37 Sensational Fire Pits that Will Let You Soak Up Sunsets

Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes. Check out our 37 favorite fire pits, and be inspired to create a cozy gathering spot in your backyard.

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Cool Fire Pit Ideas: Patio Table

Kill two birds with one stone with this patio table fire pit. This project requires welding and knowledge of how to work with propane heating. Once it's done it can be an awesome backyard piece that can be placed just about anywhere. Learn how to know your propane tank level.
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Cool Fire Pit Ideas: Grocery Cart

Bring the fire with you with a portable grocery cart fire pit. Add a spark screen and a base to catch the embers and your on your way with a pit that cost less than $100. You can even keep a stock pile of wood underneath. Cut down a tree safely if you need firewood for your fire pit. Also, learn how to clean your outdoor fire pit.
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Fire Pit Design Ideas: Wooden Fire Pit

A wooden fire pit seems like a project that is sure to go up in flames but this fire pit uses a sheet metal bucket to prevent that from happening. The design makes it look like you have a fireplace outside. If you'd rather have a fireplace inside your home, find out how to install a gas fireplace.
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Fire Pit Area Ideas: Diamond Plated

This diamond plated pit is portable, which makes it an intriguing option for those short on space in the backyard. If you've got some knowledge working with metal, then this is a DIY project up your alley. You'll need an angle grinder for this pit. Learn how to use an angle grinder.
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Cool Fire Pit Ideas: Cowboy Cauldron

The Cowboy Cauldron Co. has some of the biggest and coolest fire pits and cast iron works available on the market. The company offers three styles of fire pits made from steel. They run expensive so unless you're in the habit of hosting large parties in your backyard on a regular basis, it might not be the fit for you. Find out how to cut cast iron on your own.
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Fire Pit Area Ideas: Flagstone Fire Ring
Family Handyman

Fire Pit Area Ideas: Flagstone Fire Ring

This fire pit utilizes flagstones for its design and can match nicely with any retaining wall features you might have in your yard. This one costs more than the brick design but it can be a bigger gathering spot for friends and family. Find out how to build a fire ring on your own.
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Cool Fire Pit Ideas: Simple Brick Design
Family Handyman

Cool Fire Pit Ideas: Simple Brick Design

This fire pit design idea is simple and can be done for less than $300. This particular fire pit cost $250 with the brick design. After a little work it turned out to be the perfect place to circle round in late evenings. Find out how to build a fire pit in your backyard.
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Swedish Torch Log fire pits
Courtesy of Benda Porter-Rockwell

Swedish Torch

Take the party wherever friends and family gather. The Swedish torch is an easy-to-build, portable fire pit. Salvage a tree trunk or another large chunk of wood that’s cut flat on the bottom so it will stand on end. Use can use a chainsaw to cut an ‘X’ across the top. Then drill two 2-in. holes—one on the side and one on the top. The two holes should connect in the center of the log. Air easily flows through the side hole with the flame coming through the top. The saw dust from the drilling becomes a ready-made source of fuel to warm the spirits or fill the belly. The beauty of this fire pit is that you don’t have to keep stoking it since the fire burns from the inside out, giving lasting heat for hours.

Chainsaw need sharpening? Here’s how to do it.

Photo: Courtesy of Benda Porter-Rockwell

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Folding Fire Pit

This is a fire pit that fits in your backpack, making it easy to go from the campsite to the backyard BBQ in no time. It weighs just three pounds, but this fire pit/grill is made from stainless steel. The pit can be set up in 30 seconds and is designed to safely hold a fire and keep flames away from the ground. Looking for more camping gear? Check out these Check out these 10 cool camping gadgets to try.

Photo: Courtesy of UCO Gear

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Cool Fire Pit Ideas: Washer Tub

That washer gave you enough trouble that you might have threatened to burn it up. Instead, repurpose it by using the tub as a fire pit. Add some legs and some high heat paint to get your pit started. Find out how to do DIY washing machine repair before deciding to repurpose it.
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Flower Power Fire Pit

S’mores, party of one? If it’s just you melting chocolate and marshmallows into graham crackers, you don’t need to build a bonfire. A flower pot, a bag of egg stones and chaffing gel come together to form a portable, pint-sized fire pit. At the end of the season, you’ll have no trouble finding space in the garage to store it.

