fairy Island, Wisconsin

Picture 1,000 feet of shoreline all to yourself with this island retreat in south central Wisconsin. The two-bedroom cottage has been updated recently to include a sun porch. With a name like Fairy Island, you’d probably have to have a fairy garden like one of these 15 breathtaking fairy gardens.

Find out how to make your next remodel go painlessly with these 20 tips for a successful remodel.

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Wild Cane Key, Panama

The listing says the best access is by helicopter, though Wild Cane Key in Panama can be reached by boat during calm seas. We’re not sure if that’s an entirely good thing or bad thing yet. The 3.4-acre undeveloped island is on the market for $360,000.

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Craig Island, Ontario

Craig must be one cool guy if he got an island named after him. We’re just glad Biff never came into enough money to buy an island. Craig Island is located on Lake of the Woods and is about 12 acres total. It can be picked up for $370,034.

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Motu Pakirikiri, French Polynesia

The listing boldly proclaims: “Totally devoid of any human presence …” Doesn’t that sound wonderful some days. Get this island for $373,010 and begin checking out dolphins, marlin and whale after getting set up on the undeveloped island.

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Dolphin Caye, Belize

Dolphin Caye is just 5 miles off the coast of Placencia Village in Belize, which makes it an attractive 4-acre island at a price of $375,000. It’s an undeveloped piece of land ready for someone to grab it.

Someone else who love a Caribbean retreat was Prince, whose island estate is going to auction.

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Lake of the Woods Island, Ontario

Just down the road from Craig Island on Lake of the Woods is Lake of the Woods Island, a 17.5-acre backwoods beauty perfect for fishing. Lake of the Woods is the sixth-largest freshwater lake in the U.S. There’s an old cabin sitting on the land but it could be a great project just like these 10 awesome DIY cabin projects.

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Jenson Island, Ontario

Elsewhere on Lake of the Woods is Jenson Island. Lake of the Woods has nearly 15,000 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline. This 3.8-acre island is priced at $378,357 and includes a boat you can use to reach the 1,100-square-foot, three-bedroom cabin. There is also a two-bedroom guest cabin.

Being secluded in the woods means you should have some survival skills like knowing how to tie essential knots. You should also read up on these things to know before getting a house in the woods.

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Greer Island, Maine

Pick wild strawberries and cross a sandbar at low tide at Greer Island, a unique 5-acre island priced at $395,000 in Maine.

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Hat Caye, Belize

Get close to some great sights in Belize with Hat Caye in Belize with a .7-acre island priced at $399,000. It needs some dressing up because just a couple of fish shacks sit on the island but it’s located within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, which is home to two United Nations World Heritage sites: The Great Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye National Park.

The Great Blue Hole is one of the largest sinkholes and Jacques Cousteau called it one of the greatest scuba diving spots in the world.

Half Moon Caye Natural Monument has some of the most unique wildlife around for people to view.

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Butterfield Island, Ontario

Butterfield Island is a beautiful place for big family vacations because it has two fully equipped cottages that have a combined 5,200 square feet. The lodge was built in 1995 and has six bedrooms while the second cottage, the cabin, has two bedrooms. It can accommodate up to 20 people.

Adding square footage doesn’t need to cost a fortune, check out some ways to add square footage that won’t break the bank.

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Standerson Island, Michigan

Standerson Island in Michigan on Lake Huron is a 20-acre undeveloped site near a national wildlife refuge that will surely provide gorgeous scenes. It’s on the market for $400,000.

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Rothwells Island, Ontario

Rothwells Island, a half-acre island rests near Rideau Canal, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River. The original 950-square-foot cottage was built in the early 1900s and remains there. The island also features a 200-square-foot guest cottage that sleeps four. It’s available for $419,000.

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Motu Tohepuku, French Polynesia

Head out to the South Pacific to check out Motu Tohepuku, a nearly 19-acre private island that remains undeveloped. It has some of the bluest waters in the world that you’ve got to see.

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Phoebe Island, Maine

For $459,000 Phoebe Island in Maine can turn into your private spot. It’s a little more than 2 acres that has plenty of wildlife around.

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Motu Karatae, French Polynesia

Motu Karatae is tropical paradise at its best with a turquoise lagoon, a reef and lots of fish swimming buy. Get a piece of paradise in French Polynesia for $466,490 with this 24-acre undeveloped island.

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Majestic Island, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Just a half hour away from Madison, Majestic Island will seem worlds away. It’s an acre island on the market for $479,000. On that island is a turnkey vacation cottage. The appliances are propane powered and the cottage uses solar power to provide electricity.

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