Makita Pushes Cordless Power Forward With New Battery Platform

Updated: May 02, 2023

The XGT System could be the next step in eliminating cords from the job site.

Makita U.S.A announced the launch of a new 40v and 80v battery platform called the XGT System. The platform helps eliminate cords on the job site by powering smaller handheld tools and larger heavy equipment.

“For the highest-demand applications and a truly cordless job site, Makita has taken cordless performance beyond limits with the creation of XGT,” said Mario Lopez, director of product management for Makita U.S.A.  “We’re providing more power without forcing users to buy big, heavy, slow-charging batteries for use on a limited number of tools.”

Makita Xgt Battery 40v80vCourtesy of Makita U.S.A

More than fifty high-powered cordless tools will be available for the XGT System on launch. The system will service two power ranges. Some tools will run off one XGT 40v max battery, while more demanding equipment will require two.

Though the new XGT batteries offer more power than Makita’s 18v LXT batteries, both systems are made “within the same form factor” according to the company, meaning they’re the same size. And the new XGT Charger with Adapter can charge XGT and LXT batteries.

New Brushless Motor

Cordless tools offer convenience, but they can’t afford to do so at the cost of power. The XGT System uses advanced brushless motors with high-quality components to provide extended run times, longer tool life, and higher levels of power and speed than their corded counterparts, according to the company. Makita claims some XGT equipment will deliver application speeds up to two times as fast as similar corded tools.

Smarter Battery Computers

Smarter batteries mean better performance. XGT batteries are stuffed with internal computers that allow the battery and the tool to communicate during operation. The same goes for the battery and the charger.

While it’s understandable to be wary of tech jargon, Makita says that these sci-fi-sounding systems provide real-world results. By designing the tool and the battery to work together, the XGT System can provide sustained power for up to twice as long as corded tools. Similar technology in the battery and the charger enable XGT batteries to be fully charged in less than half an hour.

Durable Design

Because the XGT System is made for job sites, its components have to be built to take a beating. The exterior housing of the battery is made from a durable outer casing, and the battery itself features a structural design that absorbs impact if the battery is dropped. XGT batteries are also protected from water and dust by a series of seals inside of the tool that Makita calls “Extreme Protection Technology (XPT).”