49 Extremely Remote Castles

Updated: Jul. 28, 2023

If you've ever felt like getting away for a while we've got a list of places where you'll feel like royalty. Check out 50 extremely remote castles.

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Castle of Zafra, Campillo de Duenas

This partly restored castle in Spain was built in the late 12th century or early 13th century. It holds the distinction of never being conquered. It also holds the distinction of appearing in “Game of Thrones” in three episodes.

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The Castle of Jadraque, Jadraque, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

The site of this castle in located northeast of Madrid and has evidence of use since prehistoric time. It’s mention in the poem, “Cantar del Mio Cid.”

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Isola di Loreto

Isola di Loreto is found northeast of Milan on Lago d’iseo and is a privately owned island. The castle got built in 1910 among traces of ruins.

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Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven Scotland

Dunnottar Castle is only accessible by winding staircases and bridges and has become an iconic setting for films and television. Disney’s “Brave” took inspiration from the site.

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Mespelbrunn Castle, between Frankfurt and Wurzburg

Mespelbrunn Castle in Germany was completed in the 16th century as a Renaissance-style castle in a remote location. The Ingelheim family still owns the castle and continues to reside in a portion of it.

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Bled Castle, Slovenia

Bled Castle in Bled, Slovenia overlooks Lake Bled from high and has stood there since perhaps as early as 1011. It rises up from the landscape of mountains and trees.

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Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is southwestern Slovenia is one of the most stunning castles in the world because it’s built into the side of a cliff face. The Gothic-style castle dates to at least 1274 and contains a secret passageway.

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Liechtenstein Castle

Located south of Stuttgart in Germany, Liechtenstein Castle overlooks the Echaz valley. Wilhelm Hauff built the castle from 1840-1842 inspired by the novel “Liechtenstein.” The novel drew inspiration from the ruins of a castle that stood nearby.

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Trosky Castle

Some castles are timeless like Trosky Castle in northwestern Czech Republic. The castle sits on two basalt volcanic plugs, which are created when magma hardens within a vent on an active volcano. The castle was built in the second half of the 14th century and is now in ruins after it burned down during the Thirty Years War in 1648.

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is a 19th-century castle designed in the Romanesque Revival style that became open to the public around 1886. It draws 1.3 million people annually.

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Hohenwerfen Castle, Werfen, Austria

Located south of Salzburg and set among the Berchtesgarden Alps and the Tennen Mountains, this castle got built from 1075-78.

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Castle Trencin, Slovakia

Castle Trencin dates back to the Roman Empire in western Slovakia and attracts around 100,000 visitors annually.

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Marksburg Rhine Castle, Germany

The Marksburg Castle nestled on the Rhine River in Germany got built in 1117.

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Swallow’s Nest, Crimea

The Swallow’s Nest in Crimea is a popular tourist attraction that has stood on the site since 1911. It’s built in the Neo-Gothic style.

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Crichton Castle, Scotland

Crichton Castle dates to the 14th century in Scotland and features an Italian-influence facade courtyard.

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Chateau De Val

Located in south central France, the Chateau De Val dates to the 15th century and features six towers on Lake Bort.

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Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle was founded in the 13th century but some believe the site could date back as far as the 6th or 7th century. The castle has appeared in several films and television shows including “Highlander.”

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Eltz Castle

Eltz Castle in north central Germany holds the distinction of remaining in the same family for 33 generations, which goes back to the 12th century.

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Duart Castle, Scotland

Duart Castle traces its history to the 13th century and has remained in the Maclean family for the majority of the time since then. The 1999 film “Entrapment” with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones was filmed there. The castle lost four ceilings in 2013 and there’s been an effort to restore it since.

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Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland

Caerlaverock Castle’s history begins in the late 13th century but forts constructed on the site date back to 950.

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Hochosterwitz Castle, Austria

Hochosterwitz Castle is unique in that it sits on a 564-foot dolomite rock. The medieval castle was first mentioned in 860 and be seen nearly 20 miles away.