Photo Courtesy of The Blue Eyed Dove

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Fire Sense

Free-Standing Pagoda

This free-standing fire pit complements any landscape style. The pagoda design features a mesh screen to help keep the fire contained. At almost 50 pounds, it’ll take two to move the pit from one location to the next. The heat-resistant paint finish means you’ll have many years of backyard fun with little maintenance.

Photo: Courtesy Fire Sense

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Cover & Carry Fire Pit

Convenient cover and carrying handles make this fire pit super portable. At just less than 20 inches in diameter, this fire pit can go anywhere and be stored easily in your RV, camper, trunk, shed, garage or closet, once it has completely cooled down. And if you’re thinking you can’t fit another thing in your garage, here are more than 50 tips for organizing your garage.

Photo: Courtesy of Outland Living

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Down Under

Get a feel for the Outback with this Northern Australia fire pit. It’s a wood-burning or gas fire pit that features images of water buffalo, crocodiles, kangaroos and other wildlife. It might make for a wild night.

Add some sharp-looking seating with an outdoor bench you can make for less than $150.

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Mini Fire Bowl

Great for a beach getaway when you can’t build a fire in the sand, this 22-inch fire pit folds up and can be toted anywhere. It comes with a log grate, cooking grate and carrying bag. Perfect for one or two people, this metal fire pit costs around $40.

Photo: Courtesy of Fire Sense

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Sultan of Flame

This fire pit by Sultan Fire Pit also provides some table space for guests in the backyard. It’s made of cast concrete and filled with lava rock or fire beads. The fire pit can be manual or push button ignition.

Stay with a concrete theme in the backyard with this incredible concrete table.

Photo: Courtesy of Pure Modern

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Death Star

There aren’t many markets or products that haven’t found a way to incorporate some kind of Star Wars themed product. But here is a Death Star fire pit from West Coast Fire Pits. The fire pit uses custom-cut carbon steel and has a gas-insert option. As far as Star Wars products, it’s hard to dispute that this is one of the cooler ones out there.

Photo: Courtesy of West Coast Fire Pits

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Get Classy

Get a little fancy with this fire pit from AZ Patio Heaters. It’s a 48-inch round cast aluminum fire pit filled with glass fire beads and will make a nice centerpiece on a patio.

Sick of how your patio looks? Check out what you can do with pavers.

Photo: Courtesy of AZ Patio Heaters

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Cubist Thought

Custom metal workers HydeMade has come up with some creative fire pit ideas like this cube fire pit design. They come in three sizes: 16, 18 and 20-inch cubes.

Make the space around this fire pit incredibly cozy with this patio furniture combo that will make life a little more relaxing.

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

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Foursquare Fire Pit

Become the mayor of your own backyard with this square metal fire pit ring. A fire ring like this helps keep your fire contained anywhere in the yard or the campsite. With this simple design you can join your corners with a weld or use these tips for drilling holes for brackets and screws.

Photo: Courtesy of The Brick House

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Fire and Ice

Another creation from HydeMade, this penguin is quite the contrast in imagery—penguin, fire. So get a little artsy with a fire pit like this that runs off a basic propane burner. Here are a few tips for building a fire pit grill.

Photo: Courtesy of HydeMade/Etsy

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The Hot Box

You don’t see a ton of braided steel creations so this fire pit certainly stands out. Dubbed the “The Hot Box” this fire pit is built with sheet metal and repurposed braided steel to create a unique look.

Photo: Courtesy of M and J Custom Iron Works/Etsy

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Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Smokin’ Barrel Works has ingeniously repurposed wine barrels into some of the most appealing fire pit creations around. These fire pits can kick out 75,000 btus and can run off a standard 20-pound propane tank cleverly hidden in the hollowed out barrel.

Wine barrels or whiskey barrels can make great coffee tables like this or help out in the garden.

Photo: Courtesy of Smokin’ Barrel Works

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Fire Picnic Table

This cedar fire picnic table seems like a perfect addition to a backyard and it’s a fairly simple hookup to a propane tank. enjoy the summer a little longer and stay worm as the night chill creeps in.

Add some more gathering space to the backyard with a table that will get people talking.

