10 Different (But Cool) Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Updated: Nov. 16, 2023

Take your kitchen cabinet doors from drab to fab with these out-of-the-box options.

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halfcirclepulls hardware

Cabinet and Drawer Pulls

Sometimes all it takes to bring new life to something old is a new accessory. To give your kitchen cabinet doors a pick-me-up, try simply replacing the hardware. Go for an updated look like these half-circle pulls that come in a variety of finishes, including matte. You can also mix bronze pulls with a matte black backing for a trendier look.

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sunny yellow kitchen

Bright Colors

They’re not the most sought-after cabinet color, but you won’t believe how the unexpected pop of a fun color can make for a brilliantly bold look in your kitchen.

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Weathered Wood

If you have older cabinet doors with chips and nicks and you’re thinking about replacing them, think again! The weathered, distressed look is popular in home decor, so why not leave them as they are and play around with colors? Here’s how to make new wood look old.

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Mid-Century Mix-and-Match

If you’re going for that mid-century look, add a touch of pizzazz to your kitchen cabinet doors with pops of color. It doesn’t look too busy, but rather unexpected and creative! Check out these 14 iconic mid-century modern decor elements.

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Sliding Barn Door Cabinet Doors

If you have a modern kitchen and want something to set it apart, try installing a sliding barn door as your kitchen cabinet door. These sliding kitchen cabinet doors offer a unique look that will give the space some warmth. Here’s how to build a simple rustic barn door.

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Corrugated Metal Cabinet Doors

The industrial look is very in, so why not add it to your kitchen by swapping out your wooden kitchen cupboard doors for corrugated metal cabinet doors? Check out these 12 unexpected ways to use metal in your home decor.

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Hammered Copper Cabinet Doors

Adding hammered copper cabinets to your kitchen makes for a unique and sleek look that feels equal parts modern and rustic cabinet doors.

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Disguised Cabinets

For a seamless look throughout your kitchen, try disguising your cabinets by building them into the wall. These disguised kitchen cupboard doors look just like the wood panel wall when closed! It’s great for those trying to avoid any cluttered appearance. Check out these in-wall kitchen cabinets.

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Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors

Chicken wire is an inexpensive material that makes for an airy farmhouse feel. It’ll give your chicken wire cabinets a unique upgrade, and it’s an easy DIY project! Here are 79 old items, including chicken wire, that are fantastic for repurposing.

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Art Glass Cabinet Doors

This edgy look is an upgrade from a classic frosted glass window look. Providing a more unique design and installing lights inside the cabinets provides just the right amount of privacy behind closed cabinet doors. A pair of glass cabinet doors can add a designer touch to any kitchen.