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Bran Castle, Bran, Romania

It’s considered the house of Dracula, though other castles have been linked to the legend, and it has been around since at least 1377.

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Alarcon Castle, Spain

Alarcon is one of the oldest castles around with a history dating to the 8th century and resides on 200-foot cliffs. These days visitors can spend the night there in the castle that has several fascinating legends associated with it.

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Loarre Castle, Spain

In northeast Spain, the Romanesque 11th century Loarre Castle served as a strategic place because it served as a border between Muslim and Christian lands. Restoration work has continued on the site for the past 25 years and it’s been named to the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list.

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The Kentucky Castle

This castle resides on a 50-acre site outside of Lexington, Kentucky in one of the more unusual places for a castle. Rex Martin and his wife, Caroline Bogaert Martin, started building the castle in 1969. It features 12 luxury suites, a library, game room, music room and 16 bedrooms.

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Highlands Castle

John Lavender, according to legend, told his 3-year-old son that he’d build him a castle and the Highlands Castle resulted. Surprisingly, the castle in Bolton Landing, New York, is just 30-some years old.

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Chrismark Castle

Over in Connecticut you can find a Gothic castle on 354 acres that overlooks Lake Porter. The castle has a checkered history and served as several venues, including a private zoo. A camel died there due to starvation and the property was on the market for $45 million back in 2014.

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Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania

The Trakai Island Castle in Lithuania is a stone building that has its beginning in the 14th century. It was built in several stages and includes moving gates to separate different parts. Several restoration projects have taken place on the castle and now it’s a major tourist destination.

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Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel stands on an island in northwest France just off the coast of the English Channel. It remained unconquered during the Hundred Years’ War and Louis XI used it as a prison. It’s on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and draws 3 million people annually.

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Pena Palace, Portugal

On a hill in the Sintra Mountains in Portugal, Pena Palace stands out. Construction on the castle started in the Middle Ages and is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

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Costaeres, France

The island of Costaeres is located in Brittany, France and is a private island that is available to rent. It was built in 1855 and provides a tremendous view of the pink granite along the Brittany coast.

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Castle Mauensee, Lake Mauensee, Switzerland

The owner of this 12th century island estate discovered it during a training exercise with the Swiss Army and decided it’d be the perfect place for him and his family. In 1998 he purchased it and began restoring it. It’s notorious difficult to see as the path around the island to see it is often overgrown with vegetation and only a small wooden bridge serves as the entry point.

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Boldt Castle, St. Lawrence River, New York

George C. Boldt, who owned the Waldorf Astoria in New York, wanted to build a rhineland style castle in Alexandria Bay in upstate New York. What developed was a 120 room, six story castle complete with a drawbridge, tunnels and an Italian garden. Boldt’s wife died suddenly in 1904 and he ordered work to cease. It stood untouched for 73 years until Thousand Islands Bridge Authority landed the property.

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Stalker Castle

Monty Python famously used Stalker Castle in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” as Castle Aaargh but it dates to 1320 and is privately owned.

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Mainau Island, Germany

On Lake Constance in southern Germany is Mainau Island where a magnificent garden and castle reside. The island features a greenhouse with a tropical climate that houses thousands of butterflies. Frederick I created the arboretum on the island and it contains 500 species of trees and 200 rhododendron and azalea varieties. There are also 500 different kinds of roses. The island once belonged to the Order of Teutonic Knights, who held it from the 13th century and later Frederick I bought the island in the late 19th century.

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Singer Castle, New York

Singer Castle is part of the Thousand Islands in St. Lawrence County, New York and used to be known as Dark Island Castle. It takes the name Singer Castle because Frederick Gilbert Bourne, president of Singer Corporation, manufacturer of the Singer sewing machine, owned the property. The family owned the castle from 1905 to the 1960s and it was built the same time as Boldt Castle. The castle got built for $500,000 in 1902 and features 28 rooms and three boathouses.