Photo: Courtesy of After Dark Arts/Etsy

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fabulous fire table april 2017 DIY cabin
Family Handyman

Fire Table

A fire pit can be a little bigger project than you want but a fire table might prove a happy medium. A fire table is a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space—and an invitation to gather around. It’s also a stylish centerpiece that gives you a great opportunity to showcase your DIY prowess. Find out what it takes to build a fire table.

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Fancy DIY Fire Table

Fancy DIY Fire Table

Perfect for chilly fall nights, reader Ed Merkle constructed this Fabulous Fire Table using plans from the April 2017 issue of The Family Handyman. He modified it slightly by making it smaller to fit within his outdoor space, and we love the terra-cotta color that he chose for the concrete top! Ed says the project has been receiving glowing reviews from his neighbors.
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Pyro Tower

What’s better than a fire pit? A fire bit that doubles as a smoker. It’s your choice when you decide between the basic Pyro Tower from ProudPyro or the complete kit, which allows you to cook, smoke, grill and bake. Sounds like a catch-all cooking center and at 200 pounds it’s not going anywhere in a weather event.

Photo: Courtesy of ProudPyro

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Party Foul

Smokin’ Barrel Works switched its medium to some diesel with repurposing an old Anheuser Busch keg into a fire pit.

Photo: Courtesy of Smokin’ Barrel Works

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Heavy Metal Fire Pit

This hexagon modular fire pit design kit is a no weld design from Solo Metal Works and measures 36 inches wide. It doesn’t need to be welded because it uses a hook and ear design. This would go great if you have metal patio furniture. Make sure that patio furniture is still presentable by knowing how to get the rust off of it.

Photo: Courtesy of Solo Metal Works

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A fire pit designed after an oil field is a creative spin for this solid steel fire pit from Gabby’s Closet. Make sure you don’t have an oilfield in your garage by storing that oil the right way with an imaginative PVC hack.

Photo: Courtesy of Gabby’s Closet

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Lumberjack Minion

Ron Spragg in Calgary, Canada has spent his free time crafting some imaginative fire pits like this one of a lumberjack minion from the Minions movie franchise. The money he makes from the fire pits goes to help pay the medical bills of his sister, who suffers from Lyme disease. Spragg used an old propane tank to build this fire pit. Get your propane tank ready for grilling and discover a sure-fire way to know how much is left in your tank.

Photo: Courtesy of Calgary Creative Work/Etsy

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Water Fountain Fire Pit

This fire pit makes an evening complete as it can provide the show after dinner. Sit safely by and enjoy the view of what looks like a volcano eruption.

Prefer the water over the fire? Check out this beautiful bamboo water feature you need to add to your backyard.

Photo: Courtesy of This Is Why I’m Broke

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Futuristic Fire Pit

No, you didn’t just open the wormhole to begin time travel, your fire pit just has ground effects with this design from Glamm Fire. Inside the fire pit sits LED lights and carbon steel. The exterior is made of rusted corten steel and it can all be yours for the price of a new midsize sedan. Take your pick.

If you live more of a modest life, check out these 32 handy hints for frugal homeowners.

Photo: Courtesy of Glamm Fire

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Fire Technology

According to Music City Fire, the next evolution of fire has arrived. How did fire evolve? Music City Fire added interactivity to fire pits. It’s developing a product to allow users to control a fire pit from an app on their phone. Plus, the company added LED lights and made it so the fire can react to music playing to turn up the party. Just stream music through an integrated speaker system to see the flames jump.

If you’ve got smart devices in the home find out what Alexa does if you tell her how you really feel about her.

Photo: Courtesy of Music City Fire

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Steel Tire Rim

You can likely find old pick-up truck tire rims at your local you-pick auto yard or junk yard to create this low-cost tire rim fire pit. Not only can you move your fire pit across the yard or across town anytime, it’s not hard to build. Check out these steps for building your no-weld fire pit.

Photo: Courtesy of Instructables

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Slink Away

This fire pit constructed by Paragon Pools creates an amphitheater effect by receding down, next to the pool. It’s just about the perfect spot to warm up after a late-night swim. If now is the time for pool shopping, check out these gorgeous pools to get some ideas.

Photo: Courtesy of Paragon Pools

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Emperor Style

A fire pit doesn’t need to be the center of the backyard and these two in a pool make for a majestic setting.

Photo: Courtesy of Paragon Pools