15 DIY Pranks to Pull on April Fool’s Day

Updated: Dec. 23, 2021

This one's for all of you jokesters out there. If you're ready to pull some fun-spirited pranks on friends and coworkers, here are 15 DIY pranks you can try on April Fool's Day.

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money glued to floor

Good Pranks to Pull: The Money Grabber

Grab some super glue and some change, even a dollar bill will work. Glue the money to the floor of the workshop or garage and watch frustrations build as people try to pick up the money.

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fake donuts

Donut Delivery

Is it your turn to bring doughnuts to today’s work site? Try squirting some ketchup into what looks like a jelly doughnut. Mayonnaise would also work.

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fake cut off fingers

Fake a Cutting Catastrophe

Working on the table saw? Bring along a fake finger or two to fake an injury. And, if you have a few ketchup packets on hand, you might as well put them to good use for pranks.

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computer mouse

Good Pranks to Pull: Block a Mouse Sensor

Take a piece of tape and use it to block a computer mouse sensor. When your coworker goes to work on his files, it will take him a minute to figure it out.

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fake spider

Spooky Spiders

Is someone you know scared of spiders? Put some fake ones in the workshop or craft area! Fake snakes and other bugs are equally gross to some people, so those work well for pranks, too.

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food coloring

Turn it Red

Will your victim be using some glue on April Fool’s Day? Mix in some red food coloring and watch their reaction. This would also work with someone’s toothpaste.

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hand soap

Plastic Wrap Trick

Put some clear plastic wrap over the spout of liquid hand soap and people will wonder why the soap isn’t coming out. This could work for other liquids as well, such as shampoo. Be creative with your pranks!

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bar of soap

Slippery Soap

When your favorite mechanic goes to wash his hands, give him a little surprise. Just paint the bar of soap with some clear nail polish so it will be slippery and won’t lather.

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mechanics shop drawers
Andrii Bicher/Shutterstock

House Pranks: Rearrange Drawers

Rearranging the workshop drawers will momentarily confuse any DIYer. Where the heck are my sockets?!?

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unclogging a toilet
Michael Courtney/Shutterstock

House Pranks: Fake a Clog

Looks like the toilet needs to be unclogged. Except someone will be surprised when they find a fake snake or rat in the toilet bowl. Hilarious!

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duct tape

Good Pranks to Pull: Duct Tape Blow Horn

You know those loud blow horns some people bring to sporting events or parades? Use duct tape to attach the bottom end of a blow horn to the wall behind a door. When the door flies open, it should hit hard enough to activate the horn. The sound will definitely be a surprise!

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juice bottle

Good Pranks to Do at Home: Orange Juice Mix-Up

Does your work partner drink orange juice every morning? The powder from a box of macaroni and cheese is the same color as orange juice when mixed with water. Try swapping them for a good laugh.

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bubble wrap popping

Bubble Wrap® Potty Prank

Tape some Bubble Wrap® to the underside of a toilet seat. When someone sits down, the noise will surely make them jump.

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faulty cups
Barnaby Chambers/Shutterstock

Pranks to Do at Home: Faulty Cups

Use a needle to poke some holes in the paper cups at the company water cooler. Ha!

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shower head running water
Jordi Prat Puig/Shutterstock

Pranks to Do at Home: Stinky Shower

Take a couple beef or chicken bouillon cubes and place them in the showerhead. It will be a shock to the senses when the water heats them up.