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Brecqhou Island

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay bought Brecqhou Island in 1993. The Barclays are the brothers who put together The Telegraph Group. This castle in the Channel Islands in England was extensively rehabbed. The brothers cleaved off sections of the island, added lakes and hill ridges to combat the sea winds, which make it difficult to grow vegetation on the island. Now those who stay two nights in one of the Barclays’ hotels can visit the island after a security clearance and see the vast olive grove and vineyards.

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Lake Castle Ort, Traunsee, Austria

Constructed in 1080 in Austria, this little island retreat is owned by the city of Gmunden. It features a triangular courtyard and was built in the late Gothic style. It’s open to the public and holds around 400 weddings a year.

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Maiden’s Castle, Turkey

According to legend, this small castle in southern Turkey served as a landing spot for pirates in the ancient time. It also holds the name Maiden’s Castle based on a legend that a king learned from a fortune teller that his daughter would be poisoned by a snake. So he built a castle where no snakes could be found but a snake hid in a grape basket sent to the island from the main land and poisoned his daughter.

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Fort La Latte

Built in the 13th century in northeast Brittany, Fort La Latte contains a dungeon, drawbridge on top of a cliff. It also has a melting furnace for cannon falls.

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St. Croix Castle

It’s a castle fit for a contessa, in fact it’s the castle for Bulgarian Contessa Nadia Farber in the Virgin Islands. It was completed in 1989 on a 102-acre site and includes Moorish architecture features. The land the 10,000 square foot castle used to house Farleigh Dickinson University’s marine lab.

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Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island, U.K.

This castle east of Edinburgh sits empty but there are ambitious plans for it. Artist Anya Gallaccio will work on the interior of the castle, which is a former 16th century fort. Gallaccio’s previous work has included creating a bed of roses as carpet on a gallery floor and letting them wither.

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Gripsholm Castle, Sweden

Gripsholm Castle, located west of Stockholm, previously served as a residence for the Swedish Royal Family but has since become a museum. Construction on the castle started in 1537 after the previous fortress got torn down during the Swedish Reformation. It sits on the banks of Lake Mälaren.

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Peles Castle, Romania

Situated in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, construction on Peles Castle started in 1873 and it was completed in 1914 at a cost of around $120 million in today’s currency. King Carol I of Romania purchased the land around where the castle would sit and eventually it became the world’s first castle to be powered by locally produced electricity.

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Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

Construction of Kylemore Castle started in 1867 for Mitchell Henry, a doctor from London whose family had stakes in the textile manufacturing business in Manchester. The 40,000-square foot castle took four years and 104 men to complete. It features 70 rooms and in 1920 the Irish Benedictine Nuns purchased the estate. It’s been open for tours since the 1970s.

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Trakoscan Castle, Croatia

Trakoscan Castle started as a fortification locale in northern Croatia in the 13th century but as the years passed it developed into a castle. Juraj Draskovic turned it into more of a residential area and the castle continues to show signs of each period of remodeling. The country controls the castle today and performs much of the upkeep. It’s open for tours and features a collection of weapons that were used to defend the castle.

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Ravadinovo Castle, Bulgaria

Ravadinovo Castle appears like it has stood for centuries but in actuality construction began just 20 years ago. Visitors can stroll about on their own and take in the wildlife of peacocks and swans, along with the beautiful flowers and wine cellar. It is the only castle in Europe constructed by one man.

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Aragonese Castle, Italy

The Aragonese Castle is one of the most impressive in all of Europe for its beauty and longevity. It has stood since 474 BC on volcanic rock and is accessible by a tunnel. Today it’s a tourist destination and features art galleries.

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Hohenzollern Castle, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

The Hohenzollern Castle that stands today is the third version on the site. The previous castles were destroyed but construction of the third started in 1850 on the behest of Prince Frederick William IV of Prussia. It was designed as a homage to German Romanticism. More than 350,000 people visit the castle each year.

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