15 DIY Magnetic Strip Hacks

Magnetic strips can help bring order to your kitchen, workshop and even in the bathroom. Not sure how you'd use one? Here are 15 ways you can use a magnetic strip around your home.

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toys-cars-organized-with-magnetic strips

Organize Toys

Magnetic strips can help keep small toys organized in your child’s room or play area. Attach a magnetic strip to the wall and use it to hold small, metal toy cars and trains.

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magnetic strips for kitchen utensils knives

Hold Knives and Kitchen Utensils

One of the most common ways to use magnetic strips is to hold kitchen knives and utensils in the kitchen. Magnetic strips work great in small kitchens, because they help get items off the countertop so there’s less clutter.

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workbench organization

Magnetic Strips for Tools to Organize the Workbench

Bring some organization to your workbench with magnetic strips for tools. This DIYer uses several magnetic strips to hold everything from pliers and scissors to a level, screwdrivers and cords.

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Keep Makeup Together

Magnets can help you save space in the bathroom, especially if you’re short on drawers and cabinets. Have you ever thought of using magnets to organize your makeup on an old baking sheet? No?! Check out the complete how-to instructions here.

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Wrangle Hair Accessories

Tired of having all those hair pins and barrettes scattered all over the bathroom counter? Here’s the solution: Attach a magnetic strip to the wall and stick all those accessories on it for instant organization.

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Make a Spice Organizer

Try attaching a magnetic strip or board on the back of a kitchen cabinet door. Then use metal canisters to store your spices.

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Keep Tools Handy

If you have just a few basic tools you like to keep them handy for DIY projects, use a magnetic strip for tools under a shelf. Keep a couple screwdrivers and pliers handy (maybe in the hall closet for instance) so you don’t have to dig through the garage or basement every time you need something for a quick fix.

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Family Handyman

Toothbrush Holder

Get those toothbrushes off the bathroom counter. This magnetic toothbrush holder can hold nearly every toothbrush design, including battery-powered toothbrushes.

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Cord Organizer

This clever DIYer made a wooden organizer to hold cables, then used magnets and a magnetic board to hold it in place. For a complete list of materials and instructions for the project, visit here.

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mount magnets inside a medicine cabinet

Keep Grooming Tools in One Spot

Keep all those personal grooming tools in one place. A magnetic strip in the medicine cabinet can be used to store tweezers, clippers and small scissors.

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FH09JUN_499_52_078-message board magnetic organization back of cabinet
Family Handyman

Message Board

Turn the back of a cabinet door into a family message center. For just about $20, you’ll be able to keep track of your family’s events, make lists and write messages.

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Socket Holder

This wood and magnet socket holder will keep those sockets from rolling around in the drawer or on the workbench. Check out the instructions and list of materials here.

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